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Doug Polk Poker
Here's the video I mentioned today in which I break down some math and game theory: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlN2I4wLQ-w
Comment from : Doug Polk Poker

Eladio Mora
I have spent months researching poker secrets online and found an awesome resource at Card Crusher Fixer (google it if you are interested)
Comment from : Eladio Mora

Yashiv Dussoye
"I'm gonna show you a high tech document"
proceeds to open a notepad with a few bullet points

Comment from : Yashiv Dussoye

Zachary Voorhees
I have a question ive been trying to get a legit answer for a long time now. So i live in CA and we cant play in poker stars or any big online sites. So ive looked into sites such as ignition and Bovada poker. But my worry comes in the reviews. I see alot of people say these games may be rigged etc. i know theres bad beats i know there is up and downswings and thats probably a lot of reason people think its rigged. But i want to know a legit answer of a safe online poker site to play in CA. And i believe you can lead me in the right direction.
Comment from : Zachary Voorhees

I got limp bettted Kings and busted with two pair smh I get I just didn’t know someone would limp bet kings rip

PUNK pandaXD
Dont mind me, I'm tryna get better on Red Dead Redemption 2 Online poker
Comment from : PUNK pandaXD

Kevin Gawel
My #1 question is why you talk so much? My #2 question is why, when you're breaking down a hand, you're ok with whatever the player does, whether he checks, calls, raises or folds. In doing so you never answer anything and pretty much look like someone who can't make a decision.
Comment from : Kevin Gawel

David Murphy
Quantum poker states the aces and kings pop in and out if reality in different places. Sometimes seat 7 sometimes seat 1.... Now make the random move...why ? Well because you feel it grasshopper. Yesterday I flopped nothing went all in two followed $6.3M ....I finish three sevens...you could see the steam coming off the heads. Playing poker with me is....quantum brother
Comment from : David Murphy

David Murphy
I play myth poker. By tomorrow I can't even believe I did that shit.
Comment from : David Murphy

David Murphy
I have a great question . Should I lose a few all ins so I can really clean up. ? I usually go back a few mil. Give then the feeling they are playing a gnarr...that's Yiddish for fucking idiot. Then I start getting my share of karma here it comes and poof ! I got all the money. So my question is...why is there always a gnarr going all in against me with 2-7 off and dies. Then you hear a shot in the bathroom...and they are soon lines up...all of em going against my aces full or yesterday it was the fourth king and I was dead ...to his flush. I have the raw ability to out draw almost anyone...if I didn't have that ability...I wouldn't play that day. If you know yer supposed to be there you win more...does that make any sense
Comment from : David Murphy

The Genius
How do you improve a lucky game?
Comment from : The Genius

Kelly Garrett
A fellow poker player recently referred me to your videos to help me improve my game. I'm super appreciative and have a long way to go to improve, but I hold my own and do ok most often in small stakes games. However, I'm working on strategy and nowhere near where I want to be. One thing to keep in mind (and maybe I'm delusional) but 50 is the new 30. I'm the 51-year-old "old lady" who might be at your table and I'm studying. I don't get offended about age, I actually feel fine about it, but just know that one day you'll all get to 50 (if you're lucky) and when you do you'll wonder how the time went so fast. LOL! This is written in good humor, but as the perceived "old lady" at the table (who doesn't feel old), and most often the ONLY lady at the table, some of the guys who are sure they know what I'm doing and how I'm playing don't have a clue (some I'm sure do). I'm not that good yet but just watch out, this old lady might learn to stack you more frequently than you expect!
Comment from : Kelly Garrett

read super system
Comment from : Beanmachine91

Sean Dwyer

I appreciate all that you do for the poker world. I love the game more than most and i'm trying to finally improve after years of just being entertained im working hard for an upswing. You are an amazing teacher and approach things in a very comprehensible way. Poker keeps going deep and deeper and now i feel like ( after i watch this a few more times ) i will finally be able to study or understand the study to improve my play in spots. So glad you laid that out so clearly, i'm a hands on learner, and its like we are speaking 1 v 1 in these videos.

