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Gripsed Poker Training - Evan Jarvis
What's your Favorite US Facing Poker Site to Play on and Why?
Let me know and Let's Get Stackin in 2019!

Comment from : Gripsed Poker Training - Evan Jarvis

DeepStack Donkeys
Wanna play for real cash on your phone? Join DeepStack Donkeys club in the Pokerrrr 2 app with club code 10icg. Join for $1,000 FREE ROLL on February 15, 2020. PLO /ROE/NLH cash games will be running after daily free rolls. If you aren’t sure how to join i uploaded a tutorial on how to join on this channel.
Comment from : DeepStack Donkeys

What crypto wallet should I use for ACR?
Comment from : Daniel-DIY

Mary Miller
I came on youtube and forums looking to provide for mine. He paid off my debts😃. He topped up my Discover Credit Card with $35,000 and Regions bank account with $9000. Exclusively for U.S and Canada citizens. Contact trusted I.T expert on +1-325-261-3498 or brian247solutions@gmailcom
Comment from : Mary Miller

Doug Donaho
Awesome video man. Very informative! It’s so frustrating playing sites that don’t have real money games. I used to play real money on several online sites. My favs were UltimateBet, PokerStars, BoDog. I won the most money at UB and won my first two tourneys @ bodog & I loved PokerStars software. I’m headed now to set up an acct on Ignition! Thanks again!
Comment from : Doug Donaho

Chp.poker is the best place to play in 2020
Comment from : DGov24

Digital Psych0SID
you look like a young Adam Shift
Comment from : Digital Psych0SID

Karla Contreras
Don't play global poker. I won 3 small tournaments for 3600 dlls and after more than a month a lot of excuses and lies, no money. they stopped answering my emails. SCAMMERS and thieves. please spread the word.
Comment from : Karla Contreras

Joseph Smith
your volume is so low that it is inaudible without an amp and the sites you are reviewing or whatever are all for big players, not one for a regular player who just want to deposit 50-100 bucks and play some holdem on the weekend. Please post some friendly sites that the people like me can't chance burning through the 6 grand I have saved up
Comment from : Joseph Smith

Carlos Garcia
cool video could you recomend or make a video for non-base usa player
Comment from : Carlos Garcia

po pi
Can't even play on most sites in the states
Comment from : po pi

Steven Milcke
Is this allowed to play there in Florida? Because I am thinking about moving?
Comment from : Steven Milcke

Stay away from Ignition. Zone poker needs countless players to work. They use house bots to keep the action moving. An estimated 60% of zone players are house bots. Since the mobile app launched, cheaters have infested online poker. Now a single player can play several accounts without any effort. The 9 people at your table could be just you v.s. a single cheat. Everyone knows the casino is rigged but why is everyone so clueless to the fact that this business finds new ways to steal your $ and time everyday. It"s a cash funnel business and they make the rules.
Comment from : youzeaflea1

diqm quimeji

Comment from : diqm quimeji

diqm quimeji
1. Go to www.playpokerfromhome.com/

2. Select the Play Now the 1 item Americas Cardroom.

3. From Mobil – Select Play Now from Mobile. Create new account.

a. Promo Code/Bonus Code = Free

b. Once account is created message me the email address and password.

4. From Desk Top/Laptop - Select Download. Then create a new account.

a. Promo Code/Bonus Code = Free

b. Go to My Account – Details and update your info.

c. Once account is created message me the email address and password.

Comment from : diqm quimeji

Lawrence Roby
Americas card room is rigged with bots. I noticed the same players were every game I joined. so I rapidly changed tables and they were there every time. then found people posting video of the same thing happening to them.
Comment from : Lawrence Roby

mike posttown
lowcostpoker has no rake
Comment from : mike posttown

Francisco Rivas
I've been studying best online poker courses and discovered a great website at card crusher fixer (check it out on google)
Comment from : Francisco Rivas

Fish Dicks
Does ACR work in states besides Nevada and New Jersey? I’m from WA state and ignition works just fine but I’ve always been told ACR doesn’t work outside of Nevada and Jersey
Comment from : Fish Dicks

