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Dedicate this free track to all progressive lovers and souls here who are able to feel these chilled progressive sounds and enjoy them in their own special way.

Kalsy: "When you listen to this - picture yourself sitting on a beach, feet in the sand, warm sun on your skin and mellow waves crashing in the distance."

Peace and love everyone! <3

Comment from : MusicLoveSite

Charlo Junior
Comment from : Charlo Junior

william blake
i'm 113 love this track to death.
Comment from : william blake

Raphael Tadeu Nascimento
good track man, good track
Comment from : Raphael Tadeu Nascimento

Adrian slimky
Comment from : Adrian slimky

Jorge Martin Gamboa
Comment from : Jorge Martin Gamboa

Roland Soegianto
This is so awesome! Thanks ;)
Comment from : Roland Soegianto

Wow Amazing keep up the good work incredible!!
Comment from : marthakerr

Collin Chambers
237 ppl just flat out suck..
Comment from : Collin Chambers

A work of sublime beauty. Thank you!🙏
Comment from : SNOZ

Roy Dsouza
First visit if you're not in love with this track, learn music.
Comment from : Roy Dsouza

Daniel van Levan
Comment from : Daniel van Levan

Karan Raj Babbar
You took me to a different world 👌
Comment from : Karan Raj Babbar

BvD Productions
How can I find out the exact keys when the guitar starts? It's so beautiful, there is nowhere a midi file. Guess I have to figure it out my self. <3 much love to this track
Comment from : BvD Productions

Roma Tabagari
Thank you.Super👍
Comment from : Roma Tabagari

Costel S.
How old is that van? Probably some 50 years?
Comment from : Costel S.

Rick Dumont
These songs, this song makes me feel young, hopeful and alive. Thank you --breathe.
Comment from : Rick Dumont

Wow this is dope....I am like a meth head nodding his head forever. Where am I now? Is this 2050?
Comment from : Anthappan

Creation of the human mind is amazing here.
Comment from : KT

Pedrolino Alberto
Is good this sound
Comment from : Pedrolino Alberto

Belu Daniela
Comment from : Belu Daniela

Ajay Biswas
Nice remix
Comment from : Ajay Biswas

Robert Green
At 55 and i'm still alive, i'm a house music junky and its perfect good job Kalsy.
Comment from : Robert Green

Świetny letni kawałek <3
Comment from : matis511

Vinnie D'Castro
I found this Wonderfull Track today! 2019! Briliant! And help me to fucus on my duty, and make my day so much better! Thanks!
Comment from : Vinnie D'Castro

Luc Lafleur
Simply amazing!
Comment from : Luc Lafleur

Michal Viktorin
I am actually only one here who listens to mantra chanting at the same time, to get even more psychelic effect out of it?
Comment from : Michal Viktorin

Ovidiu Murzea
I'm 127 and I love this tune. My 237 grandma doesn't get it!
Comment from : Ovidiu Murzea

sarmeola da rubano
mucho gusto
Comment from : sarmeola da rubano

Marcos Ferreira
Comment from : Marcos Ferreira


Comment from : Śnieżynka

Raymund Verallo
Who are these people disliking this song? 🤷🏽‍♂️
Comment from : Raymund Verallo

Rashid Mushtaq
This is one of those special track that i like to listen on special ocation
Comment from : Rashid Mushtaq

Yoni gato
Que buena musica.. Algo de alcohol y la mente vuela
Comment from : Yoni gato

The song ''Your Dreams by Franzen'' has copied your song bro. Can you please change this in Shazam etc. so people could go to the right song thanks ;)
Comment from : Ferdi_OSRS

Jose Alberto Tejada
you should try listen it at work... good vibes...relaxing
Comment from : Jose Alberto Tejada

Ray s
U know
Comment from : Ray s

უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ
my man kalsy gon hit 1mln someday
Comment from : უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ

I found this dope shit yesterday 👍love it
Comment from : Ray

Duncan Firth
Very Smooth!
Comment from : Duncan Firth

Cocho Asu
Cual es el original ??? (Which is the original?)
Your Dreams by Franzen : www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DgJxDKqdwk
or Progresive Soul (Original mix) by Kalsy www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhQnlOnQXco

Comment from : Cocho Asu

Absolutely AMAZING...One of the best progressive house songs I've ever heard!
Comment from : vanpersiepersie

A Pelletier
super bon a écouter
Comment from : A Pelletier

S Five
Why is this song £7.99 on ITunes?

If it we’re Normal price I would buy it!

Comment from : S Five

Les Ridd
I'm 61 and I love this stuff 🤩
Comment from : Les Ridd

I've been listening mainly to progressive rock/metal, once I discovered this genre, can't stop listening to these tracks.
Comment from : Randomisticful

Azur TV
OMFG <3 Big Love ...
Comment from : Azur TV

Wamauro Dentes [boka loka]
Great tune! Amazing testimonial of a not so distant past.

And thanks for the free DL.