Comment from : Sean Dwyer

United We Speak Smith
Too much cheating in poker now these days
Comment from : United We Speak Smith

Plays in 2x speed

Becomes a millionaire in 15min

Comment from : SkyGhost340

Is there a mac version of this?
Comment from : FASTDOUNUT TV

John Doe
Is he dancinc in this vid?
Comment from : John Doe

Tyler Joyner
Plo is just really popular around the Midwest
Comment from : Tyler Joyner

Tyler Joyner
Do you have plo training at all Doug. I’ve been recommended on runitonce
Comment from : Tyler Joyner

Mike Philipps
What a great video! Thanks Doug! Enjoy the vaca
Comment from : Mike Philipps

Bobby Schneegas
Just found this video, great work thanks!
Comment from : Bobby Schneegas

Natty Fatty
there's something about all of his videos that are totally incomprehensible to me no matter how much I try to pay attention. maybe I'm just too much of a beginner ... anyone know of any vids that are easier to understand?
Comment from : Natty Fatty

Tad Perry
Very interesting. I understand why he bets the pot on the river with a bluff 1 time out of 3, but I'm left wondering how he knows that he should bluff checkraise the turn with slightly more combos than than his value checkraises. Is that always the case for turn bluffs? What's the theory that leads to this particular bluff frequency on the turn? Hmmm...
Comment from : Tad Perry

Escaping From Oz
I like your videos ,they help my game allot
Comment from : Escaping From Oz

The Face
dude, stop using terms that begginners dont know without explaining them1!
Comment from : The Face

Bob 357
you talk so much, say so little. No offense, but why should I take training tips from someone that no longer plays? I see so many vids of "former" pro players trying to teach. Most say they got burned out due to the variances, etc. That would seem to indicate they played too loose and without discipline. More of gamblers than poker? KISS.
Comment from : Bob 357

joe alvey
What’s poker
Comment from : joe alvey

Kevin Ma
Dumb question but how come when we face pot size bets on the flop, it's a good idea to plan to fold 50% of your range?
Comment from : Kevin Ma

Chim Richalds
Comment from : Chim Richalds

Sechkin E Vaydet
all that is a good everything what are you saying but poker is a gamble game going All in with AA person with 22 call you and hit the flop everything is a luck bro
they are no such a thing like a good poker player just lucky or not i lost so much because of this game watching videos of you and other people right way to play and aways putting my money on 80% winning hands and i am getting out played i am down - 20 000 pounds and i am just regular guy just giving up now its just so bad losing when you doing everything correct and still getting outplay
so good luck guys :)

Comment from : Sechkin E Vaydet

Good Stuff Doug
you should of called this Polker Hands

Comment from : PlaysRealBad

Edgarallan Poe
I prefer a blackboard and a chalk to better absorb the lesson😞
Comment from : Edgarallan Poe

Italo Rodrigues
I like that he is standing up and not sit down, dont know why
Comment from : Italo Rodrigues

Can someone explain to me why he says "2 value hands for 1 bluff" at 16:36 ? If we're shoving for a pot-sized bet we only need a 1:1 value to bluff ratio to break even right?
Comment from : HJS9026

Frack Bolumba
@ 13:05 what did you say about the high suited aces pre flop?
Comment from : Frack Bolumba

volcano hi
The inflection you put on your words makes you sound like a california retard. What do you think of Donald Trump?
Comment from : volcano hi

Ryu Rwar
Is it just me or do other get the ad with Daniel when watch Doug's vids
Comment from : Ryu Rwar

Dawud Charlton
Anyone play the old WPT plug in video game?
Comment from : Dawud Charlton

Dawud Charlton
Doug "I get asked " Polk
Comment from : Dawud Charlton

Ellis K
I have listened to hours of these video lessons. I really enjoy them,(you are crazy entertaining) and I am totally sold on the product, (not literally, only spent $7 so far) but I am a true believer, but I would like to know, (from anybody), how long does it take to watch one of these and not get lost in the complexity of it all? I have been at this for months now and still can't completley follow you. I will keep trying and one day hope to compete in the 25nl holdem at ignition zoom. Dream big right? I know this is over a year old but it's what I am watching now.Thanks.
Comment from : Ellis K

Since tuning watching your vids I’ve won 1 tourney (60 Entrants), cashed in 3 of my last 5 and made it to the final table 4 of my last 5 tourneys. #LifeChanging!!! #NLHisthewayoflife
Comment from : Standaman773

Trane Francks
"Back in my day ... you kids ..." 😂 Revisiting so many of these DKP/Upswing vids is gold.
Comment from : Trane Francks

Daniel B. Suhr
"And the great thing about these questions is this isn't a category, I was just trolling you guys" his dry humor is killing me
Comment from : Daniel B. Suhr

Listen poker is all luck. This is total bull fucking shit. Please don't listen to these fuckwits who think that there is any chance of beating someone who is more lucky than you are.