Get Spammed
How much did ACR pay you?
Comment from : Get Spammed

For someone who’s been playing for years I think Bovoda puts good players at a disadvantage just because there’s no names (meaning there’s no reads). I would think That’s not a good thing for a real player, but I’d like to hear your opinion
Comment from : TKY

David A
Comment from : David A

David A
Comment from : David A

David A
Comment from : David A

David A
Comment from : David A

David A
Comment from : David A

David A
You can only cash out threw bitcoin? Or can Cash our thru a debit card?
Comment from : David A

Andy Kelly
Are you still using bitcoin as your method of payout?
Comment from : Andy Kelly

Africa Sideways
thanks dude
Comment from : Africa Sideways

Thomas Snyder
Idk why all the hate for ACR, I love the site and pretty much solely play on it. Rakeback is good, action is great; don't let Joey Ingram and some bots scare you away from good games and a good site.
Comment from : Thomas Snyder

carlos davila
Where in new Jersey can I play online poker? Seems they all block out Jersey..
Comment from : carlos davila

raymond cancel
How about Horse racing?Where? Is there a web site?
Comment from : raymond cancel

Video Poker. What is the best site?
Comment from : J P

Vape Hands
Last time I tried a deposit on AMC was denied the AMC told me I had to buy crypto currency and deposit that way. Silly.... in CA not sure if other states are different.
Comment from : Vape Hands

I was going to sign up for ACR installed it now just uninstalled it from what I read on here and other youtube vloggers.
Comment from : JohnnyBGood11

Americas Card Room is known for cheating it's all over youtube
Comment from : JohnnyBGood11

RCH Murica
Noooooo, not America's Cardroom. Its so obviously rigged its practically comical.
Comment from : RCH Murica

Do you have a daily dollar goal you're trying to achieve? And has it been fairly consistent for you. I want to become a grinder and I'm researching what others are doing to better my game
Comment from : Jugganuat

Casey Mizokami
I want a site guaranteeing me no bots or shenanigans. Does one exist? Your first choice here has had a shit ton of accusations regarding bots and just about everything you can imagine.
Comment from : Casey Mizokami

LINDA Dimattia
I played at BetOnline for a while, maybe a little over a year. I wouldn't recommend this site if your trying to make a living doing so. Only 2-3 tournaments a week that are worth the time. As far as the cash games go, I've never played higher than $1-$2 on there mainly because I don't trust online poker all that much. I got very suspicious of BOL when the same exact player (santinhoz) won the bad beat jackpot back to back within I'd say a month of each other. First one he made over $200k, second time was $125k.
Comment from : LINDA Dimattia

Ignition, Bovada and Bodog are all operating under their own brand names.
Comment from : Martin

Anytime Anything
Sir I m from India. Can I??
Comment from : Anytime Anything

Phillip J
Bovada still exist independent of ignition using the exact same software they sold ignition so what is up with that?
Comment from : Phillip J

Optimus Prime
The VENOM..Euww!!.. lol. They'll just put housebots at every table, so no one wins that million dollars, but them!!
Comment from : Optimus Prime

Jake Bebeau
No global poker?
Comment from : Jake Bebeau

Ace Montoya
i have only played video Pocker in local Indian Casinos somtimes very lucky but more times not. I'm glad I found your video never played Texas hold'em on line for real money or at live tables but im very interested in starting a new portable hobby. What do you recommend to get me started with little money. thanks!
Comment from : Ace Montoya

its me you from the future
But poker stars is better or not ??
Comment from : its me you from the future

jim lee
ignition is fixed against US players!!
Comment from : jim lee

jeff cor
So I just buy whatever amount of BTC I want from coinbase by converting US$ to whatever BTC amount I put can buy me? or can i deposit funds with by a diff source and then withdraw by btc?
Comment from : jeff cor

Can u play in ohio
Comment from : YaBoyLui

criteria 1: quick easy cashout
criteria 2: quick easy cashout
criteria 3: quick easy cashout

