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Itz YaBoyWhiteMike
Trying to link up at parx sometime. Let’s degen it up
Comment from : Itz YaBoyWhiteMike

rj doggman
Yo. Hit the deal button and itll speed up the payment
Comment from : rj doggman

David Hustle
@ryan depaulo wouldnt you want keep the kicker of 3 and draw to the last ace or no with this payout scale? anyone?
Comment from : David Hustle

Aaron Kennedy
well done, Man
Comment from : Aaron Kennedy

I love the 100 play! Can you play it more please?
Comment from : saylem

Desmond Castro
I caught 4 of kind on Ultimate X over here at the Stratophere. Multiplier 7X $180 win on 10 cent demo.
Comment from : Desmond Castro

Shane Tanisue
Your suppose to hold the kicker (3)🤦🏻‍♂️
Comment from : Shane Tanisue

Richard Harris
Picture does not match the video
Click bait

Comment from : Richard Harris

Dolo Molo
You a low roller bro. When u gonna become a high roller? 5c machines are for babies you gotta switch to dollars bro stop low rolling
Comment from : Dolo Molo

Gabriel Millee
This game is nuts I want it now....
Comment from : Gabriel Millee

Gary Norris
how the hell do you actually get to play
Comment from : Gary Norris

Dante dang
Ryan you know I'm a huge fan. But have to call you out with this video thumbnail. I hope your not going to click bait your fans with the misleading pic. You were playing 100 play but YOU WERE NOT playing. 50 cents as advertised. You were playing nickels. C'mon bro you're better than that.
Comment from : Dante dang

Jeffrey Hanes
How about you quit talking.
Comment from : Jeffrey Hanes

christopher garrison
Nice draw of 3 aces on max bet luck box
Comment from : christopher garrison

Sheldon Cooper
I hope you're at least upper middle class and you handle your gambling W2's correctly on tax time. The amount you wager is insane.
Comment from : Sheldon Cooper

Lynn Spurr
That would make me crazy. My ADHD off the chain. Slow mode just can't live like that. Great live play ❤️
Comment from : Lynn Spurr

Patrick Negro
Hey Ryan I’m from Australia also.Melbourne.Would love to meet you.Got to go!,my pet kangaroo needs feeding.
Comment from : Patrick Negro

Jeffrey Hayward
Which MGM are you playing at? They opened up one in Springfield, MA. Its terrible
Comment from : Jeffrey Hayward

Henrik Brun
Use your M-life when degen’ing👍😉
Comment from : Henrik Brun

SDGuy 1234
Please shout out to me and call me a little ripper!
Comment from : SDGuy 1234

SDGuy 1234
Aussie Ryan is my fav!
Comment from : SDGuy 1234

SDGuy 1234
Your intro makes my taint tingle
Comment from : SDGuy 1234

yoyo yoda
you go squirrelly gambler....nice to cya win...remember dog they dont build them fancy spice building cuz ppl win...nopenopenope
Comment from : yoyo yoda

EZ Life Slot Jackpots
Don't say delicious!
Comment from : EZ Life Slot Jackpots

Wynn Wynn
aces w/kicker good, pay table bad, and its still a hand or draw not a SPIN already.
Comment from : Wynn Wynn

Kenneth Murray
100 play is the best! I usually do pennies though lol
Comment from : Kenneth Murray

Brom Eliad
100 play? parkourgasm!!
Comment from : Brom Eliad

C Sap12
How many fingers do I have up? Degenerate nation! You have to put that on the back of one of the shirts.
Comment from : C Sap12

I love 100 play video poker, would love to see again <3
Comment from : Psittacus

Nicholas Perkins
I know this doesn't make long videos but quit after a big hit. Think of it like a ladder if you win with 4 of a kind then you must play until you hit a straight flush or better. Doing this with a full pay (9, 6 which means the full house pays 9 times or 45 on a 5 bet and the flush pays 6 times or 30 on a 5 bet) jacks or better is a guaranteed win for the player when including comps if you quit after hitting a boat or better. I just don't understand your fascination with double double bonus. It is streakier than deuces wild and doesn't pay as much as a full pay deuces wild. Is the deuces wild full pay at 100 play? Deuces wild has a weirder strategy but that is the best vp if it is full pay. Finding a 100 play full pay deuces wild is difficult.
Comment from : Nicholas Perkins

Shenanigan King
Comment from : Shenanigan King

That accent though lol
Comment from : n8dgr8

Evil Spock
On dbl dbl only hold 2 pair if both are 10s and under
Comment from : Evil Spock

Matt Kewenig
Love 100 hand VP.
Comment from : Matt Kewenig

cal long
You are comic genius! Did you disco mix the slot winning jingle?? Hahaha
Comment from : cal long

K.O.B. 5
Hell yeah on the Four aces and especially landing one with the kicker!
Comment from : K.O.B. 5

Tom K
You threw KK out lol you put me in convulsing by watching
Comment from : Tom K

mike long
2 pair pays the same as jacks or better? what the hell is going on (Australian voice)?
Comment from : mike long

Ryan ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME? Another video? Fuck yeah!

Dude! Did you quit your job or hire an editor!

Comment from : JustR8ch7

Patrick Brock
Glad to see the mush back!
Comment from : Patrick Brock

Patrick Brock
Off the rippy poo. Leeeetttts Go’
Comment from : Patrick Brock

yankees fan
you should of held the 3 of hearts with the 3 aces...def next time
Comment from : yankees fan

David Evans
You are playing the wrong machines - the pay tables on that machine are terrible. You for double double bonus you want 1-1-3-4-6-9-50-80-160-160-400-50-800 for a 98.98% return. That machine only paid 5 for a flush and 7 for a full house for probably a 95-96% return.
Comment from : David Evans

Ryan Depaulo: Delicious Degenerate
Comment from : Moustachehilarity

any NFL tips for tomorrows games?
Comment from : gingerbreadlegs

Wayde Brooks
Like I have said many times Ryan DePaulo is my hero and should be yours.
Comment from : Wayde Brooks

Wayde Brooks
Comment from : Wayde Brooks

Gym S
Love 100 play but you need the bankroll
Comment from : Gym S

shes cute
Comment from : Konami

Jeffrey Brezinski
I thought you were saying hardcore.what the he'll is parcore.
Comment from : Jeffrey Brezinski

Ryan, I know you were told you look like Freddie Freeman of the Atlanta Braves. I think more resemblance of Chris Taylor of the LA Dodgers
Comment from : bunchee

Kevin Karron
Degenerate content !!
Comment from : Kevin Karron

Casino Gone Wild
M life. Is that in Atlantic City
Comment from : Casino Gone Wild

I could be wrong, but I think in double double bonus when dealt three A's and you have the option to keep a low kicker you should. Then again, WTF do I know, I'm the a-hole holding a ticket on UH to cover against TT and if I had the option between my high school prom date and Houston's defense I would take Houston's defense because it still sucks.
Comment from : AtGame7

Larry Whipit
You were not even playing your M Life card? Come on man
Comment from : Larry Whipit

dustin froehlich
Get a deep dish pizza for your next vlog
Comment from : dustin froehlich

b p
No true degenerate plays VP on slow mode, especially 100 play.
Comment from : b p

Comment from : damageinc55

Song name mr Ryan? it gives me rungood in poker
Comment from : RagingAcid

Gambleholic Queen Slots
Awesome win “ParCore”! Lol 3 Aces to start is amazing! Thank you for sharing your hilarity 😂💙☺️
Comment from : Gambleholic Queen Slots

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