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cLaiN- Productions
if you fold 10s UTG+2 on the regular then you probably not gonna be a winning player
Comment from : cLaiN- Productions

only play good cards almost guarantees you will never catch a straight and or flush... or if you do bet, everyone at the table knows you have a strong hand and mucks their cards in fear...
Comment from : 00hehateme00

Why are you teaching people to be nits lol
Comment from : ???

Goldenpants 123
When do you say go fish
Comment from : Goldenpants 123

Owen Kile
I go all In with pocket 2s
Comment from : Owen Kile

El heladito Derretido
I consider bluffing as a bad begginer strategy, specially if everyone is begginer cause your rivals will play 90% of their hands.
Comment from : El heladito Derretido

In other words play like a bitch.
Comment from : b.w.m.

Juke Joint
This is for beginning players. You have to start somewhere...
Comment from : Juke Joint

Karma Loop
A 6 in late position would you call ?
Comment from : Karma Loop

Don’t get your advice from this comment section.
Comment from : Quarryvillain

Evan Loner
This video is very misleading, some people have said that it's meant for beginners but this is a video for only making very tight players at their local casino that get crushed by good players
Comment from : Evan Loner

Will Bentley
By chance, what song is this? Dope beat.
Comment from : Will Bentley

Jonathan Ciesla
Middle mean values and the median is everything else since there is early bird issues here.
Comment from : Jonathan Ciesla

Pete Petree
Great video quality but ... just a lesson for future, don’t ever play sound in the background while someone is speaking. The bass in the music is irritating while trying to listen to the narrator especially with headphones or in a car.
Comment from : Pete Petree

Mighty Mouse
This was a great guide for Red Dead Redemption LoL. Thanks.
Comment from : Mighty Mouse

Ears Only Audio
This video should be called, how to never get action unless someone can beat your aces on the flop. Or, how to give up endless value. Or how to see ghosts under the bed with top pair good kicker. Seriously, when we raise with KJ, are we only expecting big blind to defend with hands that dominate us? AK is reraising, we have an easy fold and only lose 4BB, KQS might also be reraising and same thing. Either way, we're not hoping to get stacks in with any 1 pair hands most of the time. Here's my standard line when flopping top pair against big blind. Bet between half and 2 thirds pot on flop when he checks. If he calls, evaluate his style, and bet around half pot on all safe turns. If he just calls, we can assume he has some type of top pair, so it's a kicker war. On river, if he checks again and the board doesn't contain something that has a reasonable chance of hitting his kicker, we can bet around third pot and be called by hands like QJ and JT all day long on a jack high board. If he ever raises, we have an easy fold. This video is taking playing tight way too far. I can see eliminating 22-66 from your UTG range. I sometimes do in tough games where players 3 bet behind me a lot and presumably for a beginner all games are tough games, but folding 77-TT from UTG is crazy. Also, I'm much more likely to flat AQO from the button and reraise it from the small blind. I'm more likely to 3 bet AQS over AQO. It also depends where the initial raise is coming from. Reraising a cut off open from btn with AQO is fine, reraising a UTG open with the same hand seems pretty linear.
Comment from : Ears Only Audio


If you all in bluff, in a no limit, newbies will fold, I turned $10 in to $250 this weekend by bluffing my way through newbie lobbies, so not necessarily true.

Comment from : Charles

Early position fold 9’s? That’s tight son
Comment from : RealTaiter

Dan Stinson
The key is this is for beginner strategy to get experience and start recognizing patterns.
Comment from : Dan Stinson

Simply, four minutes of brilliant advice for the beginners. Thank you.
Comment from : Ben

Fold on bad cards at first....but when you win unchallenged with pocket aces or KK show your cards on the first two or 3 hands that you win. Then you can bluff all you want because its established in their thoughts that you only play good hands.
Comment from : Sam

I have no problem playing this way until you've developed a good read on 1. Your individual opponents, and 2. The table in general.
Comment from : MrZoeman1980

Milo Schouten
These ranged are too tight - www.consciouspoker.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Preflop-Guide.pdf?var=1.2 - is a much better range guide

Early position only with JJ+ and AQ+ is way too tight especially in deep stacked cash games hands like ATs - A1-A5s can be insanely viable as they can make the nut flush or a wheel and you have the chance to really get a lot of money in. These hands are actually not bad at limping in early position since they are great bluff hands preflop (block AA) and have a lot of equity against premium hands. For instance you limp with A5s and middle position raises you.. Wel thats not so bad because I will often tend to 3b here ( I do suggest to mix in some limps with strong hands especially at aggressive tables so your limp raise becomes more balanced )

