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This is probably the best archery channel on YouTube. Great video
Comment from : J E F F

Honi soi qui mal y pense
Informative and hillarious 😂
Comment from : Honi soi qui mal y pense

Nytemare Gaming
Dude on the left reminds me of Seth Rogen
Comment from : Nytemare Gaming

Allan Brothers Outdoors
I wish they still made videos they’re great!
Comment from : Allan Brothers Outdoors

Great viedo yall
Comment from : L&S OUTDOORS

Nice! New sub, new archery gal too
Comment from : kim94503

Dusan Pavlovic
you don't have a chart
Comment from : Dusan Pavlovic

Is it okay if I shoot 350 grains at 60 lbs
Comment from : Optimistix

The Arctic Sunflowers
Thanks for the straight forward advanced advice dudes, much appreciated! Subscribed.
Comment from : The Arctic Sunflowers

Alex Wyatt
The guy on the left may or may not smoke the electric lettuce.
Comment from : Alex Wyatt

Emily H
Geez. Love to have a hoot with you guys lol
Comment from : Emily H

Dante Williams
My arrows break when they impact something I get mines from walmart😕
Comment from : Dante Williams

Brian Derrick
That boy high as hell lmao!!
Comment from : Brian Derrick

bret thompson
Was anyone else waiting for the dude in the beanie to stab the other guys hand with that broadhead? 😂
Comment from : bret thompson

Yall are pretty funny! "gains? . . Of salt". . .
Comment from : CONCEPT DESIGNS

Well done!
Comment from : Nionadd

Boxing 101
Comment from : Boxing 101

greetings from Portugal dudes! I'm a newbie on archery and i must say i already learned a lot from you guys! Keep up the good work! :)
Comment from : Djentledude

This would have been a good video if you left the short troll out of it.
Comment from : Luedog

Christopher Harpster
Hey guys brand new sub, and beginner Archer. My question is when you're taking the weight of arrow, do you add the weight of your broadheads and field tips into that? For instance, if I'm supposed to shoot a 425 grain arrow from my bow, would I buy 325 arrows and 100 broadheads? Thanks in advance!
Comment from : Christopher Harpster

Tory Moreno
Great video in terms of information, not a least bit funny tho, get a new sidekick
Comment from : Tory Moreno

Ridge Outdoors
So if I have a 65 to 70 pound draw, at a 28” draw length, which spine arrow should I get? Which specific arrow make and model would you recommend for a white tail hunter like myself?
Comment from : Ridge Outdoors

Christyne Long
Can you do a video about tips please
Comment from : Christyne Long

What happens if the arrow is too long?
Comment from : Hiphop101ize

Gavin K9612
Hey man I’m trying to learn how to bow hunt and your videos are the best ones I’ve found so far. Keep up the good work. You guys are doing awesome.
Comment from : Gavin K9612

Gabriel Jovel
Both of these dudes are creative hunting stoners😊💨
Comment from : Gabriel Jovel

Plebian Bargain
Heavy arrows and a fixed head make a WAAAACK sound when it hits. God damn it rewarding.
Comment from : Plebian Bargain

dave9999 999938
The guy on the left is hot
Comment from : dave9999 999938

Lube The Gun
Now I understand. Been shooting bow for awhile, but no idea all of this stuff. Thank y'all. Now it's time to work on my arrows. Subbed.
Comment from : Lube The Gun

Vasil Vasilev
wow, the idiotic behavior really made me hate this video. It was very confusing, not informative, along with the WRONG information about spine! ! I will probably never watch a video you make!
Comment from : Vasil Vasilev

max m
I thought these guys was dave and silent bob, but anyways thanks for the info helped me out allot
Comment from : max m

Buy killin stix arrows
Comment from : 1978jamiemurray

Aiden Frette
The spine is not the same as the size of
Comment from : Aiden Frette

Logan Hockenberry
Man shads great
Comment from : Logan Hockenberry

Catch 22
Good info.
Comment from : Catch 22

Tomek Biniek Art
soooo are you guys kill animals????!!???!!
Comment from : Tomek Biniek Art

Brian Trimboli
You should absolutely practice with what you hunt with... spend the extra couple bucks for the peace of mind
Comment from : Brian Trimboli

Ralf Johann
spine is related to the grade of flexing. A spine of 500 means the flex is a 0.5 inch. the lower the spine the stiffer the shaft.
Comment from : Ralf Johann

isaac jackson
Is the weight of the arrow with or without a broadhead/feild tip?
Comment from : isaac jackson

keith baker
Arrow spine has no link to arrow diameter what so ever, the spine is the amount of deflection of the shaft when 1.94 pounds of weight is applied to it between 28 inch spaced supports! Less goofing around and more accurate information wouldn't be a bad idea!
Comment from : keith baker

Hey what's wrong with Walmart arrows? Lol, seriously i love using them for target arrows, just cut off the vanes, replace with blazers, cut the shafts to proper length and bingo, cheap arrows that fly pretty well! I posted how i build them oncmy channel if you wanna see... you'll love my insert removal hack lol
Comment from : dogshoe21