Comment from : Martin

ACR is not trustworthy now. People are getting scammed loosing money. They have destroyed this site
Comment from : NeoBandit

bubba watkins
VENOM got Cancelled on ACR lol
Comment from : bubba watkins

Iam Shank
Can you play these sites for real money in Oregon?
Comment from : Iam Shank

Jonah Green
Ignition recently switched to a break 5 mins before the hour across all tourneys
Comment from : Jonah Green

How are the withdrawal process on Ignition and betonline ?? With mastercard and visa .Do they require a lot of personal info ?
Comment from : HazelSparks

jolly jolly
whats a soft game?
Comment from : jolly jolly

Can you use a vpn if you do not live in Nevada or New Jersey. Really want to play for cash online but dont know how... i live in texas. Please make a video about this topic
Comment from : LethalDose

Poker Savage
@ 9:27 fixed. all breaks happen at same time now..
Comment from : Poker Savage

Penny Stock Whispers
Are any of these rigged with bots and other cheating tactics?
Comment from : Penny Stock Whispers

Michael O'Brien
* Hi Evan..., Excellent video and "Thank you for sharing.." * I also joined/subscribed to your Youtube channel.. I am going to "Click" on your poker promotions' and learning more about Texas Hold'em Poker Online.. * Could you please recommend one or two (2) Online Poker books' ? Once again.., excellent video ! ! Mike in Montana :)
Comment from : Michael O'Brien

El Sols
americas cardroom gets me a 500 internal service error.
Comment from : El Sols

Ryan Scott
Get .002btc signup bonus to play poker realpoker.net/online-poker/?id=1475047
Comment from : Ryan Scott

Comment from : Oldris

Comment from : Oldris

Omg, this guy is a piece of shit. ACR is proven to be loaded with bots and suspected superuser accounts. Don't listen to this douchebag
Comment from : D L

Randy Murray
Whats you top Canadian sites?
Comment from : Randy Murray

Jarryd Knight
Guess you might want to take acr off this list after the ceo goes on a podcast admitting they did not have this under control lol
Comment from : Jarryd Knight

Christopher Iuliano
from my experience with betonline, and maybe i just have extremely bad luck, but holy crap there is either cheating going, on horrible play is rewarded heavily. The number of times i would get sucked out on is unreal. QQ losing to J6 off suit type situations on a constant basis. I had to give up. Id say at least 75% of my all-ins id be ahead and get sucked out on.
Comment from : Christopher Iuliano

online poker is perfectly legal in california
Comment from : Beanmachine91

im gonna try ignition and bovada, i hope they work out for me
Comment from : Beanmachine91

Poker software just sucks all around. They could make it like a fun video game....but its all just a basic bitch. I remember playing on True Poker back in the day and it was like a video game....it was sweet.
Comment from : THE ONE

Thanks for the vid Evan. In order to withdraw from ACR they are asking for pics of my credit card, Id and a utility bill. Did you have to provide that? Is it common
Comment from : Rich

the Merc
Oh no... you are rapping ACR now? :( what happened to you amigo?
Comment from : the Merc

U fail to mention that all 3 sites are unregulated in usa... and the bad beats are ridiculous. The RNG is bullshit especially on IGNITION... all hands are 50/50 when all in even though u are 4 or 5 to 1 favorite...its commical in tournaments how the bigger stack always peaks the card they need
Comment from : CRAZY COOTER

Fred Nichols
No mobile functionality for America's Card Room
Comment from : Fred Nichols

M. E. Taylor
What HUD do you use on ACR?
Comment from : M. E. Taylor

Flush Draw
American cardroom is not one you should recommend at all. Cant believe you said that. They are run by truly shut people. Done with anything you have to say. Stick to your Canada crap,that's where you belong with advice like that
Comment from : Flush Draw

Larry finer
great content thanks and now subscribed
Comment from : Larry finer

Bold Broadcasting Channel
Evan do a video on multi-tabling. Monitor sizes, brands, resolutions, how many screens can fit based on resolution, and poker software suggestions. 😎
Comment from : Bold Broadcasting Channel

David Fireman
Hey Evan I have a question for you pertaining to my situation in poker: but first off I’d like to tell you i just subscribed but have actually been following your old content since 2017 and this is actually my first YT subscription. I do not subscribe ever to anything but I had to tell you I solely believe in what you do and the quality of content that you put out, which is why i broke my rule and subscribed. I hold you solely responsible for why my original $5 poker investment did not turn into an expense and potential even a gambling problem.

