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Haha they cant play.. casino will be happy to have them
Comment from : bbqqreen

Mandy's TOP 10
Guy with yellow chip has left

Comment from : Mandy's TOP 10

Mandy's TOP 10
The woman with blue chips keeps winning 😅
Comment from : Mandy's TOP 10

Joaquin Villasenor
mann fuck the widdow n get yur grand man yu win keep going
Comment from : Joaquin Villasenor

Joaquin Villasenor
area ontario ca
shout out my name

Comment from : Joaquin Villasenor

Joaquin Villasenor
you jus blew my mind i feel like more money more winn
Comment from : Joaquin Villasenor

Comment from : BumheaD

Brian gets joules when others win
Comment from : 2 SUSS

well that’s a real spin first one nobody on it that’s how the casino around here are as well lol
Comment from : MrSavagebeast50

3 Pnda
Comment from : 3 Pnda

Karl Arriola
You guys are great to watch i injoy it are guys look like your to party with
Comment from : Karl Arriola

Gooja Sizl
Thanks for the Video! Excuse me for butting in, I would love your thoughts. Have you considered - Mahorrla Earning Gamble Method (google it)? It is a smashing exclusive product for making money with a proven roulette system without the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate at very last got great results with it.
Comment from : Gooja Sizl

hani badji
Great Video! Excuse me for chiming in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you tried - Mahorrla Earning Gamble Method (should be on google have a look)? It is a good one off product for making money with a proven roulette system without the normal expense. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my old buddy Taylor after a lifetime of fighting got excellent results with it.
Comment from : hani badji

Interesting that they allowed electronic devices to sit on the table like that. Most casinos do not allow that.
Comment from : xworkerbee

Md Minhaj
Loss 7000$😭
Comment from : Md Minhaj

Mike LoVetere
What's the minimum at this table/?
Comment from : Mike LoVetere

Ken izakaya
Bos, give me chance to get real roullete please😖but cost with you 😀
Comment from : Ken izakaya

Always cover 0
Comment from : TheShagdog1313

Breakglass Dawkins
Honest tip when playing roulette:

1. Carry a paper or card of a picture of a roulette wheel with you. Or memorize the wheel and what numbers are where on the wheel. The dealers have the wheel memorized. It's part of their training before they are allowed to start dealing on wheel. If you watch a dealer closely while everyone is betting. They are smoothly and secretly watching the board while everyone is betting to see what numbers are available and what section to aim for on wheel. If everything is covered, the next thing they look for is what area will pay out the least. If theirs $300 in bets on the table covering every number. And they find a area that has very few numbers covered. Such as a $70 payout (2 chips on one number). They will try their best to hit that area. Dealer still makes over $200 on that spin, for the house if they do it correctly.

2.Play with mutiple players that spread out their bets. Helps to go during known busier hours. Do not play alone. Play at a spot on the table that is easy for you to reach any number on the board quickly and easily. if you cannot reach the entire board without asking for help. Do not play there. Dealers know this and will spin to areas that they see you cannot reach on board.

3.Wait until everyone places their bets or over 40 percent of board is covered. Look at the wheel on your paper or card for numbers that aren't covered in the game.

4. Quickly covers those numbers and its neighboring numbers once ball is about to be spun or already spun. For instance if 6,18,and 31 aren't covered. Those numbers are close together on wheel. Quickly cover those numbers and it's neighbors right after the ball is spun. You cover the neighboring numbers because no spinner is 100 percent accurate. They often miss their mark. Players win 1 of 2 ways in roulette. Dealers let's you win, which they sometimes do. Or they miss their mark when trying to wipe you out.

If the ball jumps out of the wheel during spin and requires another spin. Immidiately pickup your bet as quick as possible before ball is spun again. And do not bet on that spin. It's the houses way to get a second chance to find a new open number. It's not a accident.

5. Make quick money. Leave before you get caught. Once the dealer sees you figured something out. They will begin waiving off bets faster. Leaving you less time to cover open numbers. Tipping sometimes helps. May put dealer in a better mood and they allow you to place more bets after ball is spun. If the dealer isn't making money, then theirs no incentive for them being lenient on you. But if they see their making money, as your making money......

If you don't believe this, just pull up any live roulette video on YouTube, that you have not seen before. just watch and apply what I'm saying to see if it works.