Mirko K / Meka906
Great vid. Thanks for the info.
Comment from : Mirko K / Meka906

Bob Wilson
"In summary, go to your pro shop.." probably the best piece of advice mentioned in this video.
Comment from : Bob Wilson

How to Choose Arrows for a Compound Bow 30in 90lbs ?
Comment from : sabas7007

Merlin Krisp
You guys remind me of the movie strange brew lol
Comment from : Merlin Krisp

Brady Hodges
Does this include the weight of the broad head and arrow or just arrow
Comment from : Brady Hodges

Darkbeast Paarl
Freakin' love shad
Comment from : Darkbeast Paarl

Adventure One
uh, lots of issues here.. gpi is the weight. Spine is how stiff the arrow is, not the diameter. In your Beman example, 340 is the spine, not the weight - the weight varies based on length, aka grains per inch)
Comment from : Adventure One

Ashton Kutcher and his slightly intoxicated friend😂
Comment from : Daniel

Sarah Krus
I love charts, but how do I find the chart you mentioned?
Comment from : Sarah Krus

Ibrihim Dmoizus
Spine is the stiffness of the arrow. Has nothing to do with diameter or gpi.
Comment from : Ibrihim Dmoizus

you guys are a pretty entertaining duo, earned my sub!
Comment from : TheFapFactory

Brian Houser
I feel like I’m watching Tool Time
Comment from : Brian Houser

Joey Trout
do one about sights and stuff about them
Comment from : Joey Trout

When you were talking about the correct weight of arrows to use was that including the broad head? my arrows are 29 inches at 9.3 GPI would be about 269 that falls way short of what you recommended for arrow weight. I'm pulling 60 lbs. Thanks
Comment from : brnksr98

The other guy is so high
Comment from : BoltCardz

LeadSlinger 814
love my bemans... good vid
Comment from : LeadSlinger 814

Subject was just what I was looking for... But you quys ruined the video by joking too much, and told way too fast through a-z. But maybe it wasn't for me who really don't know anything and want to learn. But I smiled a lot though.
Comment from : Soonmush

Josh Kelly
Does the 6-8 grains per pound for the arrow include the broadhead
Comment from : Josh Kelly

mike sipes
you guys are great looks like you are having fun and enjoy teaching and your hats and winter hats look great by the way where can i get them way up here in Canada
Comment from : mike sipes

Guy Noblett
could anybody help what type of arrows I need this the specs I could find:

Limbs- Fibreglass

Riser- Aluminium 

Finish- Black 

Cams- Twin Cams

Draw Weight adjustment 50 - 70 Lbs 

Draw Length adjustment 26 - 31"

Bow Length- 31.5"

Type Compound Bow

Comment from : Guy Noblett

jenny sjøberg
I hav a compound bow😀
Comment from : jenny sjøberg

Bryan Bowman
For the equation of determining gains based off draw weight, does that include the amount of grains of the broadhead or the arrow only?
Comment from : Bryan Bowman

Sebastian Wojnar
Love your videos! Simple and explain things well. Would have to look everywhere to get all the info you guys gave in that one video. thanks and keep it up.
Comment from : Sebastian Wojnar

Helt Weg
nice tree german tradition
Comment from : Helt Weg

Andit Nur Intasworo
hi guys, just curious, what would happen if we overweight the arrow? say like im using 640gr for 55lbs draw length?

Comment from : Andit Nur Intasworo

sabo west
Since the only dumb question is the one not asked....How do you determine Grains? Does a mini scale have grains or grams? I have shot Easton axis 400 for years but I just shot the Gold Tip Kinetic Kaos and was impressed with the impact. I hope you include those in your arrow preview. Nice hat! Great work.
Comment from : sabo west

Blacktail Warriors
No matter what video you guys make, it is always hilarious! Keep it up fellas.
Comment from : Blacktail Warriors

Bradley Nixon
Spine is just arrow stiffness. Nothing to do with weight of arrow diameter....or at least that is my understanding of it.
Comment from : Bradley Nixon

A. Wheeler
Important to note that higher spine number means its thinner and not as stiff. Most arrow manufactures also have spine selection charts.
Comment from : A. Wheeler

Ash Gallardo
so one thing if an arrow was 3$ and 7$ does the thee dollar one just as good a a seven dollar one or worse
Comment from : Ash Gallardo

Alex Santa
thank you
Comment from : Alex Santa

Danny Schwab
thanks. god bless y'all.
Comment from : Danny Schwab

Thanks for the info boys!
Comment from : BlackGold25

Detours with Frank
Great information. Just bought my first bow and your vids have helped me choose the bow I got and accessories for it. Keep up the great work.
This is Frank aka Uncle Crusty.

Comment from : Detours with Frank

David Cilny
shad 30 pounds hahaha
Comment from : David Cilny

Ians Adventures
like your vids
Comment from : Ians Adventures

Outdoor Livin
Can you make a video of how to get over target panic?
Comment from : Outdoor Livin

Aaron Ravaillion
woooo first comment! churr the boys! sticks
Comment from : Aaron Ravaillion

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