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For those asking what a Platinum Pass is... It’s a $30K package to the biggest tournament opportunity that I can really ever imagine. Sends you to the Bahamas to play in a $25K buyin tournament. The tournament is RAKE FREE. Pokerstars is adding an extra $1Million to the prize pool. Plus they are qualifying something like 400 average everyday poker players through this Platinum Pass opportunity. 400 or so people they would never have a chance to compete for this kind of money normally. It’s insane value! Going to change a lot of people’s lives. I’m rooting for Cliff so hard.
Comment from : JohnnieVibes

Intro to this video hasn’t aged well.
Comment from : Jerks

Kyle Johnson
Interesting that Postle played on this stream given the current scandal...
Comment from : Kyle Johnson

Sep Tember
Plaques are the worst thing to ever be introduced into poker tournaments. Chips only, plaques should be nowhere near the game
Comment from : Sep Tember

Max Stoegi
Betting Turn close to pot at 10:10 there is atrocious. Either check range or bet very small.
Comment from : Max Stoegi

Karlos Spades
No more satellites like that On Pokerstars :( sad
Comment from : Karlos Spades

Dan Peoples
4 to 1 dog to scoop the pot - Vs - made hand, would like to see 3-4x better implied odd's to justify the call. Bad call long term.
Comment from : Dan Peoples

Jayson Jones
The dude with pocket 9s played them pretty bad.
Comment from : Jayson Jones

Love your logic, Awesome job
Comment from : dragbikedemon

John Spence
I understand the A6s hand, but I'm surprised you bet turn instead of taking a free card. Especially since you even said when he calls, he has a monster.
Comment from : John Spence

That's cool learning about Manyemaker, are there any good poker movies out?
Comment from : B S

Frida and Luna
Nice back story
Comment from : Frida and Luna

James Yoder
Johnnie! I'm from Fort Wayne, IN as well. 260! Your content is insightful man. It's been a great help.
Comment from : James Yoder

I always think he has to blow his nose.
Comment from : AND ME

william blondin
Bro you are not blocking any combo of 8-7, having the 8 of heart lol
Comment from : william blondin

Rick James
I played tournaments at The Borgata last week, they were polar opposites of your tourney. It was a donk call fest. I got outdrawn with big pocket every time vs these call stations. It was maddening losing about 5 flips with the best hand.
Getting stacked by recs was common. Ouch.

Comment from : Rick James

Twisted Fate
when you explained the a6 hand on the turn, I can tell you are a true cash game grinder
Comment from : Twisted Fate

Wtf? You know the guy is nutted but decide to bet a6s to make it an "all in hand". That's a terrible strategy. I bet you didn't know shit about what he had.
Comment from : Yerr1337

Jermyn Church
Honestly I'm way too busy to watch this. But is that d. Neg net to u. Hes just with Amanda now. Bless him
Comment from : Jermyn Church

Adam Baker
That Ace call. Sick. Legendary. Loving your vlogs! Very inspiring and a ton of great advice you can use in poker and in life. ✌️👍👍👍
Comment from : Adam Baker

Bully Boy
I didn't know Antifa likes to play poker.
Comment from : Bully Boy

Ashfaq Sheikh
One of the most enjoyable episodes. Isn't it unjustifiable that a player is praised for being a genius when he makes a boat, a flush or a straight at the river? Honestly, the player simply got lucky. Isn't it?

Comment from : Ashfaq Sheikh

707 SaV
The fact that your a down to earth and genuine person makes me respect you completely.. not many folks are like this and arrogant assholes when it comes to losing etc but you actions like giving people love in winning, wishing them well in there game is very rare.. we should play sometime I love 45min away grin the bay 101 if your every around let's play. I usually go for 5-10 massive 10-20 depending on ghee people but good luck in your career and bless
Comment from : 707 SaV

Slim Shady
So you don't play poker much anymore what do you do to make a living?
Comment from : Slim Shady

Dom Twam
If you put that guy Ian on a set of TT or JJ, why do you bet into him on the turn? You should just check in position and take the value when u hit the flush.
Comment from : Dom Twam

I didn’t know you were pearljammer ??
Comment from : MrStuartBowman

jc jones
Come to talking stick so i can kick your butt. Lol
Comment from : jc jones

how is a7 6%? unless its 3% twice, so 6% total? around 13 minutes
Comment from : KevinKoontzKing

Honebead Smith
Brad Owens said your vlogs are great and I have to agree. Sub added. :)
Comment from : Honebead Smith

Where did you get that blue and white striped shirt? Looks dope
Comment from : FreemanLeung

Mak Sauka
that hand FD vs top set you should not never call that turn its so bad call... if he had like 4k behind and u as well then maybe but that is terrible call..
Comment from : Mak Sauka

