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Vic T Slots
Absolutely love the video. Great intro, great tips, great game play, great winning!! Get that money!!
Comment from : Vic T Slots

Tracey Kays
This video is made and sponsored by the slot machine Manufacture it’s self
Comment from : Tracey Kays

Chris Sheridan
Non cashable credit ??? WTF ??? Oh HELL no !!!!!
Comment from : Chris Sheridan

William Mcdonald
Learned a lot from this video. Subbed and rang the bell!
Comment from : William Mcdonald

Akil ben
Great session guys , u 'r soooooooooo cut
Comment from : Akil ben

Great video, love the intro! Oh Yeah! The Silverton is one of my faves too, Thanks for sharing and best of luck to you both!👍😎
Comment from : OH YEAH! SLOTS

DuckyLou Diva
You all play very smart, I love the love ( not as annoying, anymore ) lol, guess I have fallen for you 2 lovebirds, I love the nickname you guys gave me "sour patch kid", now I am y'all spk☺️, do more videos like this one😛👍💕
Comment from : DuckyLou Diva

DuckyLou Diva
Good job guys 👍, I'm a fan
Comment from : DuckyLou Diva

South Cowgirl 504
Awesome job! I love how you encourage each other!
Comment from : South Cowgirl 504

Bridgette Bojang
Have ya'll played dragon realm?
Comment from : Bridgette Bojang

Stephanie S
Wow, Nice win. You did have $23.50 in the machine win you hit that bonus.
Comment from : Stephanie S

carmen montalvo
Thats how I played, whatever I win take out ticket, and put another 20. if I see the machine hitting, if not I walk away to the next. These machines can take you money as fast as you put in..Great strategy..You guy always do good in the bonus round
Comment from : carmen montalvo

Deon Tyler
CONGRATULATIONS Show how it's done
Comment from : Deon Tyler

Cyn Beceiro
Love yalls chemistry!!
Comment from : Cyn Beceiro

Matthew Alex
Like a BOSS!! Great truths in this video right here!!
Comment from : Matthew Alex

Yasssss!!!! I truly luv how u guys compliment each other!!!
Comment from : SHARON TAYLOR

Sabreeus(Plus Size Fashion Designer)
Great play! Yes cash out your WINNING and save tickets for the end. We're I live we are not able to cash out our winning like you. All the money comes out. Wishing you both a BiG Win again. Peace And Love!
Comment from : Sabreeus(Plus Size Fashion Designer)

Au sun Chang
Yes, you are absolutely correct.
Comment from : Au sun Chang

BellBiv DeBro
You two are like the Bobby and Whitney of slots. I'm subscribing. 😂
Comment from : BellBiv DeBro

Carol Andrews
Y'all are adorable.
Comment from : Carol Andrews

Sarah Pickett
Very cute couple. However, I don't see any strategies here. Most people in the casino alternates between The Bet & Demoniation amount. Wherever, a win is the player usually continues to play. Just to be clear, slot machines pays out, when the machines generator is ready for a payout. IJS Nice video & wins. 👍👍👍
Comment from : Sarah Pickett

Slot Bonus Babe
Fun video with some great advice! Congrats on 1K plus subscribers! 👍🤩😃
Comment from : Slot Bonus Babe

patricia dunnell
So cute couple🤑🤑🤑
Comment from : patricia dunnell

lovess 40
ok now
Comment from : lovess 40

Ms Pam2U Broadus
I like your strategies⭐💰💸🎰
Comment from : Ms Pam2U Broadus

Queen Anala Ng
I wish I no how to play this 😂😂
Comment from : Queen Anala Ng

No new vids
Comment from : DRE ALLEN

Coco 777
This is how we do it...its Friday night and i feel alright 🎶🎶🎵🎵🎵Lol. Get it, get it, get it🎵🎶🎵🎶📣📣🔊🔊🎤🎤Get them big wins🎶🎶🎵😉😉💰💰 As usual, great video amigos 😘😘
Comment from : Coco 777

ElvisCorvette Slots
Chris, you need to hit that button. LOL.And nice ring by the way. Great tips...you both have that magic touch. Great video and nice to see free play grow into real money. Continued good luck my friend.
Comment from : ElvisCorvette Slots

Showing everyone how it is done. The most important rule is have FUN!!!!
Comment from : CJSlots

Another very cool video. Love seeing your captions. Kinda funny. Thanks for the share my friends!
Comment from : AlphaTraveler1

Bird Yokk
Hello sub Fc794 Nice Video I want you come to my channel too
Comment from : Bird Yokk

slot machine luv
Men i thought you hit that grand bro , that was close lol 😄😄😄 one away .great video, good run
Comment from : slot machine luv

Rose Marie
Thanks for the great tips! It’s always fun watching you 2 gamble together 💖
Comment from : Rose Marie

1) Make sure the bet matches the machine, it lets you know by big line hits. I would personally make sure the bank of machines had no winners, and that someone had max bet away. Not always possible to know on some games (lock it link). I would test different bet amounts during the first 20 - in fact, if betting 2.5 or below, only put in 20, not 100. 3 and above, 40, high limit room 100.

