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Andre Venter
No man turn around when you made a profit
Comment from : Andre Venter

Henrik Andersen
lol again over and over he plays so bad Bj, dont even know the optimal stardigy and just donates monney over and over, even when he bets 8400, and dealer have 9 , he draws on last hand shoe for a low card, the morron cant figure out that the dealer need that card if its in the deck to draw a low card and then a bigger card, he hits a 9 whits would have pushed for 2 of his bets, insted he looses it all, i get its down to prefrence but man, hes not playing Bj hes gambling whit luck mostly, and feeling on what cards come, i dont recomend ppl to play like him, as in the long run optimal vs luck Aka donating monney, guess whats best.
Comment from : Henrik Andersen

Iam Nadi
Comment from : Iam Nadi

Vulcan Stein
don't play perfect pair it's so useless
Comment from : Vulcan Stein

ke kyt
Comment from : ke kyt

Patrick Chan
Lol stupid guy
Comment from : Patrick Chan

At what point does this stop being education and began it being a problem. Lmao
Comment from : Blake

You the best after watching u I don’t even wanna step in casino lol
Comment from : Jora

Yo Mams
Wow thats horrible strategy
Comment from : Yo Mams

Easy guys. To feel a win Davo needs more than 5000. That ain’t shit if you’ve seen his wins. I gaurantee had he hit one or two more 5 box big bets, he would’ve cashed out. But up 5000 ain’t shit to him. Thank you for posting davo, stevi Kennedy gets it!! I get ya brother! Big fan for many months now! Stream soon!! 🤙🏻
Comment from : bigbusiness87

Timotht Snyder
You need to quit playing man you know how to play Blackjack trust me your shity player
Comment from : Timotht Snyder

body saan
yea go try on slot ..!😂😂
Comment from : body saan

Joe Joe johnson
Thats the way to play.Its just getting the right shoe..Betting 10.00 gets one no where.That 20 and a three card pull to 21 brings it back to me...Its the blackjack gods..Have to be more aggressive hit more..Hes not a degenerate .Hes not drinking and going to the cage for a marker..
Comment from : Joe Joe johnson

Jeff B
punt !!! piss it all away !!! not fun
Comment from : Jeff B

Pee Geezee
The casino is jumping.
Comment from : Pee Geezee

Adam Brake
Awesome session... 5k plussss..... up4500 time to goooooo.... cash and roll....
Comment from : Adam Brake

samuel rattenberg
Basic strategy ignored. Perfect example right here
Comment from : samuel rattenberg

Order A account
Why he always losing on live games?
Comment from : Order A account

rdgtesgt etftege
@ 6.30 dealer had 20 and you had 17... u still won WTF?
Comment from : rdgtesgt etftege

Perfect pairs is the biggest sucker bet I have ever seen
Comment from : ronnybaize

Hashem Awad
He enjoy loosing very happy to loose with bug smile hahahahaha
Comment from : Hashem Awad

This dude has to be the absolute worse blackjack player I have ever come across. Hasn't a clue and betting on side bets every time. Dumber than dog shit.
Comment from : Koala63211

Mr Not Important
Hook a guy up with a starting balance 🤷🏻‍♂️ generationgentlemen is my Instagram 😅
Comment from : Mr Not Important

Hell Bro
You don’t have to say please after every single action.
Comment from : Hell Bro

Meme Factory
The probability for Perfect Pairs is under 1%. (0.004%)


Comment from : Meme Factory

Lachlan Dunn
Split the tens you damn coward
Comment from : Lachlan Dunn

Definately put more cash in when the “battery went off” 😆
Comment from : Xplicid

Joe Rogan
I remember him winning a lot more often when playing online.. strange...
Comment from : Joe Rogan

3rd Generation Films
Im gonna fly to NZ and go to the ville. Davo you comin’ w m8? I’ll FB PM. Lets go hard.
Comment from : 3rd Generation Films

lol fish
Comment from : lol fish

Joldusch Ismael
He Play like a idiot 14000 and its not enough
Comment from : Joldusch Ismael

Shannon Mayhew
Tutorial on how to lose every hand in blackjack
Comment from : Shannon Mayhew

Kevin Baird
Rediculous gambling.
Comment from : Kevin Baird

what are you doing that is omg plays
Comment from : 강소혼

Ashley Reilly
Where the fuck do you get your funds from???
Comment from : Ashley Reilly