The game is all luck. There is skill yes but it cannot compensate for someone who is lucky.

You could make the best read or play skilful but if someone is lucky then it really don't matter.

These people are not pros this guy is some loser that lives in his moms house has no education and tries to make money from stupid crap shows like this. Doug go fuck yourself you loser lol get a real job.

Comment from : Byron JONES

jason hounsell
I like your videos where your breaking it down without any sugar coating. Good job. With that said, most people watching this play in limits where people are massively unbalanced, and getting really good at exploiting them is the fastest way to make money - however the problem is if they don't move towards this study, they will get spanked everytime they try and move up. I guess there's a reason you made a good amount playing ..... maybe you know what your talking about hmmmmm
Comment from : jason hounsell

ding us
You know, i really like your crypto videos a lot. Theyre funny. youre a funny guy. I dont know what i though your poker videos would, or could, be about. Then i realized that its instructions for people that cant read either the cards that theyre holding or their opponents playing style. Thats all you need to know. who cares about how you should "handle" a fucking ace/duece bluff going into the river" or whatever was said.

What the fuck is a computer shitting out scenarios gonna tell me thats more important than watching your opponents reactions to his wins and losses and how his bets and play change over the first 5-10 hands. from there its over. Watch him win and then bet and lose and then bet or fold or whatever and after that, youre two steps ahead of him in his own mind waiting for him to do exactly what you led him to do.

im certain that the best poker players that ever lived would piss on a fucking poker spread sheet of some bullshit. Theyd probably empty a sixshooter into your chest just for mentioning it too. As i would have done well. Only back then of course. Not now. You can either play people or play cards. Only one of those wins though.

Comment from : ding us

hand ranges are for pussies! id hate to beginner bash
Comment from : Beanmachine91

I have a very important question to add to the list. Where the hell can I learn all of that chinese talking from the video? :P
Comment from : cccpredarmy

We Love Libraries
The ONLY way to watch a Douggy vid is on an iPad where you can tap 10 seconds forward at a time - this guy LOVES to hear himself talk 😂😂😂
Comment from : We Love Libraries

Cameron Pulaski
Doug is the man. Definitely using the Lab to get better.
Comment from : Cameron Pulaski

Edward Stephenson
Does anyone have good advice on how to deal with chip bullies? If buy I in for $500 and someone sits to my left with $3700 and he's aggressive and I can put him on a hand what should I do?
Comment from : Edward Stephenson

Charles Golson
Where do you guys play online? I’m looking for higher quality games
Comment from : Charles Golson

Daniel Alamis
you talk too much nonsense
make your vedios short and useful
all of your vedios are like that
talk and talk

within 30 minutes of your talking there is one useful sentence only

Comment from : Daniel Alamis

Thu Tran
I miss the days of souls reads
Comment from : Thu Tran

Max Power
Do you have some videos where you just get to the point and not bable bable
Comment from : Max Power

David B
By far the best video I have watched. Your content is unbelievable! Thanks!
Comment from : David B

I don't think NL holdem will ever be solved in the way a more mathematical game like limit can be solved.

The right move at any time will be so strongly dependent on your opponent that there will always be a balance between GTO and Exploitive play depending on what players you are playing.

Against really good players GTO dominates and against not so good players exploitative play dominates, but even then if you know you are up against a player that is better than you there are things you can do to limit their skill edge.

However the fact remains as long as there is a skill disparity between two players even if only minimally there will be a means by which one player can be exploited over another.