You're welcome

Comment from : Breakglass Dawkins

Nikhil Virmani
Its very easy to win roulete you need a little backup and aware of trick
Comment from : Nikhil Virmani

ronald williams
Imagine that phone dropping on the wheel lol
Comment from : ronald williams

i r
please play this games win real money

Comment from : i r

The times they are a changing!
Comment from : kickboxer

Phillip R
Lady had black on 13 they took it at a loss ripped off
Comment from : Phillip R

Lewis Bergman
European roulette has the better odds, single zero tables like sharkroulette
Comment from : Lewis Bergman

Johnny Moton
00,0,1,8,19,27,20,24,25,28,32,&36 guaranteed 👍🏾 my bets
Comment from : Johnny Moton

jolly Singh
I love roulette
Comment from : jolly Singh

MR Yellow chips should stay at home with his phone.
Comment from : Nodrodsky

Charles Pieters
This is VERY dumb. At 1.03, on 0-00 was a "green" looking chip, but at 1.48 it changed color.
Then another dumb moment. Box RED had 3 stacks BUT nothing on the remaining 6 BLACK colors ; 2-4-6-8-10-13.
although 13 = between 27-36, and 6 = next to 27// 2 & 4 are neighbours of 21 and 10 & 8 next to 23.
Those ppl shoul'd NOT be playing the game, bc they are guessing their way out of trouble.
More money than "brains". I only watched for 1.53 minutes. [4.11.19]

Comment from : Charles Pieters

Paul Grae
Paul from Cleveland 100 on black
Comment from : Paul Grae

Alaa Eddine Bensalah
Oh 😮
Comment from : Alaa Eddine Bensalah

A Poet's Corner
Bring back live roulette. 🎃🎃🎃
Comment from : A Poet's Corner

Legato Leyte
Weak bets, you haven’t met me in roulette table.
Comment from : Legato Leyte

zackychan financial
I'd subscribe but looks like you only do slots now
Comment from : zackychan financial

Josip Jeraj
Raja yu de best
Comment from : Josip Jeraj

Brandon Cornelesen
What is the table limit?
Comment from : Brandon Cornelesen

jon gimbo
Roulette is so rigged
Comment from : jon gimbo

Mr. Anonymous
Is it a good idea to play red/black and odd/even? 2 separate bets
Comment from : Mr. Anonymous

winhuge Lotto
I will suggest casino is more risky . in compare to casino you should try powerball , lotto online
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Comment from : winhuge Lotto

Nicholas Walters
23:56, balls lands on 7
Comment from : Nicholas Walters

Massim simo
Comment from : Massim simo

Nicholas Walters
Another big win at 20:00
Comment from : Nicholas Walters

Nicholas Walters
That was a great win there at 14:56!!
Comment from : Nicholas Walters

fadi azzam
100 max bet this is retarded.
Comment from : fadi azzam

Anona Socah
Imagine groundhog day except at a casino
Comment from : Anona Socah

Nicholas Walters
At 17:00, my winning number comes up.
Comment from : Nicholas Walters

Nicholas Walters
If you pause at 16:58 and 19:00 you'll see that the ball landed on two of the straight numbers I
betted on on the Escape and actually won; 10 and 14.

Comment from : Nicholas Walters

Dmitriy Kim
Slot ladies
Comment from : Dmitriy Kim

Junior Robles Slots
nice to watch your channel pls subscribe me too, thanks a lot.
Comment from : Junior Robles Slots

Steven Sar
theses casino are in business to make you lose. if not, vegas would have been busted years back. stop gambling, you can't win. you become a big delusional player. no nobility even if you win. no honorability. the slots are program to make the casino win. example) if you were the manufacturer of the slots and wanted to sell it to a casino, what would your odds of selling it successful? Answer) if you can offer them a way to control the WINS/ LOSSES without evidence. Correct? Myth BUSTED. Stop gambling and do honorable things, like businesses and etc. You are playing their GAMES, their RULES, hence, in the end, you'll lose. Also, Gambling is worst than Drugs and is the only ADDICTION that you can burn through 1M dollars in one day, whereas drugs, would be difficult to do all 1M dollars worth of drugs in one day. Anyone, who comes across this message, see it from an open, sideline minded View.
Comment from : Steven Sar

"That was fun" said the one person with chips still in front of them.
Comment from : UnderGreenThunder

Vladimir Chertok
how do you know whos chips are whos everybody puts it all over the place.
Comment from : Vladimir Chertok

해외 원&정 없이 집에서 호텔ㅋrG◎노 즐○기세요 XXOXX7. COM
Comment from : 오일환

Just4 FUN
Hello, I wish to know, what is the minimum amount to play for the roulette in Las Vegas Casino ? Thanks for the answer.
Comment from : Just4 FUN

