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Maya Magdy
Keep going friend big like for your wonderful channel have anice day good luck and first comment
Comment from : Maya Magdy

Valorie Bracken
You don’t know how to play poker
Comment from : Valorie Bracken

Slot Hit Wonder
Good stuff bro, 👍👍👍 good luck next time and get that royal flush!
Comment from : Slot Hit Wonder

OKslots of_fun
Nice play on video poker - I'm a big fan of video poker. It's hard to record, you did a good job!
Comment from : OKslots of_fun

Cassanova Slots
We haven’t really touched the video poker machines but I did have fun playing along with you! Maybe we’ll give it a try. 😀😀
Comment from : Cassanova Slots

Cô Hai Bolsa
Interested in watching video poker - Have a nice long weekend my dear friend!
Comment from : Cô Hai Bolsa

Nhìn vui mắt vui tai bạn nhỉ ...Hôm nay lể Labor bạn có đi chơi thử thời vận không ??? Nếu có thì mình chúc may mắn phát tài nha ....
Comment from : OANH DANG

Art Amateur
good play
like 11

Comment from : Art Amateur

long time i did not play poker nice hit
Comment from : TinCali

LuBi Bochum
Your video is awesome. Thanks for sharing.👍👍 LuBiBochum
Comment from : LuBi Bochum

Jimmy Vegas Slot Channel
I’m not a massive fan of the poker stuff, but I do like hundred play deuces wild. It’s expensive but has a ton of potential 😁
Comment from : Jimmy Vegas Slot Channel

Joseph Lawson
Good lord someone needs to show you how to play video poker... good god
Comment from : Joseph Lawson

Denise's Orchid Paradise
that looked like fun, not as much ringing and lights with little coins raining down, but stills looks like a fun time, good luck, excellent video
Comment from : Denise's Orchid Paradise

50K Hobby Chick
I love slots and need to watch your videos to learn more! 🌺
Comment from : 50K Hobby Chick

Lady Di Slots
Nice Video, I've tried to record this but I can't sit playing for 10 minutes!! 🤣🤣 Have a Great night!!
Comment from : Lady Di Slots

Handpay Jackpots
I love video poker, thanks for playing! Have a great Holiday Buddy!👍🤑💰🍀
Comment from : Handpay Jackpots

SunFlower Slots
Interesting session. We don't really like playing these games. Thanks for posting. Continue luck my friend 👍👍
Comment from : SunFlower Slots

slot yulia yulia
Like 3❤💙💜🖤💚🧡💛🤗🤗🤗🥰🥰🥰🥰👍👍👍👍👍
Comment from : slot yulia yulia

Interesting my friend 👍💰🎰😎! I don’t play these kinds of games . My friend plays one that only cost him 9 cents a spin somehow . Best of luck great wins have a great day 👍🎰💰😎
Comment from : slotman777

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