Comment from : 24magiccarrot

This video is not for beginners for sure. The way he is throwing jargon and racing with his explanation it can only be understood by the advanced players. He needs to talk slower and consider beginners.
Comment from : GD

Ananda Mañana
Fuck me. I got a tournament on Saturday and wanted to see some new strategy info....I had no idea that it has been brought to this intense level of methodology. Back in my day (no computers) we just played a SHITLOAD of poker. That is how we improved. I might be screwed up against this kind of new school player
Comment from : Ananda Mañana

Cristian Micu
i see doug got pissed more and more advancing into this video

well i can tell you one thing people asking in forum ''what should i do with JJ here? '' , things like ''where are JJ in my range ? '' , they are not even on that level, this second question isn't into their mind, ever

21:18 was hilarious ''although i bet that he loses'' HAHAHAHHA

Comment from : Cristian Micu

Picky pikey
If Q3s and K9o are in your turn check/raise range doesnt that mean youre opening or calling preflop over 50% of your hands?
Comment from : Picky pikey

Jeff Ezerski
this video has helped me alot... now u just need to add a video on how to show up with a killer haircut to a tournament
Comment from : Jeff Ezerski

ive won millions watching your videos millions and millions of fake chips
i just had the juicy ten ten and there was a bonus chest in middle so i go all in
20 million get called by king king and ace queen flop comes ten yay i win 54 million
thanks doug your advice helps play money players also !!!!

Comment from : WMD

xX Xx
Just an incredible video. I can't find anything else to describe it. I was looking for the step-up in my mindset to move from a totally recreational poker player to one who has the will to improve. I didn't know what to do, where to look for a guide into really "how to study to improve your game" kinda thing, and this video did the job incredibly well. I will watch this video couple more times just to understand it better and then start doing the job myself.

Thanks Doug!

Comment from : xX Xx

What range do you use against a Guy in heads up that goes all in on everyhand? Big blind 40. Stacks 3000. Blinds double every 2 min.

I usually only go with AQ suited or ak suited and non suited and pocket pairs 88 and above. What do you think?

Comment from : Tutterkop

Miguel Cuevas
I’m tired of playing hands following% and losing against who does not
Comment from : Miguel Cuevas

Jesse Williams
First poker video I search, and have a poker ad.
Comment from : Jesse Williams

I recommend this youtube channel to everyone that wants to here a lot of talk but learn absolutely nothing.

Doug Polk’s blabber jabber is like two seven off suit.... Low Value!!!

Comment from : garlco

Robert Aznar
Thank you for this Doug. You have rekindled my passion for Poker and I really appreciate you for that! I will be investing in the Upswing Lab in the near future. I feel that that is the next step I must take in order to take my game to the next level.
Comment from : Robert Aznar

Easy answer. If you want to win - Avoid Me at ALL costs !! Muuuuhaaashaaaaa. And check out UPSWING POKER! They're legit !
Comment from : HardDie

Ricardo Alfonso
He might be a great player, but not a great teacher :v
Comment from : Ricardo Alfonso

Terence Hill
I'm still learning hand rankings
Comment from : Terence Hill

Christian D.
Like someone else said this made my head explode, poker seems so hard now :o
Comment from : Christian D.

Sinead Cahill
great vid doug thanks heaps
Comment from : Sinead Cahill

Bill Smith
Blah blah blah talk too much give the lesson and move on!!!!
Comment from : Bill Smith

I am a Russian bot.
Doug, that was a fucking excellent video.
Comment from : I am a Russian bot.

Lenny Benny
great video. is there a good beginner resource for creating ranges? was hard to understand fully in the vid.could you then use poker tracker to see if your raising folding too much in spots?
Comment from : Lenny Benny

Janus 1305
Can someone explain to me how he gets to folding 50% of your range when there is a potsize bet? (See last hand) why is it not more or less?
Comment from : Janus 1305

I love that you use Notepad. Shows you know about computers. (Not a joke. Most people would just reach for Word.)
Comment from : dgmccool

Play PLO and you will be a much, much better NL-Holdem Player, you make better folds and calls then(means you have a good understanding of the game and you dont go all-in with QQ against a rock for example), and for Headsup, the more agressive player has an huge advantage, because you play so much hands more, and if you wanna make money, dont play headsup because its almost 50/50 and the swings are to high, same as PLO, if you play 6 handed NL-Holdem with a solid PLO experience, and most of the time in position, you did make a huge step forward, and you should be a + player, but keep in mind even poker is still based on luck, its a card game and if the pokergods wanna go ya lose money over a long time even when you play your best poker it can happen and theres nothing you can do about it.. cheers
Comment from : Biostatic

