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Jonni izoterick
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Comment from : Jonni izoterick

Then he lost it all lol i remember this
Comment from : xystumpy

I'm here for the dealer only
Comment from : Brent

play texas holdem poker for bitcoin swcpoker.eu/a/1Ksu5tRo
Comment from : Nick

Arno Lourens
Haha legend says he cut the video just before he lost it all😂
Comment from : Arno Lourens

o Mcginty
Im looking fot my cut as god and power too ban
Comment from : o Mcginty

I like it better when he loses :(
Comment from : DA MAN WITH A PLAN

Nicholas Sherman
This place is pretty fucking solid I recommend checking it out

Comment from : Nicholas Sherman

Norman Simmons
Better to make video on how not to lose 10k in online gambling.
Comment from : Norman Simmons

Jeff Jeff
Soddapin. Your very rude. Your everything wrong with gambling. You need to Tip when you win and don't be aggressive about it, and not be a bitch when you loose...
Comment from : Jeff Jeff

Fucking Potatoes
Comment from : YCP

Big B
this guy is a real douche
Comment from : Big B

Robert Caterina
What a fucking loser
Comment from : Robert Caterina

ky malone
Shes fine!
Comment from : ky malone

When 10k was alot
Comment from : TheDonkhLP

Web Coder
Why doesn’t he do more BJ videos? They r so funny.
Comment from : Web Coder

Jimmy James
Where can I go to play for real money online and Texas holdem. Please help with the info
Comment from : Jimmy James

Most Mysterious
What an annoying cunt.
Comment from : Most Mysterious

The Oracle Pro Sports Handicapper
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Comment from : The Oracle Pro Sports Handicapper

Richard W
Your obnoxious asshole
Comment from : Richard W

Jorge Romero
It's a big problem for him.
Comment from : Jorge Romero

Francesco Girasole
A very interesting project for poker fans and... cryptocurrencies. A friend sent me a link to register in "FuturoBet". This is an on-line casino where you can pay cryptocurrencies! I have never seen anything like this before, so I invite you to check, register and earn! Here's the link:

Comment from : Francesco Girasole

Erold Buxs
These are scams
They always find ways to never let you withdrawal
This guy probably gets paid to post these.

Comment from : Erold Buxs

prerit kumar
"I can quit black jack forever" 🙄
Comment from : prerit kumar

Instructions unclear. i ended winning $2 million and throw $1990000 to the toilet
Comment from : WSWEss

anoynm anonymous
You lost 11k in the other video
Comment from : anoynm anonymous

and lose 100k
Comment from : Empyror

Jetsada Bori
Wowwww dealer
Comment from : Jetsada Bori

Keith Perry
This guy celebrates his massive wins but rarley takes care of the dealer. He really only likes the male dealers and tips them.
Comment from : Keith Perry

Website? I wanna know how to play online
Comment from : Vury

GJ !!!
Comment from : 7hePLaY

Journey of my soul
Get you addicted and take more than just money from you.
Comment from : Journey of my soul

Interested in an online casino?
Try this site:

Comment from : miitsuketa

Tyler Hartman

If you use this link you get an extra 20 dollars on your first deposit 😊

Comment from : Tyler Hartman

SaFi Trade
Hi everyone
Comment from : SaFi Trade

Nobody111 7
This guy is hilarious
Comment from : Nobody111 7

laila ready
This guy is a degen I bet he’s down $50k + lifetime playing BJ
Comment from : laila ready

What website is he on?
Comment from : hakujins

TheAllYouCan Watch Channel
What is this site called?
Comment from : TheAllYouCan Watch Channel

Hold fucking potatoes
Comment from : Blazian

Stephanie Garza
What website is this?
Comment from : Stephanie Garza

TJ Vincenzi
You won $6,500 Not $10k
Comment from : TJ Vincenzi

Gary Sharp
Stop misleading people most people are not going to win 10 grand at blackjack unless they are willing to play 500 dollars a hand but you certainly can lose 10 grand really fast If you bet big even if you get luckily a few times abs win you will be back and end up losing your winnings plus some of your own money. I was a dealer for 15 years so I have seen everything abs its rude people like you is one reason I quit dealing in a casino. You need to be punched in the face
Comment from : Gary Sharp

Jose Hernandez
how do i play this ?
Comment from : Jose Hernandez

Kiefer Brecher
I jizz everywhere 😂😂😂
Comment from : Kiefer Brecher

Lewis Webster
had me in stitches this guy hahaha! ''easy money bitch suck a cock''
Comment from : Lewis Webster

MrMajorRager !
What’s with the fucking visually impaired cards damn is the a gambling site for Special people
Comment from : MrMajorRager !

I have never met a winning gambler lol, only winner is the house, play only for entertainment and within limit, ie loss would not mean any hardship to you and if you do win, consider it a bonus for having fun
Comment from : C T

black & blue 86
Surprise motherfker
Comment from : black & blue 86

never bet to much ..
Comment from : fizzy

Easy money bitch suck a cock holy fuckin potatoes!!
Comment from : aix23723

Ricky Bonsal
Can I play to? I'm in the United States bro! And I need a live roulette dealer online!!
Comment from : Ricky Bonsal

Gambling is a problem
Comment from : Jacob

J Arnold
How to lose your soul
Comment from : J Arnold

Ginger Gang Robins
whats the game called?
Comment from : Ginger Gang Robins

Eric Schumann
This guy seems like a casino's dream.
Comment from : Eric Schumann

Real Kailuafire
This is not healthy
Comment from : Real Kailuafire

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Comment from : xKyriakoZ

Amir Rahman
Just a piece of advice from an addict:

