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Nice editing as always... these videos are really entertaining to watch
Comment from : jonttu050

3:16 has to be the dirtiest most disgusting laugh I've ever heard
Comment from : RobS93

Carl Carl
Looooooool vext
Comment from : Carl Carl

Comment from : hank

Marcus Killian
It's always cool to watch videos with casino wins.
Comment from : Marcus Killian

John Christian Gjestad
Bets under 1€ should not be included
Comment from : John Christian Gjestad

GemAnon TV - JackPot 777
Big Win!
Comment from : GemAnon TV - JackPot 777

Slot Shawnie
Thanks for the feature of my Rise of Merlin Win!
Comment from : Slot Shawnie

Ριαλας Τορης
Omg!!!! dolls : )
Comment from : Ριαλας Τορης

Nikolai Slots
Wait I actually made it into a CasinoGrounds video!
(Pelonai with the Golden Lep win)

Comment from : Nikolai Slots

Kornél Farkas
Wtf is wrong with youtube? People who works hours on making videos full time job getting demonitazed for no reason and then a scam youtube channel promote gambling by streamers playing with fake money getting 8 ads?
Comment from : Kornél Farkas

Hear no evil See no evil
Lil devil guy.....fucking weirdo. "He he he, thats nice" 🤢
Comment from : Hear no evil See no evil

Got SO close on four occasions to a wild line on DOA2 last night. four friggin times!! It's gonna hit soon surely.
Comment from : Rossco41

Benjy Dale
What a right troll for the 5th Explorer to miss by 1 place on Rise of Merlin!! :-D
Comment from : Benjy Dale

You've already used that Bonanza clip in a recent community wins video 😬
Comment from : TheJimmy91

Daniel Maguire
The mush who had the lil devil bonus I think Interpol need to investigate his hard drive.......
Comment from : Daniel Maguire

i'm so confused at the doa2 clip, he started and had a wildline? im so confused..?
Comment from : xprosummonx

With all the genius edits you do, i'm shocked you didn't do anything with 3:09
Comment from : ZonnexMedia

DOA2 with it’s obvious flaw of being just a little bit boring when it’s taking the piss for a bonus..... is without question the greatest online slot of all time!
Comment from : Nathan

The OMG Dolls bit made me fucking burst out laughing. Love these videos guys keep it up
Comment from : Munkeyboi22

The Reel Story - Slot Videos
Loved that hit on Golden Lep Megaways. Such a good game!
Comment from : The Reel Story - Slot Videos

Casino Land - Casino Streamer
Was really nice to see that Tiki Tumble can pay HUUUGE!
Comment from : Casino Land - Casino Streamer

Benny Lengkey
Over tenth. Maybe next time.
Comment from : Benny Lengkey

Valtsu _
Omg dolls😂😂
Comment from : Valtsu _

Alpha KennyBody
The Lil devil guy sounds like a peeeeedo
Comment from : Alpha KennyBody

Иван Медведкин
Comment from : Иван Медведкин

That is sad. 4000x and it's 400€...
Comment from : KURTMEISTER

ian wiles
3rd again
Comment from : ian wiles

Patrik Dabrowski
Comment from : Patrik Dabrowski

boss man
Comment from : boss man

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