2) If you are surrounded by max betters, and no one is really winning, pull out a losing ticket or two, put in with your 20s. One bonus put me ahead 600 this way. IF no big line hits or bonus, change machines, go down the line. Remember, if someone hits it big, and not a lot of betters on bank, cash out and move on (trust me, I had a friend do this when I won big, they won on another machine, trying to get money back).

3) When matching the bet to the machine, just keep trying different bets. When it hits a big line hit, try 5 spins on that bet (or more if smaller bet). This strategy good for 20 dollars and low amounts, or mixed amounts and max bet.

4) This take practice, and is my personal opinion. Hard to record everything this way, but your losses are reduced. If you are down half way (for instance 300), consider quitting for the day, and try again another day. :-)

Comment from : ImperfectFuture

Bonsai Yama Review
Very nice bonuses but way to tune that 300. in to real cash. Great video guys
Comment from : Bonsai Yama Review

Anna A Slots
Great video my friend like 👍
Comment from : Anna A Slots

OKslots of_fun
Love the video! You give some great tips. I love your positive attitudes. Keep up the great vids, my friends!💜💙💖
Comment from : OKslots of_fun

Sabrinah Alyse
Hunnnnniiiddddd dollarssssss LORT!!!!! I caaanntttt 😩🤦🏾‍♀️
Comment from : Sabrinah Alyse

Gail Sanders
You two are so funny!
Comment from : Gail Sanders

Billy D’s Slot Channel
Great video my friends 🤑🤑
Comment from : Billy D’s Slot Channel

Stephanie B
One of my favorite slot channels 💕💕💕💕💕 the two of you are so adorable. Wishing you much success and happiness
Comment from : Stephanie B

JM Engelhard
I love how you cheer for one another! 🙏🍀🙌🤞💓
Comment from : JM Engelhard

jalisa walker
Love ya 🤗
Comment from : jalisa walker

Carla Vegas Loving Aussie
Awesome tutorial guys, fun video as always🍹🍀🍹
Loved how you turned $311 free play into $347.10💰💰 real $$$, did you use the $36 profits for a buffet? 😁😁 I would of😺🍀😺
Like 41

Comment from : Carla Vegas Loving Aussie

Wendy G
Hitting&Running with that freeplay cash money💰🎉
Comment from : Wendy G

SunFlower Slots
Great video and win SC. Thanks for sharing great tips my friend. 🤑🤑
Comment from : SunFlower Slots

HotForSlots Slot Machine Videos
You two have really good energy. That was so much fun. GREAT job!!
Comment from : HotForSlots Slot Machine Videos

Gambleholic Queen Slots
Get that money guys! Great video SC 💛
Comment from : Gambleholic Queen Slots

Sandy Billings
You two are great together love the video and congrats on the wins:)
Comment from : Sandy Billings

Casino Collins Slotting Adventures
That's exactly why we bought a Winner's Bank! Now we go home w/money! It use to be Collins wallet, but realized it doesn't have a lock...Lol!! Great video! Nice way to turn that FP into Cash to Stash! :-)
Comment from : Casino Collins Slotting Adventures

Armando Chacon
I hope you did go home with their money
Comment from : Armando Chacon

Holly Poolaw
Love all your videos! Your excitement is contagious! I'm ready to go my local casino!!!😁
Comment from : Holly Poolaw

Susie Q
Love that You can Keep all the Tickets and Leave Winners !! Lots of Energy , Keep those Wins Coming
Comment from : Susie Q

Jessica Fletcher
Thanks for these tips. I always play all my money in the same machine and lose it. Ummmm Im not doing that anymore lol. Im cashing out lol
Comment from : Jessica Fletcher

PandaJock Slots
What? Did you say $300 free play? Whoa! ... hey! Double Blessings is my new favorite! Actually think I played this very machine! ... can’t wait to hang again guys. Miss you already! 🐼🐾🐾😊
Comment from : PandaJock Slots

Slotty by Nature
Love these tips! All of them are so true! I can’t wait for the next video! Leaving us on
pins-n- needles! 😬

Comment from : Slotty by Nature

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