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ape on blow
Heads up he owned your ass but sometimes lucky .
Comment from : ape on blow

Роман Митянин
11:00-12:15 Кто исполнитель песни? Зачётный музон
Comment from : Роман Митянин

That shove with the 10 5 was just stupid.. Call and lead would be better
Comment from : koslim

why not overbet jam the turn with the 107s?
Comment from : Jair

samuel fideles
Very very lucky
Comment from : samuel fideles

Valdeci Rocha
I would like to request a donation I really like to play but I have no money to deposit my nik valdek25 thank you very much !!
Comment from : Valdeci Rocha

Scott Hedley
Comment from : Scott Hedley

Nada de nada
Wow that donk rayse
Comment from : Nada de nada

holy fucking shit I fuckin love you bro you’re fucking hilarious
Comment from : Arbitrage

Hi can someone please explain why lots of people shove their big stack with a small pocket pair over other big stacks? You only win the blinds when they fold and mostly are in bad shape or in a coin flip situation at best when they call
Comment from : AlexDammer

Jordan Muller
Let’s fuckin go!
Comment from : Jordan Muller

Keeps giving average players much hope....if this douchebag can win a 35k tourny, then anyone can.....#DonkGetsLuckyAgain
Comment from : TheFallsCapone

oscarsowl eliots
Feels good to see u lose in the party poker final table with diamond dave at it ..u arnt good dude twitch made u only reason ur here today realize that
Comment from : oscarsowl eliots

13 outs? ok push!
Comment from : SERGE I

Tonk check put this shirt....

Saw it on a discount site.


On clearance for 10 bucks. Buy them out of stock and resell like a G.


Comment from : willie838

Jeremy B
Switch you're table it looks dumb
Comment from : Jeremy B

javier sanchez
Juegas como el puto culo
Comment from : javier sanchez

James Zeneli
daddy pokerstars all time help big streams to win
Comment from : James Zeneli

Ik loop alleen maar rondjes
14:56 your reaction is priceless
Comment from : Ik loop alleen maar rondjes

you da man tonkaaaa keep up the good work.
Comment from : samwow

J Peach
dude you're fkn garbage.
Comment from : J Peach

TheLandOfTears s
Dude change your name from TeamNeverLucky to TeamSomeTimesLucky, I've seen you win a couple of tournaments now.
Comment from : TheLandOfTears s

Lucky dub
BAM with the K of diamons! Lets Go Tonkaaaaaaa
Comment from : Lucky dub

the best bit about tonkaaaa is the fact he pays attention to retarded clueless trolls in the chat and lets it tilt him when there telling a guy whos played high stakes mtts for a living for years hes wrong! lol i mean its public knowledge that tonkaaaa is coached by 1connorb whos ranked best in world in mtts and is also staked by him so i'm pretty sure he's playing ok guys! lets face it he's never gonna crush like back in the day theres too many way way better players at his level on stars but on 888 and party hes a boss. the $109s plus on stars are played by the best mtt players on earth ones that are so good and have so much solvers etc on there pcs i mean if anybody thinks for a second that girafganger7 c.darwin2 lena900 pads1161 etc are not near enough bots your kidding nobody! they all use huds pio solver and other software but there edge comes from there iqs these people are all life wizards tonkaaaa like me is not! he's a solid reg who will always win as he has edges vs bad players but none vs big players which is why players like the mentioned above make 12 fts during scoop. in a nutshell tonkaaaa is a great player with great results over a long period is he gonna ever win the scoop main no never but the $530 bb or the big $215 yes all day long so for him to respond to the stuff he does is amazing and prob the reason he doesn't win as much as he's so tilted from the tards in the chat!
Comment from : THFCTV

Drew O'Connell
was the flat w/ A6o that bad? Isn't it good to have some aces so you dont get rekt on A hi boards?
Comment from : Drew O'Connell

Fat mfc gg :)
Comment from : ВСЯКО РАЗНО 777

Adam Mok
Finally Bro, been a while - didnt read the comments as these fucks always spoil it!! Well done Gee.
Comment from : Adam Mok

Matt The Drummer
Comment from : Matt The Drummer

David Gregory
Sometimes champion
Comment from : David Gregory

Lork Lorkman
Like every tourney there is, you have to get lucky. The shove with 10d 5d was terrible because that turn bet by his opponent shows strength, meaning he is calling an all in shove. tonkaa was outplayed in that hand but got lucky and won. it is what it is.
Comment from : Lork Lorkman

Feels good man 👏🏻
Comment from : clevertrevorsdad

Mike Wild
Comment from : Mike Wild

Dzintars Krūks
14:55 lol xD
Comment from : Dzintars Krūks

Franky Q-Brick
feels great to finally see you running good
Comment from : Franky Q-Brick

Artis Spertāls
that shove was one of the most terrible things i've seen on poker :D
Comment from : Artis Spertāls

Valtteri Lehtonen
It's rigged
Comment from : Valtteri Lehtonen

Duncan Donovan
Comment from : Duncan Donovan

Thorgal Aegirsson
Tonka is just a bingo player. But only playing this way you can win online tournament.
Comment from : Thorgal Aegirsson

FUCK YES a 1st place finish, finally, congrats
Comment from : ZonnexMedia

F Dc
A bit of luck got u there in the end 🤗
Comment from : F Dc

Rgr yep
And the volume goes off
Comment from : Rgr yep

The guy who flatted A6 and got rewarded is a classic example of making a bad play and getting rewarded. It worked for him so he probably associates it as a good line.
Comment from : Eric

