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Charlie MMAFAN
You guys forgot to put the cushion under the felt so you can Shuffle easier as well as grab your chips and cards Etc.
Comment from : Charlie MMAFAN

thomas doyle
table should have flipped and stayed
Comment from : thomas doyle

Mauricio Molina
snow wall plz
Comment from : Mauricio Molina

Caitlin schneider
R u guys Canadian
Comment from : Caitlin schneider

Roberto Delarosa
make a pool
Comment from : Roberto Delarosa

Junk works DIY Garage
when i go to the 22 minute episodes it wont allow me to watch vids ime in US is there another way to watch full vids
Comment from : Junk works DIY Garage

Lilac music lover
Is this what Joe from jknews was talking about
Comment from : Lilac music lover

James Beck
How do you expect a webby if you don't upload regularly?
Comment from : James Beck

Floating soccer
Comment from : andrewdavid_

What part of Canada are you guys from? I hear a slight east coast accent but no where near my fil's extreme newfoundlander vernacular.
Comment from : Stephanie

Can't view in USA :'(
Comment from : hershycows

Joshua Lopez
make something to do with paintball
Comment from : Joshua Lopez

Michael Osterholzer
Comment from : Michael Osterholzer

hey guys make a sumbarine
Comment from : insearchofadventures

Comment from : How2

Essam baksh
hover bike
Comment from : Essam baksh

Gregg Potter
Can u make an ice rink in the basement on a budget with out synthetic ice
Comment from : Gregg Potter

Melissa R
Can you make a foldable hidden Pool table? Maybe make different game table tops and push them altogether on top of one another like Lego blocks. One TABLE FRAME WITH MULTIPLE TAKE OFF LIGHT PORTABLE GAME TABLES. POOL, AIR HICKEY, TABLE TENNIS ETC ETC. ITS AN ALL IN ONE GAME TABLE. THINK OF LIGHT WEIGHT LEGO
Comment from : Melissa R

Kade Gerritson
Floating mini golf course
Comment from : Kade Gerritson

you guys should do a hideaway bar, speakeasy style
Comment from : Nige

Marcus Varga
what about a pool table
Comment from : Marcus Varga

Paul Besançon
Hey Guys,
I think that you could of use neodyme (really strong) magnets to attach the side (edge) of your poker table!
That way, the setup would still be as quick, always centered and would not move!

Great job, I'm a french big fan of yours!

Thanks for all the great videos! ;)

Comment from : Paul Besançon

Katie Girl
Plz make a treehouse
Comment from : Katie Girl

Max Van haeren
A pool table n the other side
Comment from : Max Van haeren

Milka Cokolada
Make something from supermarket car (I know that ain't car but dunno what it's called)
Comment from : Milka Cokolada

Callum 1
Question where do you get money from because wood is expensive
Comment from : Callum 1

Make a floating pool table!
Comment from : NDB

Banana Joe
Why did you geo-block germany from your website lol?
Comment from : Banana Joe

Luka Vrdoljak
Please make a pool table i want to se how willyoiu make it.
Comment from : Luka Vrdoljak

cant watch full episodes in uk :(
Comment from : CashDown

Being A Twat
Comment from : Being A Twat

Actually.. i can play poker without a green layer. this build unfortunatly doenst really make sense to me
Comment from : Scitus

Comment from : RCMan98

Kinda sad that you still had to move the rails into place after flipping it over. Really good production level video tho guys.
Comment from : AceInvader

Pika pika Pika Chu
Grant sent me
Comment from : Pika pika Pika Chu

TheDankOona ಠ_ಠ
i expected more of you guys ;)
Comment from : TheDankOona ಠ_ಠ

Comment from : CAPSSTROKE

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