Comment from : Wamauro Dentes [boka loka]

Edwin Colon
Second half is much better. First half seemed too repetitive and boring. Decent track!
Comment from : Edwin Colon

Aimee Likobe
Awesome track wow😥😄😙💜💜💜💜💃🎧vol......up 🕪👍
Comment from : Aimee Likobe

Ivan B
I'm seating now on Samui's beach and watch the sunset with this music. What an feeling.
Comment from : Ivan B

Dmitry Unlimit
Great track!From the soul!+
Comment from : Dmitry Unlimit

Rikki Nembhard
Thank you
Comment from : Rikki Nembhard

Владимир Владимирович Владимиров
💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍Very cool music
Comment from : Владимир Владимирович Владимиров

South Side`
Amazing sound... beautiful tune...✌
Comment from : South Side`

Luis #Acostacoach
Comment from : Luis #Acostacoach

Alexsandr Velikiy
Comment from : Alexsandr Velikiy

Haitem jeyash
Can't stop moving my feet while listening to this masterpiece. S P E C T A C U L A R
Comment from : Haitem jeyash

I arrived at this tune, and i never left...
Comment from : ratchet6969

Enzo Longobardi
Spring and Summer are coming.....but this is just a Hot Sunbeam on my skin. Can't explain how perfect this track is, hearing this you are on a beautiful beach in sunset, lying on the deckchair hearing the sound of the waves of the sea, near beautiful girls playing beach volley and drinking a great cocktail. This is the beauty of Life. Enjoy it
Comment from : Enzo Longobardi

Maria Mendez
Love everything of this tune it brings beautiful memories, love!!
Comment from : Maria Mendez

Beata Obarska
It's winter now , but when i am listening to this pure positive summer vibrations brings me on the beach with nice people enjoing life and sunset
Comment from : Beata Obarska

melody maker
Sasha's X spander vibes Sweet track 😎
Comment from : melody maker

Р. С.
Comment from : Р. С.

Angela Welch
Amazing music
Comment from : Angela Welch

Roger Hockemier
Hell yeah love it!
Comment from : Roger Hockemier

Comment from : REGINA VLASOVA

Vaibhav Gupta
Loveeee you Guys............................................Thanks for such beautiful music!
Comment from : Vaibhav Gupta

Vijay S
Fantastic mix
Comment from : Vijay S

Ayla/DJ Taucher (might) want their theme back :P
Comment from : NegerKim

What kind of genre is this? Progressive House as written in the description?
Comment from : Dino_TM

beautiful :)
Comment from : ryft

My Soul is Progressing !! Loved it .
Comment from : Manjunaat

Roger Hockemier
Wow I have never heard this one I love the way it blends very nice good for cruising music love it
Comment from : Roger Hockemier

Lukasz Mi
mega nice !
Comment from : Lukasz Mi

Prince Thomas
Excellent! Amazing music. My spirit and soul are uplifted.
Comment from : Prince Thomas

Dorottya Szalai
I am so happy I found this. Love it soooo much.
Comment from : Dorottya Szalai

Ph C
Tip Top !
Comment from : Ph C

this is fantastic!

julian :VV
me encanta es precioso
Comment from : julian :VV

unbelievable, this music evokes memories of childhood
Comment from : h4rp4g4n

Orgasmic <3
Comment from : Natalya

Joshua Scott
i love where it goes from 5:40 onward
Comment from : Joshua Scott

EK STUDIO RECORDS- Hip Hop Beats | Rap Instrumentals |Bity Instrumentale
Comment from : EK STUDIO RECORDS- Hip Hop Beats | Rap Instrumentals |Bity Instrumentale

Haidar Syaa
beautifull music .. love it
Comment from : Haidar Syaa

Binoy Subhakumar
Progressive Anthem for the channel!
Comment from : Binoy Subhakumar

The far-panned effects are pure gold. Love this
Comment from : SoundParcel

Alex John
100%~ LIke and more of this would be kind
Comment from : Alex John

man I've smoked weed and I hear this, and seriously I'm going to another world haha
Comment from : UnderHarderzMusic

Marcelo Gentile
The cure copy
Comment from : Marcelo Gentile

Carlos E Rivera
Awosome 💘 it
Comment from : Carlos E Rivera

Haarrry V
feel good music
Comment from : Haarrry V

I'm 60 and find it outstanding ....play it in the car on the way to and fro from work ( when the wife isn't in the car cos she doesn't get it one bit )
Comment from : TREVAWEST

Carlos E Rivera
love it 🎶
Comment from : Carlos E Rivera

armandino raffaelli
Comment from : armandino raffaelli

Rodolfo Gramaccini
Fine ITALIANO 🙃🙃🙃🙃

Comment from : Rodolfo Gramaccini

This is the level to beat ..... Shingo is the king , but this is just orgasmic
Comment from : TREVAWEST

Maram Mansour
Comment from : Maram Mansour

Gil Gil
wow... VERY VERY VERY good song. Thank you!!!
Comment from : Gil Gil

Carlos E Rivera
great song to walk on the BEACH Pensacola FLORIDA BEACH 🌴
Comment from : Carlos E Rivera

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