Taking it down before the pot out of position is great so tend to size bigger three bet - If he calls he likely wont put you on A5 but rather something like AK AQ JJ+ - this gives a lot of chance to bluff on later streets. However you don't always wanna bluff this hand if you dont hit otherwise you will be having way to many bluffs - For instance a Board like A J T rainbow is incredible dangerous for us and while it does benefit our ranges more than the middle position raiser there is a high chance that he might have flopped two pair, straight or a gutter so checking might be best and its important to be disciplined not to lose money to A low kicker in these spots - Let's say the flop comes K 2 3 rainbow. This situation is completely different and I would be much more likely to bluff here - reasons is we have a wheel draw for the A-5 straight and the chance our opponent hit anything is incredibly low since hes very unlikely to have AK AA or KK since he would often 4B those hands preflop while at the same we have JJ+ AK and AQ all in our ranges meaning for his feeling we are likely to have him beat and bluffs will almost always work if his hand doesn't improve.

Wow I wrote a lot either way in deep stack cash games its important to use A2345s and 87s 89s 9Ts JTs to balance your range and make you more unpredictable. Make sure to always play these cards with a raise or fold mentality you don't simply want to be calling a raise with them because quite often you will win with the bluff.. other times you will hit the nut straight or flush to take down a huge pot!@.

Comment from : Milo Schouten

Remember people LOW STAKES!
Comment from : MrZoeman1980

Dave Porter
Thx for the Vid. He's talking beginners donks. I understand he's trying to simplify things. Good job.
Comment from : Dave Porter

alt coin
169 different starting hands? 52 x 51 = 2652 last time I checked.
Comment from : alt coin

Should be renamed “how to lose a lot of money at poker”

only playing premium hands is a misleading rule and general bad idea. The single most important rule of poker is to know your position and (in 9/10 cases) play in position, meaning late position (button or cutoff + hijack if you’re playing 9 handed). This way you have the most information, you can pot control, have more realm to bluff (if you’re new to the game probably don’t bother as you’ll definitely have a tell).

Mainly, success at poker requires a fundamental understanding of Pot odds and the math, which only comes through learning.

But the single most valuable commodity in poker is information. Being the last to act you have the maximum information you can get. And therefore the “strength” of the hand you play will Vary.

Comment from : TheBritishGunny

Paul Roos
Im new, so far i have 3 rules,1st rule: never lose ur sense of humor,2nd rule: patience 3 rd rule, dont get cute. Since i am new i have to go with : tight is right: i dont know all this new math stuff, i have only played the pretend $ game. Went from five thousand about a year ago and am up to 84 million, sounds pretty good but its because when u have the nuts the maniacs still try to bluff u, and since they go to the river there r some awful suck outs. In ptetend money games, when u have AKs. And u miss the flop ur thru because u r in the hand with6,7 or 8 people, someone surely hit something. I dont get all this gto stuff but i get what AA, AK KK etc. Can do. Ive done allright with it and one thing a nit can do is bluff, so i say old school tight is right as long as u do MIX it up, keep em guessing, having said all that , the most important thing ive learned is " u gotta know when to fold em"
Comment from : Paul Roos

Kato Brown
00:58 what’s that Smurf thing called so I can by something to still on my chips
Comment from : Kato Brown

Playing "tight is right" means you'll go broke in a few days instead of a few minutes.
Comment from : Martin

Some people are unplayable, cos they don't know what they're doing and get the luck.
So just look at one card and play roulette

Comment from : bobolinkr

Richard Lefaive
The most crucial.thing ( among several ) that is wrong about this advice is this .... good players will spot a "by the #'s" tight player typified by this strategy and start calling your early raises with junk. Knowing what u have. This puts them at no risk of losing anymore $ after their first call and in a great position to "hit gin" on the flop and win BIG pots against you.

Bottom line... any betting pattern can and will b recognized and then turned against u by good players.

The only way to get good is to become a) unpredictable yourself while b) recognizing patterns and tells from others.

Comment from : Richard Lefaive

Douglas Arnold
I play people not cards was taught by my dad and if you know the people it is much more important than cards.
I'm no professional but have lived off of Texas holdem for about 3 months playing local tourneys and cash games. Unless there is a lot of money on the table I pay to see the flop every hand is a winner if the flop is in your favor. I have lost with pocket Aces and one with off cards. I don't know sure a lot of people will disagree with me but I have taught a few people to play and they are pretty decent.

