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Chris Rockey
42:16 it’s orange Cassidy
Comment from : Chris Rockey

got maybe a dumb question but can you educate me, when they say they cashing for X amount is in that amount over the buy in amount or is player good X amount minus the buy in amount?
Comment from : shushune13

Red_ Baron
Akencar so typical Brazilian))))
Comment from : Red_ Baron

Carooh' Cortes
Kamel is a fucking beast
Comment from : Carooh' Cortes

Ad Rock
Benger looks disgusting. Yuk.
Comment from : Ad Rock

Love kamel's Jordan 1 Not for Resale's...
Comment from : DashDrones

Nice call hanaphy
Comment from : DashDrones

Liam Casey
As someone who plays in casinos in Ireland I can assure you that Hanaphys idiotic 'I had too many chips' in reasoning for calling is a standard justification for both winning and losing calls throughout the Irish poker scene.
Comment from : Liam Casey

tuden jamir
Fatima always looks like she just woke up...
Comment from : tuden jamir

david quinn
Playing with weak A .trouble trouble.
Comment from : david quinn

Neil Simpson
Benger needs to check his privilege and shave the front of his head.
Comment from : Neil Simpson

This is such a pathetic production. No storyline, no insight to these players, just a bunch of random clips put together from a "feature table" they just put together. It could mean the world to these guys, or they could be a millionaire who don't care about money, we have no idea about any of these players, which make it difficult to be engaged and interested about different characters. Pick up your game please PokerStars
Comment from : III TH

Robert Rodriguez
Comment from : Robert Rodriguez

Bear Adjacent
nothing sadder then griffins head

shave it dude cmon

Comment from : Bear Adjacent

Mizrachi should have shoved
Comment from : whatlez

FATIMA should be just called FAT to make it more simple and also realistic OR FATIAM
Comment from : P Z

Big Buddha
Please, give us new episodes more frequently, some of us are serious addicts, ffs. 😐
Comment from : Big Buddha

Junior Mudd
bengers hair has a nice "wave" in it... its wavin'... goodbye 😂
Comment from : Junior Mudd

Mr Ochevidnost
What company are they playing with?
Comment from : Mr Ochevidnost

Вадим Романов
what company are they playing with?
Comment from : Вадим Романов

Костя Власов
Португалец под наркотой??
Comment from : Костя Власов

4Real Dickmercs
Does pokerstars have a new editor? Because the old video's/entertainment was more fun to watch. This is just a video of the live stream and put together 😕
Comment from : 4Real Dickmercs

Anything NEW about to happen anytime soon???
Comment from : PrognatusSeptem

Sergey Mashkov
poker..... the only game where you have to pretend to be unhappy about winning. 36:25 haha
Comment from : Sergey Mashkov

James Bide
Kamel looks like an Arab Chris Moltisanti
Comment from : James Bide

Alen Alencar, more like Bluff Bluffcar!
Comment from : lehtinen21

Kevyn Carvalho
Comment from : Kevyn Carvalho

Guga DFT 110ANI
Wow lena900 c.darwin2 tankanza in live this will be battle !
Comment from : Guga DFT 110ANI

Буч Лайф и Гари Спортсмен
Alencar 🐡🐡🐡
Comment from : Буч Лайф и Гари Спортсмен

Devika Dholani
dealer on 36:35 sooo prettyyy her name?
Comment from : Devika Dholani

Luke Wheeler
22:40 I wanted to see that call so badddd
Comment from : Luke Wheeler

Jumpin Jahosafet
Jedlicka looks like he's wearing a hospital gown.
Comment from : Jumpin Jahosafet

When will be live stream?
Comment from : Tibex

Jay Lopes
49:10 that's actually Lopes not "Lopez"
like in ( enveLOPES )& ( sLOPES ) no Z
The Americans think everyone else are Hispanics . . . We are are NOT ! Hispanic - we are Portuguese & proud of it 🖐🇵🇹

Comment from : Jay Lopes

Krzysztof Solo
Omg that fat piece of shit eliminated this very sexy blonde mommy <cry> fuck the fat piggy
Comment from : Krzysztof Solo

Kenn's Instagram At: i000
🤣🤣 Poker said it was tired of their conversation and gave them two first and second boot from the table 🤦🏽‍♂️
Comment from : Kenn's Instagram At: i000

Euan W
Hanaphy is a horrendous player, that bet sizing on the turn with the AA hand and his pish table talk.
Comment from : Euan W

Benger, check your baldspot before your privilege bro.
Comment from : MikeBizzle87

PolaroidFreak 600
dude, get a better mic
Comment from : PolaroidFreak 600

phil aillevie
Allencar putting the foot on the gas
Comment from : phil aillevie

Toti Momess
Benger knows he is bald right?
Comment from : Toti Momess

Guðmundur Gunnarsson
Holy shit Benger is in denial, poor guy
Comment from : Guðmundur Gunnarsson

Alencar plays the same way I do in 22cent tournies online
Comment from : Joel

Andrei Dinu
Episode 4 will be in 2020?🤣
Comment from : Andrei Dinu

Joshua Patrick
Benger needs to do implants or just let MPB run it's course and give up the front tuft desperately hanging on.
Comment from : Joshua Patrick

Michael Percy
Thank you tony.
Comment from : Michael Percy

Joshua Patrick
For mere mortals you cannot just flat 75 suited on the button with 40bbs...Tim can do it because he's better than you and doesn't respect anyone at this table as being remotely competent; allegedly (however confirmed by the fact that he chews gum at the table)...now, if anyone had their wits about them they could ask the dealer to expose tim's hand so they can get the information which is vital. Now the Japanese guy understands how to play against the best players in the world, just jam massive equity spots and make the pots as big as possible eliminating the need for sickening decisions later. Put Tim to the test, don't allow him to do it to you, which is why I would have just 4 bet ripped QQ vs him. The outcome might be the same but again it puts him to the test, deciding whether he wants to race for your 50ish BBs with AK.
Comment from : Joshua Patrick

Tommy Jensen
Witnessing Hartigan's constant abuse of arithmetic makes row after row of small hairs stand up everywhere on the body. How does he get a 90% vs 8% to work out as being "9 to 1"?
Comment from : Tommy Jensen

Michael Percy
How old is this.
Comment from : Michael Percy

Nobody's Account
Fatima is so beautiful 😍
Comment from : Nobody's Account

Raheem Prince
Jedlicka’s shirt reminds me of a hospital gown
Comment from : Raheem Prince

Davies Sidney
When Fatima got KOed I felt like Tony G when his favorite loose canon got knocked out by Daniel Negreanu on The Big Game. And really that is as much as I could watch. 😂
Comment from : Davies Sidney

Хозяин чистого воздуха
Ебать вот это кол с тузами против туз валет .
Comment from : Хозяин чистого воздуха

Nikolas M
12:24 very hard call...well done sir
Comment from : Nikolas M

Крепышок Сольвычегодский
Да, считать вы научились! Покерстарс, когда свежака выложешь, а не старьё?
Comment from : Крепышок Сольвычегодский

Whats the buy-in?
Comment from : TheBroPro's

Comment from : Nightfallenn

Amir hacker
Comment from : Amir hacker

Dennis Sanchez
Comment from : Dennis Sanchez

gaby z
First !!!
Comment from : gaby z

Comment from : TrapTrap

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