Eric Vansteelandt
“Idolls isnt a homie that is gonna make any adjustments to icm”
video pans ahead to next clip...
idolls is no longer present

Comment from : Eric Vansteelandt

Nice win Tonk
Comment from : JerJerBynx

Medge Medgelol
Comment from : Medge Medgelol

How can he play And OTHERs players dont see his hands during the life!!???
Comment from : ESTADIO97 FC

Jon Barron
Lol at the part about high five-ing the friends with Q9
Comment from : Jon Barron

Dustin Platt
3:19 lul seal clap.
Comment from : Dustin Platt

Woop Woop!! GG SOmetimes Lucky!!! I follow that WalmartCXCN guy on Pocketfives.com and he has really good results.
Comment from : Fowla519

Philipp Schlauberger
better analyze your k8o a7o isos ^^
Comment from : Philipp Schlauberger

digopapel must have been pissed LUL
Comment from : Byron

Erich's Insight
He shouldn't have ace(x).... Well he did lol
Comment from : Erich's Insight

Comment from : PaterTenebrarum1

Darran Quinn
Nice one tonk
Comment from : Darran Quinn

Jack Fleming
Lets gooo !! 😁😁😁
Comment from : Jack Fleming

Mr Comment
Team SometimesLucky!!!
Comment from : Mr Comment

Royal Flush
Top stuff tonka tonk good to see you rack up a win
Comment from : Royal Flush

stop snoring when u breath...goddam!!!
Comment from : MrJoselo1978

Matthew Powell
And.... Did you do your kegel exercise today? Fuck you're annoying, why do I watch you hahaha
Comment from : Matthew Powell

Matthew Powell
You are overweight
Comment from : Matthew Powell

Run good lately it seems!! So happy to see you finish first, keep it up 👏👏👏
Comment from : Jake

Jeremy Stark
The Conor avatar run-good is😁😉😗🤗
Comment from : Jeremy Stark

Comment from : Kovi7111

happy letti
yeaaah tonkaaa good to have ya back
Comment from : happy letti

Nice win mate. I'm back on the tourney grind tomorrow catch you at the tables :))
Comment from : Demondoink

Mahdi Akbari
I’m disappointed, I didn’t get to laugh on this video!
Comment from : Mahdi Akbari

John Parsons
nice score bro! love the stream, keep up the good work mah man.
Comment from : John Parsons

Johny Dillinger
9 then jack then three. Who else have any doubt that pokerstars isn't rigged?
Comment from : Johny Dillinger

Michael Trodd
Last hand, just call it. Then shove, easy, less risky. But well done, a nice win !
Comment from : Michael Trodd

Andrew Ellis
Parker is on a little bit of a run
Comment from : Andrew Ellis

simon maroun
Background soundtrack at 6:45?
Comment from : simon maroun

Uchiha Madara
finally :)
Comment from : Uchiha Madara

Sinter Klaas
Youre such a great player. But you really need to adapt your final 25 strategy.
Comment from : Sinter Klaas

stefano cioni
Don’t ever say never lucky again! Bluff shove into the nuts 😂
Comment from : stefano cioni

420 SpaceMan
Congratz Tonkaa!!!!
Comment from : 420 SpaceMan

Ervin Xhemali
The HU hand where you shove...
Comment from : Ervin Xhemali

Marcos pascual ton
Comment from : Marcos pascual ton

Vasil Ivanov
Comment from : Vasil Ivanov

chris larkin
Well done my mahnnnnn
Comment from : chris larkin

I just want to run like tonkaaa only 1 day and get those hands and setups...so sick, even no skill involved.
Comment from : Marv_elous

ㄣ⃒ 4 Viesturs 7 ㄣ⃒
Comment from : ㄣ⃒ 4 Viesturs 7 ㄣ⃒

Samuel Johnson
Good man👍👌👌👌👍👍👍😊👌
Comment from : Samuel Johnson

Paul Bradley
Nice one :)
Comment from : Paul Bradley

michael brill
Always nice to start watching a video where the headlines tells you what's going to happen. Why the fuck does he keep doing this.?
Comment from : michael brill

Comment from : M H

Steve Winter
The guy won a tourney. Am I seeing that right? It's a fckn miracle. Finally, not a 6-10 finish.
Comment from : Steve Winter

chris freer
tonkaaa if you could agree or disagree would be cool im currently studying behavioural science and its something i picked up on in ur last 3 vids
Comment from : chris freer

chris freer
I think tonkaaa is defo smoking some weeed these days
Comment from : chris freer

alex no1
You deserve it after all the bad beats man gratz!!! Looking forward to more FT
Comment from : alex no1

Ian T
Comment from : Ian T

Call of the nature
congrats my man :)
Comment from : Call of the nature

hey bud whats the music at the end of your videos ? love it
Comment from : P Z

Steven E
Never lucky huh? #sometimeslucky
Comment from : Steven E

ape on blow
No punts wtf lol.... nice one tonka good job
Comment from : ape on blow

Comment from : Jefils

nice win my man
Comment from : dontworryimfine

Juan Ubide
Congratulation my Friend ;)
Comment from : Juan Ubide

Moe F.
Good work
Comment from : Moe F.

Welven Da Great
good win mate never gets to see you live on twitch, keep the uploads coming =)
Comment from : Welven Da Great

Aggro donks win sometimes.
Comment from : DaveTheRave

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