Ouch, that was not a good roulette session
Comment from : alicemudgarden123

Why he get joules when other people win
Comment from : 2 SUSS

David Struminger
If this is live, say hello to Dave.
Comment from : David Struminger

Liam d
Lol that's why Johnny is a bad gambler and he plays slots and roulette. Two game that require no skill at all completely luck gambling. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Liam d

Liam d
What are the chips worth
Comment from : Liam d

Erik Ramirez
How are you getting no credits taken away when you're betting on the buffalo machine??
Comment from : Erik Ramirez

Texas Lottery Fun
Hey everyone!! Nice action and best of luck from Texas! 💪🏽❤️🍀🍀🍀
Comment from : Texas Lottery Fun

Nhan Nguyen
32 red ! 5 ;17; 32. Raja Pay attention.
Comment from : Nhan Nguyen

James Medina
that wheel is spinning way too fast... tell them to slow it down i bit.
Comment from : James Medina

Alexis Smith
Black 4 10
Comment from : Alexis Smith

When are u going 2 go live again playing roulette?
Comment from : pnero23

Brendan Landers
dont get why people this roulette with double zero over European as there 1 extra number for the casino to win
Comment from : Brendan Landers

Naomi's Slot Channel
When your spending like Raja there is no limit of what the casinos will do for you 🙌🤣🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
Comment from : Naomi's Slot Channel

Mary Morales
I've been to this casino plenty of times, since when could you have your phone out on the table and recording?🤔
Comment from : Mary Morales

Donald Keyes
i love seeing people betting agest them selfs...betting two thirds side by side split them up...
Comment from : Donald Keyes

Comment from : 吴微

Noe Mejia
Comment from : Noe Mejia

Eric Li
This is the worse game at the casino.
Comment from : Eric Li

Worst odd in a casino
Comment from : MEGA WOLF

8 and 19


Why phone not allowed casino.think you’re self.
Comment from : 마틴앤코

Gary Sharp
Do the casinos have the games war and go fish?
Comment from : Gary Sharp

Aca Faca
Lovely Video! Forgive me for chiming in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you tried - Mahorrla Earning Gamble Method (do a google search)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for making money with a proven roulette system without the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my best friend Jordan at very last got cool success with it.
Comment from : Aca Faca

cheating they have magnet in ball, the woman can control the ball
Comment from : Boobalan

Sea Hawks
My goal is 2mil a year net, nothing to do with gambling but its still intriguing.
Comment from : Sea Hawks

3cklo perez
I love playing roulette my favorite number 0,00,
Comment from : 3cklo perez

Unknown Celebrity
6 9 23
Comment from : Unknown Celebrity

Comment from : Alnaixmi

Stuart Trave
It kills me he bets 17 and 20 but leaves out 32
Comment from : Stuart Trave

You guys are betting so stupid😭😭😭😭😭
Comment from : JOSH

How are they allowed to be on their cells phones? Much less have them on the table.
Comment from : Lisa

How do you keep up who’s bets are who’s????
Comment from : ApocalypticRain

I thought you can't film on this table I guess you can now
Comment from : ddrusa

Jinwoo Moon
When playing buffalo, they're coins kept refreshing. That machine was rigged.
Comment from : Jinwoo Moon

John McMahon
Love how he avoids answering,, when asked how much the reds are worth. Lol one dollar chips 🤦🏽‍♂️
Comment from : John McMahon

Jerin Jose
It could be a dummy roulette as long as you are using ur mobile phone near the table
Comment from : Jerin Jose

I didn’t call u baldy,baldy
Comment from : Slots&SneaksHyperfuse

Rome Indara
Whats the last 5 spin?
Comment from : Rome Indara

Jorge Serna
What a Brutal night here in Vegas, 0 luck this day.....25% of my bank roll gone and got 3 days to go lol
Comment from : Jorge Serna

Joseph Saeteurn
im a sucker for roulette especially live ones.. if i could i give you 100 likes.. sub!
Comment from : Joseph Saeteurn

Jeff Swanson
0-00 1-2 27-28 FT Myers Florida
Comment from : Jeff Swanson

the house is favored "BIG" on roulette. when you sit down.... you are just renting the seat.
Comment from : surferlaments

I have no idea what's happening when they play slots. Could someone explain for me? Thanks ahead of time.
Comment from : AnteConfig

Jack Reacher
Single zero table north Nevada where can i find one
Comment from : Jack Reacher

Andrew Sheppard
Comment from : Andrew Sheppard

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