Peter Pan
Degenerate loser
Comment from : Peter Pan

Kevin P
“We’re going to try to make it back at the slots”. Mmmhmmmmm sound financial advice.
Comment from : Kevin P

kaka chan
tell you what.. if u can’t win with 20 points .. just leave the table... dealer usually get strong after it
Comment from : kaka chan

prerit kumar
Bruh watching him bet perfect pairs every hand hurts my mind, body and soul.
Comment from : prerit kumar

Anthony Onethavong
What black jack is this where the dealer 2nd card comes after the actions?
Comment from : Anthony Onethavong

Ahmad Musa
The pair bet is stupid. It’s 1/17 chance and pays 1/10
Comment from : Ahmad Musa

I gusss u lost the whole 60k you won 2 weeks ago already ?
Comment from : Asap

Thai Keomany
Where is this at? I’ve never seen where the dealer only gets one card...I believe that’s a big disadvantage for you bro
Comment from : Thai Keomany

Bajahitam Chanel
Comment from : Bajahitam Chanel

Seth Johnson
Learn to fucking count. Dam its painfull to watch you split to two hands in a negative running count.
Dude. I teach counting. 5k a week you fly to me.

Comment from : Seth Johnson

Dan O
Half way through he says he condones healthy gambling then at the end goes against it and says the complete opposite
Comment from : Dan O

Joseph Liu
you should've never play in this casino, or you shouldn't play in Aus, as pair bonus should be 1 to 11, and there are 1 to 5 only! what a vampire😱
Comment from : Joseph Liu

cheeky kid
I don't get why he keeps saying "this is interesting" when he gets bad hands.
Comment from : cheeky kid

Ron Don
uhh I have 6 dollars.
Comment from : Ron Don

B Herd
Have not seen the breakdown of your bad play with 15 and 13 but the first card would of been a 10 and the next an 8. The dealer would of hit and 8 to make 18 so you would of won 2/3 of the 2,500$ hands. If you just played basic strat you would of won 5k right there.
Comment from : B Herd

Dede Sapa
PART 3 Captain????
Comment from : Dede Sapa

Idiot. No discipline. And a crap betting strategy.
Comment from : rockinoldfart

Dany Hermawan
This is what normally rich kid does, blowing his parents treasure, coz he never knew how hard it is to earn that kind of money, same like terry watanabe who lost his dad's company to casino
Comment from : Dany Hermawan

Tolga A
You are a stupid, you don't know when to stop. You had 5.000$ and you hit to 14.000$, you should have stop there. Don't be fool, don't be greedy.
Comment from : Tolga A

ridwan ishak
Comment from : ridwan ishak

Wow. "We lost all of them SHOULD HAVE PUT DOWN ONE MORE BOX". Craziest way to play ever. One good dealer hand wipes you out? Insane. This is the definition of a problem gambler. Magic like momentum and running hot/cold? Nutz. Watching someone throw away 14 grand in a few minutes with childish theories on how it all works. I wanna play poker with you!
Comment from : BobChaz

16:22 What's with the rubber band on your left index finger?
Comment from : Kramchuck

El Gamusiner
Menudo pringado JAJAJAJA vaya patada tiene!
Comment from : El Gamusiner

Sheriff Ozen
Gerçekten bir hayır işlemek isteyen duyarlı insanlarımız varsa şu kardeşimize yardım edelim papara numarası: 1745886639
Comment from : Sheriff Ozen

Keneth Medina
Why tf the dealer won’t deal himself 2 cars this seems like failure cause when dealer has 10 and you have 12 wtf you going to do stay or hit you hit get shit and dealer still wins tf type of casino is this that won’t deal
Themselves 2 cars

Comment from : Keneth Medina

Dave L
Great video
Comment from : Dave L

Uniq Securities
Do you know the value of 14k$..???
Comment from : Uniq Securities

When your friend laughs at you, you should realize something and asking “what should we do now?” also says something
Comment from : BOSS IT

Kuba Henriksen
Love the respect for the dealers no matter the results
Comment from : Kuba Henriksen

Rifqi thariq
Lost and lost 😂
Comment from : Rifqi thariq

Mike yani
After watching your video "how to lose your mony" i had go on hospital blood be so high
Comment from : Mike yani