Herb Herbalizer
Villian needs at least 2k behind and call everytime you hit for you to be break even. If he has Sets only, you also lose on some Clubs. Just fold Turn imo?
Comment from : Herb Herbalizer

Nathan Manuel
Haha! Just seeing this 99 hand / your bluff. It was fun playing with you out there. I for sure didn't think I was beating enough of your early position 3bet range. Hope we get to play again together some time soon.
Comment from : Nathan Manuel

Vegas Mitchell
everybody that Plays Poker Should Know who "MoneyMaker" is Even though i've NEVER Heard of Some1 with that as their Real Name!! 😉
Comment from : Vegas Mitchell

Jon Young
Comment from : Jon Young

Michael Atkinson
just saw your latest vlog. Was watching that hand go down with Surf. Was curious about what the business card was about. Glad you retrolled him back. I think you are an excellent coach. From this coach to you. The one big way you get revenge on a troll is to take their money and their ego away on TV. If you ever play with him, he is yours. I know there is no hard feelings, but if anyone starts talking about my family the way he did, just way wrong. Congrats.
Comment from : Michael Atkinson

Corey Holt
Congrats to Cliff! Great vlog man, thank you for sharing some great content. Watched you play at the bike this week is fun watching you in action, and sort of seeing your thought process. Keep up the great vlogs and wishing you lots of run good
Comment from : Corey Holt

Elmer Walter
What exactly is the 30k package? 30k buy in tournament?
Comment from : Elmer Walter

Hey Johnnie do you ever play at Sycuan or Barona?
Comment from : Kyle

Unfair Advantage
First hand Review... Your in the HJ . that was a bad bet on the flop. Your semi-bluff has to go through too many people in order for it to work or else you lose the bluff aspect and are just making a bet which should be for value and it clearly isnt. you close that action,check, take the free card. 2nd, you got called by the player who you said had a monster, what are you doing betting the turn trying to play for stacks with a flush draw that btw you have not clue you will get paid off on if you hit, you just assumed you would.
Comment from : Unfair Advantage

david baugh
Yo Johnnie quick question. During LATB this week do any instances come to mind where you used taking a sip of your beer to show “strength”when you were bluffing? I seen it happen twice and I didn’t know if it was intentional or just a coincidence? I didn’t watch the whole streams and I’m sure you took many sips in a hand but man I seen it and like this guy is so savage he’s giving off the false tell
Comment from : david baugh

Jesus Johnnie you already had a job in 2003? How fucking old are you?
Comment from : Stephen

Loving the vlog. Fellow San Diegan here. Where do you play in SD?
Comment from : 2goodforu

John B
Johnnie, excellent video as usual.Also I just watched Live at the bike, on the hand with the older man that hit the backdoor flush on you and you hit your set, what was the right amount for him to bet that you would possibly call there? 12-1500? More? Thanks John
Comment from : John B

Jamie Ray
It says the platinum package is for Atlantis is the Bahamas. I thought they dont got poker there?
Comment from : Jamie Ray

Jonathan X
Things have changed since I’ve taken some time off! Straights now beat flushes. Incredible 😆
Comment from : Jonathan X

Good comment about reading the timing of nervousness in an villian waiting for your call to their big bet. I’ve ridden the clock down to low single digits at times to see how my opponeny reacted to my pondering stare. Worked pretty well just like you mentioned.
Comment from : ChrisGeez

Damn brother you're always on your A-game
Comment from : thesteeez

Elevator ride = Stugotz weekend observations


Comment from : ilovebrandnewcarpets

C'mon Johnnie, everybody knows who Moneymaker is!
Comment from : ilovebrandnewcarpets

john mac
When are you playing at the gardens??
Comment from : john mac

Does stones live always use the old school wsop color scheme or was that because oh moneymaker?
Comment from : Stretchieone3833

Steven Young
That A8 hand was sick. Saw that one live lol. The games at stones can get crazy. Match the stack is the shit.
Comment from : Steven Young

Edgar Martinez
The vlogs just keep getting better haha 👍👍👍
Comment from : Edgar Martinez

Matthew Liu
Great vlog! You. Andrew, and Brad have all been inspirations for me both as poker players and vloggers. I recently started a poker vlogging channel and I have so much respect for you guys, because this stuff takes time and work. Any tips for a new Youtuber, or even a 5/5 poker player in college?
Comment from : Matthew Liu

what kinda software you wrote??
Comment from : Deep

terry debore
Comment from : terry debore

Erik Thureson
Well done!
Comment from : Erik Thureson

jaime tomas escarrer
how are you blocking 87s? lol
Comment from : jaime tomas escarrer

Max's Brandy Review
I work tirelessly on my game but I still need a ton of work. I've been folding straights to flushes this whole time
Comment from : Max's Brandy Review

You ROCK, JV! Any tournament you cash in is a good tournament.
Comment from : J2B