Comment from : Douglas Arnold

this is a bad advise.. you will never win.. because some casinos have only one table open for poker or two.. one limit and one no limit.. there will be times when a dude or two keeps raising every hand..going by this advice you will never be good at poker.. best advice is , dont chase straights n flush if the bet is too big or raised too many times..especially trying to river..
Comment from : CAoCao78

Tolly T
Think I'll just fold unless I'm on the button with AA.. That should work out well for me.. This time next year I'll still be broke..
Comment from : Tolly T

Jose Camacho
Is it possible to play a hand without looking at it?
Comment from : Jose Camacho

Cliché Originals
This would’ve been better if he just said fold every hand. The odds of getting the exact hand you want in the exact position is so low you’ll rarely play
Comment from : Cliché Originals

Vitor Redes
Reading the comments make you think where the hell is all the money in poker, because people here seems to have all figure it out. They will NEVER lose those 10$ sessions.
Comment from : Vitor Redes

The Dude
idiot I limp almost every hand. When I raise it gives away my strength. If I have aces kings queens in early position I will limp and hope for a person to raise so I can reraise. if im in late position I will raise. people are so aggressive with raising and continuation betting I play the trap. it is so easy to trap these days I make tons of money. raising only gets more players in the pot trying to make moves on you. Limping keeps the pot small if you miss the flop you do not lose much. How many times have you raised with KQ suited and get four callers and miss the flop. You raised three times the blinds and missed the flop. You just wasted 30 hands because you could of just called preflop and seen if your hand hits. better to play small ball see the flop and then make your decision.
Comment from : The Dude

The Dude
Why do most pros play more hands and not less. Variance is much better with more hands you play.
Comment from : The Dude

I put myself to sleep playing like a nit, it's more fun checkraising ace high flops with the seven deuy - it gives me a funny feeling in my balls.
Comment from : sleepy_cat

Chairman Meow
fuck that, 95o is a quality hand
Comment from : Chairman Meow

This video sucks. WTF is this meta? You are inspiring NITs
Comment from : Zeroz

One really should only play about 5-6 hands an hour.  If you are playing more than that, statistics clearly demonstrate you are playing a lot of weak hands.  now some days and some games may want you to play more hands, for example there are few pre flop raises.  But in the long run, calling with or playing many weak hands will hurt your bottom line
Comment from : gk10002000

"only raise on good hands", lol, what a shitty advice
Comment from : DTQC

Free Spirit Transport
Best to just mix it up throughout the game. Showing any style of play is always telling.
Comment from : Free Spirit Transport

Antonio Granatelli
I thought this was excellent
Comment from : Antonio Granatelli

有中国人玩德州扑克的吗?一起交流 微信954 964 934
Comment from : 德州扑克锦标赛

Tink Ertime
Feeling loosie goosie and hungry for a sandwich!
Comment from : Tink Ertime

Fuzzy Bunny
The fact of the matter is this: the acceptable range of starting hands varies widely depending on position/quality of other players. If you can bully a table full of wimps and newbies with a 2-7 starting hand, DO IT. If everybody is snapping off bluffs right and left, play conservative. Not complicated. Folding every hand that isn't dominant is a foolish way to play, tips off everybody you only play huge hands (so you'll win tiny pots).

If you never get caught bluffing, then you aren't bluffing enough.

Comment from : Fuzzy Bunny

Christian Williams
Comment from : Christian Williams

Zac Zourbang
Play good hands. Okay, got it.
Comment from : Zac Zourbang

Don Johnson
19 yrs playing, have been small time profitable at almost all HORSE games and this is still good advice, esplly in hi/lo games but keep in mind that 1 pair wont scoop many good hands. Also, HE isnt the only poker game. Learning others will help you with it.
Comment from : Don Johnson

Respiratory Drive
Jamie Gold says: "Yeah, what he said."
Comment from : Respiratory Drive

Tony  Moretti
Tip 1 if your if your playing poker stars always go all in as a under dog. You'll win!
Comment from : Tony Moretti

Why is it that all these poker pundits present as being profoundly gender confused? That this creep...he has cultivated a facial hairstyle that makes his mouth appear to be a giant vagina. If that is not gender confusion I don't know what is.
Comment from : Frank

Mark Davey
Bin the music please
Comment from : Mark Davey

George Stanley
If you want to play more hands, and develop raw poker skill. Play heads up poker.
Comment from : George Stanley

mr. 100 ups in 60 god
Never listen,just learn by me taking your loot, only way
Comment from : mr. 100 ups in 60 god

