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jack life still bad jacky
Guys my first time ever cash game poker in Georgia will be very very soon please guys pray for me I'm just addicted poker 10 years fb poker now it's a real deal = I'm all In but I need to start it's zero balance so guys please make my dream come true to play poker on casino in my next trip patreon.com/jack1990 donate to me my friends pleaaaaaaase <3
I don't have job even but my dream to play poker live

Comment from : jack life still bad jacky

10 almost seems like angle shooting
Comment from : CODY ADAMS

Giannis Antethakunamatataumpo
None of this applies if you are versing shit players, they don’t know what they’re doing either
Comment from : Giannis Antethakunamatataumpo

I'm just gonna release farts and voila
Comment from : Fireball

Myth Detector
How do you play poker? I want to play!
Comment from : Myth Detector

Ivie Bolido
I want to be a professional poker player:)
Comment from : Ivie Bolido

If a player is wearing a naruto shirt he’s probably bluffing because if he actually had a good hand he would’ve worn his Dbz shirt
Comment from : JJ

Another important tell is, if someone says you'll crush the low-stakes games with these tips, it really means you'll go broke a little less rapidly than before.
Comment from : Martin

Mark S
Awesome video
Comment from : Mark S

Sage Arviso
I disagree, I always stack my chips perfectly and I love to bluff
Comment from : Sage Arviso

Eye Of The Thriver
Can someone give me the list please?
Comment from : Eye Of The Thriver

Comment from : GadgetMcfly

Nova Dome
Pro tip when your opponent doesn’t know what they are doing or what is good they are impossible to read
Comment from : Nova Dome

Evan Miller
Did this "expert" really say you were going for the straight flush and are nervous because you got there?! Ehat game are you "going for a straight" flush in? 5card omaha? A regular flush is what you would be going for because the odds of hitting a straight flush is 8% with the best case scenario flop. Usually it is impossible. .
Comment from : Evan Miller

Mike says if they breathe they have a strong hand
Comment from : sol10

Bruce Im
I could tell u a secrect in poker only 5ppl in the whole world know but u have to send me 500$
Comment from : Bruce Im

If I learned anything from westerns, it’s that if you’re not sure if your opponent is bluffing you should either shoot him under the table or flip the table over and punch him in the face, triggering a brawl.
Comment from : Matrim42

Im S
He’s like the Bob Ross of poker
Comment from : Im S

Basic Benny
From Now on im going to make a clack every time i look at my cards
Comment from : Basic Benny

Justin Levesque
Stupid video
Comment from : Justin Levesque

tonydc12345679 C
I think he a jew he knows to much
Comment from : tonydc12345679 C

Kevin Gheorghe
Yooo who tf is this guy😂😂😂
Comment from : Kevin Gheorghe

Tim Haug
Isn’t #10 just an angleshoot and bad etiquette?
Comment from : Tim Haug

dino omar
Last time I played and one of the guys missed his chips on the table it ended with bread and water for me 1 week after I call him....I found out He was in a car accident 2 years back and his right hand was not in good mode so this video is not allways saying the truth.
Comment from : dino omar

Daniel Cooke
i played some friendly heads up the other night, i wanted to bluff so i gazed at my chips, then looked back up as thought i was making a rookie mistake then faked a look of did he notice, result player folded.
Comment from : Daniel Cooke

Matej Vukušić
Thanks man!
Comment from : Matej Vukušić

Charlie Abbot
That lady in the video is very alluring. She has the quiet demeanor that says she could give you a run for your money
Comment from : Charlie Abbot

Solar G
Just be natural
Comment from : Solar G

Lol never call that hand
Comment from : Ben

What is Vandal Savage doing in this poker video - stay in your dc universe
Comment from : LoLCollege

lol, 1990 tells. None of these applies to 2018 poker
Comment from : vicfunny

phillypanch 1
I once lost a hand because i thought i had a club. But it was an ace. I always used to double check. I have since gotten glasses
Comment from : phillypanch 1

Adam Y.
Thanks for tips!!! Just lost my house, wife, and savings on these amazing tips
Comment from : Adam Y.

Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller
I run neat little stacks.. but bluff just about exclusively. Careful folks
Comment from : Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller

xXmush manXx
Tip 10: Angle Shoot...
Comment from : xXmush manXx

T. kahraba
Imagine a table full of psychopaths, professional liars and fbi detectives playing together
Comment from : T. kahraba

Al Guien
Since I've never seen this guy, on any tour play EVER, I'm assuming he hasn't done to well at the table himself
Comment from : Al Guien

Bryan R
Live poker is going to suck for me, i have social anxiety. Often cant control nervous ticks either lol
Comment from : Bryan R

Lee Ford
actually i would say rechecking cards more likely means they dont have two of the same suit, as that would be easier to remember. If you think it means they forget their suits and are checking to see if they hit, then that isnt a tip because whether they know if they hit or not has no impact on if they actually hit. They are just as likely to forget the suits and miss as they are too hit, makes no difference.
Comment from : Lee Ford

Well I'm an exception to the first rule already
Comment from : Ratmanscoop

is tip 4 not just a tut?
Comment from : LucasEJM

Joe Morris
Free Gambling guides inbound: gamblingguides1.blogspot.com/

Watch this space for the best gambling guides around!

Comment from : Joe Morris

if you hear what mike calls, pokerCLACK
Comment from : reb0rn

danvil identity
Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to uncover poker secrets tips try card crusher fixer (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate got excellent results with it.
Comment from : danvil identity

calvan candy
Mike looks like Maury from Goodfellas minus the wig
Comment from : calvan candy

Eric Senneville
Its just me or these guy copying this vids.??? youtu.be/R9XriRxmE2o
Comment from : Eric Senneville

Joshua Truesdell
Also sometimes about the chip grab thing. I notice most times if ppl are grabbing chips when I'm trying to bet it means they're on a draw and want a free card. Therefore o bet HARD almost always.
Comment from : Joshua Truesdell

Joshua Truesdell
I don't agree with the nervous one. I'm allways nervous in a hand even if I'm bluffing. Ppl think that's a tale I have but it's not. It just neans adrenaline is pumping I can be bluffing or have the nuts
Comment from : Joshua Truesdell

Joshua Truesdell
Yeah until u play against great players that do the opposite! Why I try to stay at low levels like 1/2
Comment from : Joshua Truesdell

James Visor
This says NOTHING about chasers
Comment from : James Visor

Haavard T
#5 i dont agree with, i stare att the flop when im strong and weak
Comment from : Haavard T

Henry Rappleyea
So I guess the tell shows signs of strong hands not weak ones
Comment from : Henry Rappleyea

Goku Poker
Mike is the best
Comment from : Goku Poker

How to bluff: vice versa 2 - 6
Comment from : Flame

James Reese
I love how they feel the need to remind you not to inform somebody that you picked up on their tell. If you need to be told that you have no business playing poker or even tying your shoes for that matter
Comment from : James Reese

Vasilijan Nikolovski
Tip Number 5, 6 and 7 are the most valuable, at least for me.
Comment from : Vasilijan Nikolovski

Jacke E
I showed my friends this vid, now I'm gonna play the exact opposite for a few days
Comment from : Jacke E

Bill Thornton
The alternative to never looking at your cards after the flop, is to look at them every time. If you treat every hand the same, then it's not possible for someone to get a read on what your actions mean.
Comment from : Bill Thornton

David Lopez
Why do I feel like none of this advice will help in real life?
Comment from : David Lopez

Bullshit. Just like every "tell" vidoe
Comment from : Qwertasd10

Penny Pack
Order water in a glass cup and act drunk. Spit on the table and say it was accident
Comment from : Penny Pack

Penny Pack
Why do I feel like he plays like a retired Korean. This MAN IS LYING YALL!! I can tell better tips than this. Pfffft
Comment from : Penny Pack

Joe meats
I wonder how many poker bracelets this guy has
Comment from : Joe meats

i remember this poker pro winning several bracelets...... oh wait
Comment from : TheHeavyb1985

Cole Lutz
Live tells can be deceiving, but can also be useful against inexperienced players
Comment from : Cole Lutz

Dee Loc
these outdated ass hints lol
Comment from : Dee Loc

Hitman 4Hire
There acting is horrible noone will make it this obvious
Comment from : Hitman 4Hire

Igor Svačić
the very First tell is bullshit.I allways stack my chips in perfect bundels (it goes to a point where if I have uneven number of chips I put the last on top of two stacks in the middle) and in a same time Im a tottally loose player,love to bluff,waaay too aggressive.I Know it.trying to change.Stacking the chips,in my case,has more to do wirth borderline OCD.
Comment from : Igor Svačić