Two months ago I wrote down somewhere that I needed to win 13k to pay off all my debts and give some to my siblings. 3 weeks later, by some miracle, I managed to score the 13k. I won upwards of 1k every time I played, and out of the 10 or so trips to the casino, I only came out the loser ONCE. Lost 1.3k, felt bad, came back the next day, won it back and then some. Basically, I ran like a God against the Blackjack shuffling machines they had. It also helped that by the time I was losing 1-2k, I could easily go back to my room and pick up the 7-8k I had in cash in my cabinet. I would use that to win back the day's losses. So yeah, 9/10 I was a winning player. Unfortunately, one day my luck ran really bad. From being up 200, I lost my 600 that I brought in with me. Went back home, took another 1000 with me and lost it in 6-7 hands. I remember the last hand I had was a 100 pound hand, it was A-A. I couldn't split cause I only had the 100 left. So I hit, got a picture which makes 12. Hit again, another picture which saw me bust. That hurt. That day I lost 1.6k of my own money, when I should have been up 200. Anyway, my friend had a bday party where I got hammered because I was really sad. Went back home and fell asleep. My other friend calls me up and says he wanted to hit the tables. In my drunken state, I took out the 8k in cash I had in my cabinet and went out with him. I played 500-1k per hand. Up and down, but never got back to even that day. After a few hours, I lost it all. All the grind, the hard work, from playing 100-200 per hand and Winning, I was playing 500-1k per hand and losing. I had 10k in cash the morning before that and I was happy with life. The next morning I had nothing. This is the life of a degenerate gambler addicted to the xtasy that winning gives.

In december I lost 5k in 3-4 days and I thought that was bad. In February I lost 8k and that put my family in a whole lot of trouble. In March God gave me a shot at life to correct my mistakes but I fucked it all up. In the past 2 weeks (this is now the 3rd of May), I have lost an additional 8k. Guys, aspiring successful businessmen, etc., take my advice; don't start. Once you get caught up in this, there is no turning back. These are my losses just from the past 6 months.

Comment from : Amir Rahman

toti to
what is the site for online blackjack
Comment from : toti to

Dustin Anderson
What site is this being played on :o
Comment from : Dustin Anderson

Dek Moa
Guy acts like a little girl, I think he lives with his mom father left when he was about 5 years old
Comment from : Dek Moa

gmi g
Guys I swear I just got free $5132_real money from this_amazing website>>>>pypmon.win/?pWnrTm Try once.
Comment from : gmi g

Online Players Club
Just found some solid free play offers on this reddit post that actually work. redd.it/88fx80
Comment from : Online Players Club

Kevin O'Reilly
38 seconds in the 4 of hearts never scanned! She inhaled as she put the card over the scanner causing a “distraction” is what I would call it to hide her fuck up
Comment from : Kevin O'Reilly

its 6k but ok..
Comment from : iMMortster

User Unknown
What site is this?
Comment from : User Unknown

Omer Qbany
Comment from : Omer Qbany

Globalizmas - Keiksmažodis
''I just jizzed... EVERYWHERE!''
Comment from : Globalizmas - Keiksmažodis

Grabbike & Guitar Official
duckdice.com/98eae229ad <<< This is the best gambling website, with BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, XMR and BCH... Come and get profit! Only 1% houde edge, and deposit withdraw instantly!
Comment from : Grabbike & Guitar Official

Talal Ksa
Comment from : Talal Ksa

I dont even know how this game works, but i am happy for him
Comment from : Five

Is this with real time money
Comment from : therealopeneyes

Garrett Wingler
So wait is that an auctall person
Comment from : Garrett Wingler

Salvador Padilla
I rather just watch this dude reactions.. he's so funny...
Comment from : Salvador Padilla

Salvador Padilla
This is a f hot tub😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Salvador Padilla

Dad man
hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to learn about Sports betting picks try Corbandy Sport Machine Crusher ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my cousin got cool success with it.
Comment from : Dad man

Jesse Gutierrez
Are we going to sit here and ignore how fine this woman is?
Comment from : Jesse Gutierrez

Brett Johnson
What site is this? how can I play?
Comment from : Brett Johnson

What site is this
Comment from : Kevin

Soccer & Boxing
When you win does the money go to your bank
Comment from : Soccer & Boxing

Kenneth Catalan
nice job pewds keep up the good work broooooo fist
Comment from : Kenneth Catalan

What website is this?
Comment from : Ayeejesse

Avijit Roy Chowdhury
Make a Gambling Bots to place bets for multiple sports, multiple bookmakers and multiple casinos, right from the comfort of your home. See here how: www.webgentechnologies.com/blog/rise-gambling-bots-online-betting/
Comment from : Avijit Roy Chowdhury

so young yet already gambling addict poor kid
Comment from : GoofyGufz

I'm sure it's not 10k actually currency I'm sure it's like 10$ real money for like 1000$ credits
Comment from : hank01000

How do you play this???
Comment from : Luis

Jessie Duran
What website is this?
Comment from : Jessie Duran

Handy Rul
1:20 should he have 2,05k+6k that he won? or does the site takes fee?
Comment from : Handy Rul

Luis Gonzalez
What site is this I wanna try it
Comment from : Luis Gonzalez

Do you get real dollars or
Comment from : Zativy

Good thing this guy plays online. If he was at a casino with real players he'd be annoying as shit.
Comment from : jdmikeg4

i came to the gambling website just to fap
Comment from : ShadowDancer

Joshua Littlewolfe
This guys is an annoying little bitch.
Comment from : Joshua Littlewolfe

Mharvin kim
Comment from : Mharvin kim

and he lost $5K
Comment from : ツiCyrx

Ben Thind
this guy is tooo funny
Comment from : Ben Thind

People still play this game?
Comment from : Leshiy

Stefan Paunic
Member when he lost 5k ?
Comment from : Stefan Paunic

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