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The head cam😭
Comment from : ChamenNoodles-

Mofan 05
Panthaa: No AWD?
Rockstar: What is an AWD?

Comment from : Mofan 05

Marcell Johnson
U fucking ruin every car you customize
Comment from : Marcell Johnson

hill billy
its a program it steals your money it doesnt let you play freely its a lie you are a lie
Comment from : hill billy

the stock wheels look like astra mk5 ones lol
Comment from : Bertonecoupez02

hill billy
talk about the oppressor, how warped sided it plays cant shoot anyone off. all players have to do is get one and all of a sudden they re skilled talk about the ultimate noob shit. gta is a rip off show real clips of how often daily this program runs like sht
Comment from : hill billy

George van asch
Fuck the spoiler man you fucked it up
Comment from : George van asch

tired shinigami
front is the ital desing zerouno not sure bout the back but the thrax s back is also ital desing zerouno
Comment from : tired shinigami

rand0mZ -09
I think rockstar should make a car based of the new r8
Comment from : rand0mZ -09

Gamer Guy123
vroom vroom
Comment from : Gamer Guy123

Lol Bush head buckteeth looking ass 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Miirakk

Lazy tomato
Big wang
Comment from : Lazy tomato

Junior Edwards
Anyone got million dollar heist?
Comment from : Junior Edwards

Ultimate GamerYT
Ppl were claiming that it was a bad car but it really isnt. Sure the handling flag is a bit off but overall the car is beautiful and really fast. I honestly think that the car is also priced very well
Comment from : Ultimate GamerYT

Amilio Mandra
But can you double clutch it?
Comment from : Amilio Mandra

Ghost legend 08
Is it not Los Santos
Comment from : Ghost legend 08

szycu 1
Look like this one car from FH 4...
Comment from : szycu 1

Kieran Rankie
You really are a twat, aren't you?
Comment from : Kieran Rankie

Corvette C8
Comment from : ToneyStarks87

Benjamin Graff
Hey rockstar if your watching this

Good job, first you gave us the extreme camber of the vulcar and the crazy turbos on the Zion classic now your giving us rear bumper delete on a aventador thing, good job, thanks for acknowledging our desires as car enthusiast. you made a game that is almost perfect for us probably unintentionally and now you are adding all these cool things just for us. Thank you.

Comment from : Benjamin Graff

Man said: 🦷 🦷
Comment from : GoGurt

Fortnite goat ye
Yo Guys I Just Made An IG Account For PC Mods On GTA5. Make Sure To Check Me Out If You See This And Want One. The First Ten People To Ask Me To Mod Their Account Will Get It Modded For Free. @gtapcaccmod
Comment from : Fortnite goat ye

hill billy
get off the world stage lying
Comment from : hill billy

hill billy
you encourage people to spend on this trash you liar
Comment from : hill billy

hill billy
you lying fck
Comment from : hill billy

Bryan Pizano
Is it jus me or does this dude look like the duck from Chicken Little😂😂I must be cappin
Comment from : Bryan Pizano

JD gaming
Drinking game: Every time he says "Italy Design" have a shot
Comment from : JD gaming

Noel Lauper
this costumization looks like shit
Comment from : Noel Lauper

utku şahin
Why the thickness of the tires is lesser than my car.
Comment from : utku şahin

That spoiler is not good looking, it's too big

“& off we pop” as I park behind a building 😉
Comment from : DJMegaHurtz

Ken Kaneki
Its garbage in my opinion
Comment from : Ken Kaneki

Danny Nitrouz
I made mine look like the lamborghini Reventon roadster
Comment from : Danny Nitrouz

LeBron FAN
Move face cam so we can see the OPTIONS
Comment from : LeBron FAN

Preston Gravitt
This man just ruined a decent looking car
Comment from : Preston Gravitt

This looks horrendous you know fuck all about how to upgrade a car
Comment from : ツcarrsy

Horizon Gaming
Please watch my Zorrusso video. I am sure you'll love it. Please give me one chance🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : Horizon Gaming

Opressor MK1
Idk why but this looks so much like a mod
Comment from : Opressor MK1

rushawn murray
U should no that no car in the game is awd look at the gtr for example
Comment from : rushawn murray

Ace Hardy
Comment from : Ace Hardy

T20 engine?
Comment from : BlackHawkIceBreaker

You can not lower this car! Also less customization than other cars at its price. I think RockStar should put the f***ing pipe down for once, go out to a real car meet in real LA and see for themselves all cars can be lowered and brake calipers come in other colors than red. They are completely out of sync with the real car community and modders like me.
Comment from : xcaliburG37S

Chris _
Cockstar did a cheap work on this. Sound is exactly the same as my Tempesta.
Comment from : Chris _

Holy f, that wing looks horrible...wings on convertibles? Why?
Comment from : DARKM2212

shaun carter
He saw the back mounted turbos already though 🤔
Comment from : shaun carter

Almost 1 million subs !
Comment from : Kazmix2

Alex Rechez
plates are there with other exhaust options
Comment from : Alex Rechez

Rémi Skyline
ZeroUno Duerta ☝ italdisgn because is a convertible 😉
Comment from : Rémi Skyline

Alex Choi much
Comment from : Depressed-Table

GD FrostByte
Pegassi is basically a Pagani with Crysler Taillights and an Asterion body
Comment from : GD FrostByte