2:38-"That's a TRUE indication of how they MIGHT play." Contradictory statement.
Comment from : KevinKoontzKing

this is the dumbest shit ive seen.
Comment from : strpwns800

Comment from : Sheetza

Shadow Thief
Looks like only 973,271 are masters at poker
Comment from : Shadow Thief

Roy Hoveling
First tip already bullshit. I'm loose af but my chips are always clean stacked.
Comment from : Roy Hoveling

Panagotis Antoni
Comment from : Panagotis Antoni

Alexander F.
Every one of these could go either way. Tells are individual as the player. You cannot, by definition, put these into generalised categories.
Comment from : Alexander F.

So in order to bluff the really strong players, act the exact opposite of these tells. Make a sigh, and look immediately away from the flop, when you have a really weak hand. And so on.
Comment from : WarpRulez

Stanko Zovak
2:54 When it's your turn at the convenience store
Comment from : Stanko Zovak

Mika Col
lol what a joke
Comment from : Mika Col

Metal Matic
So out dated; only a few of these tips are actually worth anything today. People who play on live tables often are so good at keeping their game constant wether they have the nuts or not is second nature. I agree about watching other players instead of flop it is very telling. Another suggestion I give is remembering how they bet and what they had when they get called through an entire hand. Last bit of advice if you are going to call a big bet (most of your chips), you might as well be ready to go all in if you can't call an all in don't call. Cash games and tournament games are not the same loose players suck at tournament games just like tight player suck at cash games... there is always an exception but generally this is true imho.
Comment from : Metal Matic

acid everyday
so if you look away, look at the flop, look at your chips, look at your hole cards wtf are you supposed too do?hahah
Comment from : acid everyday

dimitrakis ladasi
imagine all nine players dont look at the flop and see each other...
Comment from : dimitrakis ladasi

sleuth 2077
What does it mean if I'm constantly looking at the dealer's tits?
Comment from : sleuth 2077

Josh Reeder
just realized I'm guilty of breaking all the rules lol
Comment from : Josh Reeder

Brick River
why is he sitting in the dealer seat?
Comment from : Brick River

at 6:30 i was sure he said "never call that bitch." xD
Comment from : letsplaythatgameHD

James B
This was true way back when only degenerate gamblers played poker back in the 80's.
Comment from : James B

Jeff Green
This explains why I always did well in online Hold'Em, but terrible when playing live poker. I probably had all kinds of tells and wasn't trained on how to see them in other players. For me, it was just about the odds and the cards.
Comment from : Jeff Green

#10 is smells like an angle shot. I know it's technically not illegal to motion towards your chips when you aren't betting, but it's a little devious. Some would say you are angle shooting. Now if you are the bettor and you motion to bet and pull back I've seen that get called at tournaments before. That's definitely an angle shot. This is kind of the inverse of that. I would say it's a bit of a gray area.
Comment from : BitwiseMobile

JoeShit TheRagMan
This guy is the biggest bird
Comment from : JoeShit TheRagMan

2:53 me at 3AM in a takeaway
Comment from : MrSkinnyWhale

this is as helpful as sex therapy for weiner
Comment from : sellbullion

Wtf is this??
Comment from : NaturalVTSKilla

the legend f mercury
This person in this video is a billionaire right now..
Comment from : the legend f mercury

the worst is when you have a terrible hand so you fold preflop and then the impossible straight of flush you thought would never happen shows up on the board...
Comment from : LevitatorMusic

Dj buttons
stupid u dont know shit lol
Comment from : Dj buttons

Players who have obvious tells end up quitting the game due to lack of funds and people who they owe money to getting after them. In other words fish are short lived and you can't count on being at a table with one.
Comment from : Traveler2017

Load of shite
Comment from : nikmak

Rule #1. Eat lots of cheese prior to gameplay. Later releases of gas will make some players play erratically. 🍕🍦🍰🍧=😷😳=💵💵
Comment from : SuperHydraUltralisk

Jeffrey Hennig
You Can look back at your card if you do it before any action in every hand.
Comment from : Jeffrey Hennig

Flying Guitars
What happens If I am playing against a players who has just watched this video ????
Comment from : Flying Guitars

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