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Sean Hoade
Yet another very helpful (and entertaining) video. Thank you, Alex!
Comment from : Sean Hoade

Brett Lott
Nothing to do with poker but Alec I just wanted to say that's one beautiful backyard. It has me thinking about vacation time LOL
Comment from : Brett Lott

Mark Skoglund
5 days away, and nerves setting in. I've been doing well the last week online, but haven't played live in what seems like forever. How to prep for playing live again after such a long hiatus? That will be on my list for reading this week.
Comment from : Mark Skoglund

Mark Skoglund
Really appreciate all the advice and taking the time to talk with me. I wish I was BVI, could still play on Poker stars out there. USVI here.

Thanks again. Trip two weeks away. Will update during.

Comment from : Mark Skoglund

Trump Trolls
Random question but I'm assuming the push/fold chart on his site is assuming you're the first one entering the pot? Am I right?
Comment from : Trump Trolls

VIC Myronov
wow! I thought you were talking about me and said Vienna when I first listened to it :D
Comment from : VIC Myronov

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