Richard Popp
Great vlog. Like the story at the start
Comment from : Richard Popp

Andy Leep
Hey Johnnie! Love the vlogs! I didn't know you're from Fort Wayne too. If u ever make it back out this way we should play some cards! Keep up the good work bro!
Comment from : Andy Leep

Tucker Insurance
Gg love seeing you crushing it!
Comment from : Tucker Insurance

John Gomez
Good video once again also I appreciate anytime someone wants to mute Joe Stapleton...lol
Comment from : John Gomez

Paul Matheson
great stuff Johnnie watching your style helps me with my tilt issues.
Comment from : Paul Matheson

Rich Newell
They misspelled your name in the graphic. When I say they, I imagine it is one persons responsibility and he/she has one job and they fcuked  it up.
Comment from : Rich Newell

Les Poitras
Nice video ! 😄
Comment from : Les Poitras

If you don't know who moneymaker is, quit poker right now.
Comment from : Fgcjr

jake scose
That ace high was a bad a$$ call!!! Lol, I bet nobody at that table tried pushing you around after that!
Comment from : jake scose

steven reed
Great vlog Johnnie. Good to see you doing well. Keep it up
Comment from : steven reed

Great into about moneymaker

Comment from : TheMomentEnds

Brick River
see you on live at the bike
Comment from : Brick River

Brick River
Comment from : Brick River

Christopher Sousa
Damn Vibes, well played 👍
Comment from : Christopher Sousa

Brick River
straight beats a flush everytime
Comment from : Brick River

Varun Krishna
If you’re ever interested in writing software in San Diego again to supplement your poker income, let me know! I run the Intuit campus here and you’d be a great fit for us.
Comment from : Varun Krishna

It’s awesome that you’re rooting for cliff in the Bahamas. It’s similar to skaters being happy for their competitors when pulling an awesome trick. We need more of that in poker
Comment from : GaearGrimsrudd

damn, do kids really not know who moneymaker is? shame
Comment from : Mecca

john barker
Love your style.......
Comment from : john barker

derek walls
No hands against Daniel 😔😔😔
Comment from : derek walls

Mzkp Montages
Good to see you at my home place good luck at the other tournaments!!
Comment from : Mzkp Montages

jim beam
lmao@ even trying to justify calling the turn vs the set of jacks or even worse shipping it in to run it twice what a joke.
Comment from : jim beam

Michael Kirby
Did you make the call with the Ace high on the 7733 board? Your video didn't say if you made the call. You were talking about how peeps who are bluffing have increasing heartrates the longer the potential caller tanks?
Comment from : Michael Kirby

James Kopetchny
Good luck man! Tomorrow is a 100k by me. Need some good vibes.
Comment from : James Kopetchny

Brandon Kepner
Didn’t know you were from Fort Wayne... I’m from
Noblesville which is by indy... Fort Wayne underground scene was crazy.

Comment from : Brandon Kepner

Tyler Mitchell
Damn you banged out 38 vlogs really fast! Good job man
Comment from : Tyler Mitchell

Elisha J Cramer
Stones live poker is the worst stream on the Net. I’d love to take that program over and realize it’s potential. I can’t watch it.
Comment from : Elisha J Cramer

What are you repping with A9s on 2588? You wouldn’t bomb 700 OTT with an overpair when the TP pairs.
Comment from : N K

Lucky Nat
awesome vlog.
Comment from : Lucky Nat

Junious Grady
Good job Johnnie.
Comment from : Junious Grady

Poker Trucker Glen
Excellent vlog as always! Congrats on your success @ Stones!
Comment from : Poker Trucker Glen

william sharpe
Great job on the final table J Vibes!
Comment from : william sharpe

william sharpe
I love the time lapse in the poker room. Awesome camera work. My favorite vlog, along with Neeme, by far. Great work!
Comment from : william sharpe

william sharpe
If poker was a company, it would have to pay Moneymaker residuals. He brought so many players into the game. I have been playing since ‘03 and I jumped in when poker blew up back then because it was on espn. I’m from the “moneymaker effect” generation of players, like so many others
Comment from : william sharpe

alex no1
I saw your big bluff live before you moved in, i thought to myself that it would be a good move in you went all in, and when you did it and it worked i went crazy. I would love to see you play live more often
Comment from : alex no1

Nick K
Great tourney run! It was awesome meeting you in person. Thanks for thr shoutout at the end. You're a genuinely good guy on and off camera. Hope to see you again next time!
Comment from : Nick K

@15:55 is my uncle Kao dealing. Also @18:02 is me in the grey shirt behind you!
Comment from : Souljah1337

Tamora Callum
So much Science! I thinks??/
Comment from : Tamora Callum

Adam Pasquale
Moneymaker started all this bull shit.
Comment from : Adam Pasquale

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