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Great host miss D. Always humble and respectful, when the guest moves off topic in all these high level conversations she always pleasantly brings the topic back to track. Very professional. Kudos
Comment from : M K

Andrew Bennett
Good to see global warming working so well that they are wearing big winter coats in September !!!!!!
Comment from : Andrew Bennett

Dugie Doogs
I'm so glad gold is having a little, steady breather, the bull run was accelerating too fast for my liking... So this pause is great news for setting up a long term sustained type of bull market.
Comment from : Dugie Doogs

Richard White
Great show ! Vote Trump
Comment from : Richard White

Gold Lion
Gold is going down, As Jim Rogers said, "Gold is going to go up a little, and then it's going to crash, I expect to buy gold around $1000" ----------- SO DO I!!!
Comment from : Gold Lion

Danielle fiiinnnnneeeee
Comment from : ChrispyD

This guy is a G
Comment from : ChrispyD

Daniel looks Stunning in this video.:)

Fred Frond
Great interview. Lots of trolls here.
Comment from : Fred Frond

Robert Charles
I think Daniela was talking with some dude about something but I'm not sure.
Comment from : Robert Charles

rino bin miswari
Its always the opposite....Near means far......
Comment from : rino bin miswari

Gold is illegally shorted!
Comment from : THE CONTRACTORS

Lars-Erik Kaulanen
What was he's recommendation?
Comment from : Lars-Erik Kaulanen

philip stallwood
I don't agree. Trade war is insignificant compared to global debt, central bank QE and degradation of fiat currency.
Comment from : philip stallwood

Investing Education
Gold is an unproductive asset compared to farmland, property or stocks. Buffet has the same view.
Comment from : Investing Education

pureum kim
Need to be super patient...Also, take some gains too when you can-
Comment from : pureum kim

Eisen J Eisen
Hope he's right
Comment from : Eisen J Eisen

Ray Benson
Comment from : Ray Benson

RaRa Rasputin
Coeur de leon is best !
Comment from : RaRa Rasputin

David Hughes
Nice coat and boots miss d
Comment from : David Hughes

Graham Dougherty
Daniela is a beautiful woman.
Comment from : Graham Dougherty

Mike Dobson
Well... Now that's everyone's expecting a huge run, I guess it's time for the next bear market
Comment from : Mike Dobson

I’ve come to the final conclusion that none of these people know anything. End of message.
Comment from : TheInvisibleOne

Vadym Vistyak
Comment from : Vadym Vistyak

Island Aerial
China is hoping that the Demorats get back in in 2020. They will be sadly disappointed...
Silver has done well for me. This info is not current

Comment from : Island Aerial

Jay C
Not holding my breath on gold. Dollar has lots of momentum
Comment from : Jay C

mike reynolds
Great interview. Thank you.
Comment from : mike reynolds

Great interview
Comment from : Batman

Michael Truong
Then needs to hold 1550, then 1650, then 1750
Comment from : Michael Truong

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