I’m sorry this comment is long i know your time is valuable future ones will be succinct.

I have cut my teeth at a brick and mortar card room in Florida (and dont play online) (i only play 2 times a week 2 hour sessions) , while as well getting my Ph.D, and i have done my absolute best to follow your teachings down to bankroll management, i have turned my original bankroll of $500–> 2400 (profit) and i was doing that at 1-1 cash: however the cardroom i played at changed there rake and now it is a bad deal to play 1-1 (i could give you the details, but the short of it is... it is a table game in disguise due to the rake and abundance of shortstackers)

I know you preach 40 buy ins to play appropriately at a stake but these stakes were the only ones i could play feasibly. I attempted to get home games together playing 25c/50c but it just is too irregular to get other people to come.

So i have decided to take a shot at 1-2 and my stop loss is to my $2000 mark so that i could drop back to 25/50, i ended up winning big due to variance and now I’m at 3100. And i feel my skill level against mostly passive fish/ occassional 20% opener is solid and i want to build my bankroll to $8000 and appropriately go up the live stakes, but i am concerned about my mere 15.5 buy ins (and my susceptibility to variant events) i want to stay in the game anyway i can but i feel that there just aren’t really options for me. Please give me your best advice to what you would do if you were me!

Again i am so sorry for the length of this comment

David Fireman

Comment from : David Fireman

Had to leave BetOnline because the software wasn't AT ALL SMOOTH FOR ME. Browser client fine, but no HUD and some bad bugs. Windows 7, and I tried EVERYTHING because the games ARE soft.
Comment from : flowthrupranayama

Straight Flizzy
Evan is the most connected with his Team. Makes you feel like he’s coaching and mentoring you in person. #TeamGripsedStandUp
Comment from : Straight Flizzy

Straight Flizzy
Great idea! Refresh and update some of the old classics!
Comment from : Straight Flizzy

Adam Cornett
Thanks for givinging me a reason to start f**king with crypto!
Comment from : Adam Cornett

Mikhail Volsky
Any info on global poker? Seems to be a growing site. Lots of new tournaments and options over the last year. Withdrawal seems to work fine. Thanks! Appreciate the video!
Comment from : Mikhail Volsky

You can play 4 tables of zone on bovada brotha
Comment from : g0alieman

Bold Broadcasting Channel
Thanks Evan!
Comment from : Bold Broadcasting Channel

Mendo Bruce
Thank you
Comment from : Mendo Bruce

Does anyone know a faster way to buy Bitcoin? I tried Coinbase, and they let me buy 50 dollars worth with my debit card, but the large amount I tried to buy directly from my bank account is available to send until 17 days after.
Comment from : Charles

John Rice
Evan, I took down the $10 $10k GTD on Ignition last Sunday. Thanks for all the help lately. #LetsGetStackin
Comment from : John Rice

Freeursoul Park
Lolz sounds like so many ppl lose on ACR, look at these bitter sentiments. Evan, show us ACR is beatable, and their cash game is not full of bots lolz.
Comment from : Freeursoul Park

Félix .Chamberland
Hello Evan! Which wallet do you use to deposit with bitcoins? I have had trouble finding a safe option that works. I really want to deposit on ignition. Thanks for the video!
Comment from : Félix .Chamberland

Rob A
Acr is proven garbage. I’ve played a lot there and everywhere else. Don’t make videos if uuu don’t know what your talking about. Unsub
Comment from : Rob A

Noah Schmartz
Love you gripsed but ACR, really? Joe Ingram does not go out of his way to criticize people but he has serious reservations about the top people at ACR.
Comment from : Noah Schmartz

Red Ninjah
ACR cash is very infested with bots and has been for years. Not sure about the tournaments though. This was proven by Joe Ingram. I definitely wouldn't steer people towards that site.
Comment from : Red Ninjah

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