Fastfunpoker Jamie
Internet troll here.. stop w the perfect pairs... pretend that doesn’t even exist as a bet. In the long run perfect pairs match the dealer , 20 , or whatever the side bet is a loser. Buy a blackjack card at the gift shop and start playing by the book. You missed some doubles and you’re always supposed to split 88. You don’t need to count cards but at least know that when a lot of small cards 2,3,4,5,6 comes out then you should press your bets. When a lot of paint comes lower your bets. 7,8,9 are neutral.. even having a basic general understanding of when the shoe is in your favor should help you print. Also don’t vary the number of hands you’re playing this leads to second guessing and a good way to tilt and lose all your money. Just play straight up no side bets and generally keep mental note if high cards have been coming or low and bet accordingly. Either way these videos are entertaining and I thank you for that... I could only repay you by giving you a little degen advice.
Comment from : Fastfunpoker Jamie

If they are letting you film a live blackjack.. why not go on roulette
Comment from : Geeman

Joshua Maynard
Why is it easier for you to play online than in person Davo? Have you tried progressive betting IRL?
Comment from : Joshua Maynard

Aaron Slouber
16:52 This is why you always play basic strategy. You would have won one of the three hands instead of losing all 3 of them. The next card was a face card as we saw which would have lost the center hand, but the next card out on the next hand was an 8 which would have given you 21 on your 13. I love how you promote responsible gambling and then go full retard at the table. LOL.
Comment from : Aaron Slouber

Anders Coomes
*loses his life savings and everything he loves playing black jack “interesting”
Comment from : Anders Coomes

lol this is a prime example of a problem
Comment from : CAN I GET 100K SUBS NO VIDEOS???

You can't stop until you're broke.
Comment from : Brandue

Kehan Ma
Too much money to burn.
Comment from : Kehan Ma

Seelantha Kangaha arachchi
Look....what a waste of life
Comment from : Seelantha Kangaha arachchi

Jaime 1700
Buy bitcoin instead with that money!
Comment from : Jaime 1700

James Busch
An Aussie reppin a Chicago Bears Tee, nice 👍. Btw your play is reckless lol
Comment from : James Busch

John Curtis
Holy shite that's brutal to watch
Comment from : John Curtis

dedianto dedianto
Try Baccarat
Comment from : dedianto dedianto

Elena Vernon
Saw that coming. 14000 and change. Bc it was just lower than 15000 he got greedy and lost it all. You went from paying your debts, maybe rent, buying a car, taking a trip or just splerging on anything tooooo........... Nothing. That's a true gambler addict. You book the win and count your blessings. Not just throw it away.
Comment from : Elena Vernon

At the very beginning of the first video, Davo said he'd leave after winning 5k. He or his camera man should have dragged themselves away from the table when they hit the original goal.
Comment from : rthom

Lol...you suck
Comment from : DAVID GAROFANO

Muse Ramos
I really thought you were gonna win all your money back. Ohh boy, I just saw my startup Saving get taken by the dealer.
Comment from : Muse Ramos

Hans Dacke
This guy will be broke as fuck soon.
Comment from : Hans Dacke

The worst black jack player ever , but still funny to see others lose money
Comment from : 4everreality1

"Trying to win back money on the slots" and "responsible gamble" in the same sentence, LOL. Degenerate.
Comment from : Smoer1

Man gotta know when to leave lol doubled money and lost everything in 30min. Love your videos but I feel bad for u 🙃
Comment from : kissmyputt247

Dede Sapa
Where are you???? I from Indonesia.
Comment from : Dede Sapa

Pino Torinese
10:25 half naked woman in the background on the right of his hat
Comment from : Pino Torinese

Michael Jones
up 14k and gets up walks away for a great afternoon
Comment from : Michael Jones

Jerry Moo
he will nvr win in this way..when the desk is cold, he bet big..
Comment from : Jerry Moo

Miss the online blackjack session
Comment from : Sezo

Peter Cheng
win and run doesn't exists in his dictionary.
Comment from : Peter Cheng

Happy Feet
Very entertaining session. Nice heart here. Love it and feelin really educated
Comment from : Happy Feet

Yes Man
Comedy BJ at its finest!!
Comment from : Yes Man

Robbie Lohr
You lose so much money betting pairs every single time I watch you play!
Comment from : Robbie Lohr

Moldi Mobs
i got sick watching that
Comment from : Moldi Mobs

Mr. Kleto
Brooooo walk at 15 come onnnnnn
Comment from : Mr. Kleto

Обзоры и лайфхаки по электронике от Zed13
Why not to stop at 14K?
Comment from : Обзоры и лайфхаки по электронике от Zed13

Paulius Kreuce
spare me some cions bro
Comment from : Paulius Kreuce

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