Sicangu Nagi
Love this video very informative....
Comment from : Sicangu Nagi

Tamora Callum
Hey Doug!! I am going to be the pessimist, if you don't mind. Why should I listen to you and you're not on the grind like other poker players I know (Danny)...I would love to have you at the table when I'm playing.
Comment from : Tamora Callum

Can you make a video on how to use a range card??
Comment from : G V

Swn Muc
12:24 " i dont want this to be a 30 min video"
ends up being 29:25 long
mission accomplished

Comment from : Swn Muc

So here is an honest question! And I'm just trying to get relevant insight is all...if I watch highstakes 2+2 forum hand break downs, and I play 1-2 no limit holdem in my local casino. Are the tips and strategies relevant against recreational players when I feel a lot of the times the lines the high stakes players are just that, lines you would take against more intelligent players. Lets be honest your average 1-2 rec player isn't going to have the same thought process as the highstakes players, not even close.
Comment from : rico305305

Michael McCullough
Thinking of taking trip to vegas from birmingham, AL airport June 28th. To play in couple tournments. Any suggestions on saving money on airfare and rooms?
Comment from : Michael McCullough

Dan Graffenius
So I am fairly new to your YouTube channel. Not only do I enjoy your in-depth analysis, logic, and strategy, your comedy is hilarious! Many times I’ve had to pause the broadcast to wipe the tears from my eyes! Just this morning my wife asked me “what the hell are you laughing at?” Thank you putting these out there! You’ve gained a new fan!
Comment from : Dan Graffenius

Very interesting video... This might be a bit of a dumb question but whatever I´m just trying to improve. Would you say it´s a good general rule to have your open raise, 3bet and 4bet range as well as flop/turn/river check raises/leads etcetera consist of a 50/50 balance between (semi)bluffs and value. Whether the answer is yes or no, could you say why? I´d like to work on better ranges and improve my balancing strat so that I can become more confident when I get into certain spots when i´m playing. Thx if anyone can drop a comment with some of their thoughts.
Comment from : Caspervt

Why is Finstein in the thumbnail, but I don't see no Finstein
Comment from : DougMaverickTube

Dave Robb
Just want to say thanks for taking the time to do this.
Comment from : Dave Robb

Srdjan Antic
Comment from : Srdjan Antic

Mitch T
You know what would be a good video that Doug Polk and no one ever talk about.. and I can guarantee you that Doug Polk will never make a video about is the actual win % of his cashes.. Meaning after you subtract all the losses and all the buy-in stakes that you probably have.. all the different % divided up. what are you left with and what is that for a win ratio over the span of time you've been playing.
Would love to see Doug explain this honestly but he wont he simply wants people to think he actually has 9 million in the bank. but its probably closer to 600k.

Comment from : Mitch T

I miss online poker so goddamn much. Feel bad for anyone getting into it now because 10+ years ago it used to be a f'ing goldmine. Sundays have never been the same lol
Comment from : theDiReW0lf

rick grimes
I guess in the world Doug Polk lives in people always make the decision he wants based on his excellent play....unfortunately in the world of us other 99% a lot of poker players are morons and will call all in on a gut draw.... now what?
Comment from : rick grimes

Joep Boer
Hey Doug Polk Poker this video really motivated me to figuring out what the pros are doing. But wich pro's strategy for full ring NL should I study.
Comment from : Joep Boer

Luke Owens
Doug, breaking down the bluff ranges on the turn you're never gonna have Ah2x calling a flop bet on that board or Kh8x like you said. Kinda makes no sense
Comment from : Luke Owens

John Doe
Doug analyze this courtiebee hand near the end folds a straight lots of discussion youtu.be/8NWwlRRCJtw
Comment from : John Doe

Hey Doug, I wanted to ask because I respect your skills and opinion as a player. What key poker books should every studying player have on the shelf? Obvious things like "the theory of poker" but, do you have any others in mind?
Comment from : TheGlobeTV

Keep this up I need more players I can beat. TY.
Comment from : MugenTJ

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