"Italians do it better" :))
Comment from : Kamikazze

there's like 3 engine sounds in this game
Comment from : joshmltn

If you didn't know the actual car is called the zerouno
Comment from : JUICYJUICE

Dat Guy Eating Pickles
I love the car but, I don't like that it doesn't have a roof on it
Comment from : Dat Guy Eating Pickles

Kim jong Sploge
No car is safe from your Rice
Comment from : Kim jong Sploge

Dragos Pahontu
It looks a bit like the zerouno italdesign
Comment from : Dragos Pahontu

Tire width on some cars in gta are pathetic 😂😂
Comment from : EvoLjfe

Anyone notice the Eastsiders reference livery?
Comment from : EvoLjfe

Whats up
Does somebody know how does he get money if he runs out of money?
Comment from : Whats up

This was already in story mode I was using it alot
Comment from : ProjectIchigoK

Thomas Mowbray
I swear this is the new C8 Corvette, or am I dumb?
Comment from : Thomas Mowbray

Benny Lape
I can’t stop looking at the cap between his teeth js
Comment from : Benny Lape

This guy hqs a strong ass head
Comment from : BadBoyDip

It looks like that new Chevrolet car coming out idk what it’s called srry😂
Comment from : fakieshuv

Chubby Hotdog
It literally sounds like the T20
Comment from : Chubby Hotdog

Smatlom Gaming
White+Zorusso+Flag=ItalDesign ZeroUno
Comment from : Smatlom Gaming

Seamus Tibbit
i would love the wing if it was a tiny bit lower and a little bit wider
Comment from : Seamus Tibbit

Cheeto Vlogs
I wish I had money like you in gta 5 online
Comment from : Cheeto Vlogs

Terrible customization bro 😂
Comment from : DieHardPatriot

hill billy
you are a liar for gta its a sucky credit thieving program that hard on your pockets if your spending honest money. It fowls up and constantly but your supposed to think its you. it operates how white people think in a cheating manner and people like you help them. tell the whole truth instead of trying to help them sell people trash
Comment from : hill billy

if you want to go with italian color you can use blue (azure) if you didn't know
Comment from : Carmine

doen't look like to anoter car
Comment from : Carmine

Prestige Games
They should do the bumper delete and smack in a turbo on the huracan in the game also, it would look so much more aggressive as this car I believe is based on it IRL if I’m correct
Comment from : Prestige Games

Alexander Calderon
why do i see the new c8 vette in this car?
Comment from : Alexander Calderon

Kenneth Sev
His taste in customization just gets worse and worse over the years.
Comment from : Kenneth Sev

Ömer Faruk
İd zerouno
Comment from : Ömer Faruk

It looks like a Tesla roadster
Comment from : Hoesloveedwinn

It's a Lamborghini Aventador roadster
Comment from : AMATERASU MAFIA

Jack Carline
Have you heard the new update news for the crew 2. They have 2 updates scheduled for next year and one for the 13 of November!
Comment from : Jack Carline

One Of A Kind
Why rockstar! only in online mode.
Unfair! Put also in story mode

Comment from : One Of A Kind

Koenigsegg Dubstep
Comment from : Koenigsegg Dubstep

Pave Susnjar
Things i've noticed with this car
1. On Legendary Motorsports it shows ass fitment
2. When you buy it it's a little better
3. Custom wheels fix the fitment

Comment from : Pave Susnjar

Pluto x
Always thought I was subscribed, turns out I wasn't so I did now :)
Comment from : Pluto x

Mr. Savage
PantsMobile = RiceMobile
Comment from : Mr. Savage

nick turopita
Comment from : nick turopita

It's a Vaydor. The same purple one the Joker was driving in Suicide squad.
Comment from : TonyFlymingo

There is a new update trailer for the crew 2 starring THE PORSCHE CARRERA GT! You should check it out.
Comment from : xConvoy

Christian Davis
Finally someone else that likes this car as much as I do.
Comment from : Christian Davis

2018 ItalDesign Zerouno
Comment from : xboxgamer969

Thet Vlogs
Hello my idol
Comment from : Thet Vlogs

Thet Vlogs
Hello my idol
Comment from : Thet Vlogs

It's almost 2 million because It's a convertible supercar tho
Comment from : YoshiGamingX

This guy the type of dude to like Alex Choi and Daily Driven Exotics....... some youtubers shouldn't be allowed to buy cars in real life....

James Cartier
It's not a Lamborghini, it's an Italdesign Zerouno. To be fair you did say "Italian design" several times, so you almost had it
Comment from : James Cartier

Yes, let's mount the turbos behind the airflow of the car, where there is less air for them to suck in. Very cool
Comment from : DanB68

Robert Foster
does no one else here realize this is obviously the c8🤦‍♂️
Comment from : Robert Foster

So wierd that the GTA version of the Divo has the Italdesign Zeruno back end, and the GTA version of the Zeruno has the Divo back end.
Comment from : DanB68

Rockstar should put the Zurruso rear on the thrax and the thrax rear on the The Zurrouso
Comment from : mendayy

The back end is just a drag pegassi vaca from homecomin
Comment from : lambusado

the lights come from vulcan
Comment from : DumleJäätelö

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