Good advice...for beginners. At an advanced level, you will have to shake things up and not be so predictable. Also, in longer games, you will have to learn how to decieve opponants, and learn from them, by 'investing money' on weaker hands justz to see how other people will play against you. But that is more complex. For players starting out at a newby table, for chump change, or at a home game, amid drunkards, this is good advice. Take it, and keep tight, and go full gas on those over-betting bastards and you will win some pots for sure!
Comment from : OneEyedKeys

Jason Derrick
This is the most basic of advice, It's something to grow from.... OR I'm just giving him way too much credit. either one.
Comment from : Jason Derrick

thanks matthew!
Comment from : xxyanlixx

2:08 Folding anything less than pocked jacks and UP? isn't that a contradiction..less then pocket jacks or higher basically....that actually translates to anything less than pocket aces.
Comment from : loot6

Liberals Destroyed Youtube
Better advice would be to know your opponents
Comment from : Liberals Destroyed Youtube

stop being a freakin dipshit and play intelligently!
Comment from : Beanmachine91

Yeah unfortunately part of getting value from your big hands is mixing enough bluffs into your range. You can't just be the noob that just nut peddles and get paid all the time. Too easy to read.
Comment from : _Avatar_

That's an absolute beginner level.
Comment from : LordArioh

Less. Play Less Starting Hands
Comment from : untouchable360x

The Odinson
I like to see as many hands as possible, mainly when in mid-to-late position, and when the blinds are still fairly low. Your stack size defines how you play also. When the blinds are a very small fraction of your stack, go for it. Not on trash cards, obviously, but any mid to high connectors or high card low card of the same suit. If you play too tight, you will blind yourself into a weak position, and let everyone at the table know you’re tight, so when you hit a hand like in this video, everyone will get out of your way giving you the minimal reward.
But yeah, overall you want to see as many flops as you possibly can. If you’re playing questionable cards, make sure you’re in position and have enough chips to spare.

Comment from : The Odinson

George thethird
I don't agree with the wide arrange of hands to raise with in best position. Even in low stakes games most novis players catch on and enjoy slow playing big stating hands. I know I did... In the beginning you should tighten up the hands you play even greater until you build up more chips.
Comment from : George thethird

If you want to be good at poker dont watch this video
Comment from : V V

Wtf are you on about??? So you fold tens utg 😂😂😂😂😂 good luck with that, nit
Comment from : V V

Mark Paul Alcala
Comment from : Mark Paul Alcala

Fat Gnome Switch Hitter
I'm no poker expert, but surely if you're always folding, when you finally don't, other players will know that you have a strong hand?
Comment from : Fat Gnome Switch Hitter

campsite a
It depends on how many players you have to defeat when playing a lower pocket pair. The position on the table isn't as relevant as the actual principle behind the move. 4 hands calling 2/2 for example, would be extremely risky... unless each of those hands were exactly A/K of course.
Comment from : campsite a

Granny Low
His head is too big for his body. I'm really having difficulty watching this.
Comment from : Granny Low

Dark Eco
This only works for the first couple rounds. After that they know you only play nuts forcing them to fold even when you don't raise sometimes. Never get the pot flowing. Agressive same way but worst since it's likely you will get caught up in a all in scenerio to lose with a okay hand. Even if you fold still alot of money wasted. Best way imo is just call in early position with any hand then if you got a 3set or a potential straight/fluush. Then raise.
Comment from : Dark Eco

Somebody make sure Jamie Gold watches this
Comment from : sportsfan6554

It’s amazinh how many people here don’t seem to understand that this guide is aimed at beginners.

It’s a perfectly valid strategy for a starting player. You don’t need balanced ranges at the lowest level, you just need solid, simple, basic ABC poker to start winning against very very bad players.

Only when you can do that consistently, you should understand that only 3 betting KK and AA sucks or that you should absolutely play TT UTG+2

Comment from : IZn0g0uDatAll

Kyle Mart
Open with 55+ A2s+, AJo+, and suited broadway from any position. Call 3-bets or raises with only QQ-77, AKs-AJs. Only 3-bet yourself with AA and KK. When given the option to 4-bet, shove all-in with AA and KK.

I feel this would be a better strategy for a beginner. If you use the advice in the video it could take a very long time to learn how to play flops and other streets efficiently.

Comment from : Kyle Mart

How to not suck at poker.... be luckier than everyone else at the table... in the end that's all that matters...
Comment from : D

Comment from : Beanmachine91

Well. I guess that puts me under the unpredictable catagory.
Comment from : thestew56

DJ StaRyu
i dont understand. why is play and raise used interchangeably? for the mid and late positions, do you always raise if your card is in the range? If your card isn't in the range do you just fold then? when do you call?
Comment from : DJ StaRyu

Seth Merson
What's the song in the beginning
Comment from : Seth Merson

phillypanch 1
The rules differ from cash games to tournements.
Comment from : phillypanch 1

Now I can win at poker night at inventory
Comment from : Yew!

Finally a video that actually taught me something. Limping. Makes sense.
Comment from : mrseanpride

Jorge Sanders
Great video whit fantastic intro! 😎
Comment from : Jorge Sanders

Michael Postrozny
Some good tips for beginner's. I wouldn't suggest always 3 betting late with AQ though. In small stakes it is hard pushing people off a hand. People like to see flops in $100-$1000 NL games. I suggest just calling if it's a short pot 3 or less players and punishing the continuation bet. If there's 4+ people preflop than I would consider 3 betting.
Comment from : Michael Postrozny

Enlightened Idiot
Everyone commenting that donkeys ruin poker...you are idiots. Yes they get lucky. But they mostly lose their money to better players. Helping you to WIN...
Comment from : Enlightened Idiot

Cameron Galante
I can agree with this guy, but at the same time I don't. Because I am not a beginner. Granted, I try to play tighter than most at my table, but I have a looser range shown here depending on the situations and my opponent(s). This advice is OK for starters, but being a NIT (which is what this advice is making you become), you can easily be a target for aggressive opponents and sharks. And sure, if you have a good starting hand, your odds of winning increase, but you won't always hit. Which gets into TAG poker.

What you need to do is Watch your opponents. Feel for the table. And watch yourself. Once you feel predictable, switch it up. Ask yourself, "do they know me by now as a tight player?" If so, you can be ducked with.... Be unpredictable. Best advice I can give you all. I was called unpredictable before and people had no idea what I was holding and what my bet meant to them. Was it a bluff? Was my hand really that good? I must have a set or do I??? This is the kind of
poker you want to play....Sure. Give his advice a spin for a while. Poker is a battlefield. Wear heavy armor to start. Be a rock or whatever the fuck you want this style to be called as this guy shows....You may at best break even. Maybe you'll pull a small profit..maybe you'll crush a maniac and get a heavy profit...maybe you'll bleed from the blinds...IDK...all I know is that this is not the best style in the long run. Play it for an hour (maybe not as tight) and switch it up. You want to be the shark, Not the NIT. Show a bluff to piss off the person you made fold. Then Play tighter against him and have a hand since he may call anything you throw at him...Show a good hand at showdown. Play good hands. Play tighter..do this for an hour or so...then get into the game with decent hole cards and bluff a little when you feel you can....you want to keep all nine players guessing....if you are a NIT, experiences players will pick up on it before you even win your first hand. You will be seen as a nit by intermediate players and good players after an hour of play. That is not the best thing for you. For starters. Play super tight. But for real. Get a feel for the game. Be UNPREDICTABLE. you could make 500 or a thousand dollars a night playing one - two no limit. Nit play? Not so much or break even or bleed from blinds and aggressive players.

Comment from : Cameron Galante

I don't think there should be much of any rule to follow in poker. Knowing your chances and reading the bets is your best bet. Obviously you don't go blowing your money on a low pocket pair. You're either a natural or you suck and need to learn from your mistakes.
Comment from : TheAceOfSpades

Notorious Sly
I strongly disagree about 3 of the points made here.

Firstly, calling a big blind rather than raising it has never once struck me as passive play.

Second, I feel you should be playing as many hands as possible pre-flop (depending on your stack, the blinds, and whether anyone’s raised), not as few as possible.

Thirdly, the range of cards to play in position quoted is horrible. In what world would you fold Q10

Comment from : Notorious Sly

This game is more brain than anything, you can make anything look like the best hand, you just need to know when to do it.
Comment from : Deansy

Arizona Dank
If you wanna get good at poker just keep playing
Comment from : Arizona Dank

Amen brother
Comment from : ZZ ZZ

Fay Ryuujin
note this information ONLY applies if your playing with people who aren't shitheads and stay in until the river almost all the time and get fucking lucky and screw up your good playing!
Comment from : Fay Ryuujin

Randy Cox
Please don't use that back ground music
Comment from : Randy Cox

Teran Andes
If you starting out or need to put yourself on a “starting hand diet” because you are losing hand over fist over betting a wide range, then this is good. There is value is switching gears in between orbits, play 1-2 squeaky tight, get a tight image and then open up and start to bluff.
Comment from : Teran Andes

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