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Ross Kulma
Since all slot machine’s are random number generators what he says is impossible.
Comment from : Ross Kulma

Jerry Langlois
You'd just as soon buy one of those televangelist books on '' how to get to heaven. ''
Comment from : Jerry Langlois

Best Music
his system can't only require 500 bucks....he's spending millions to make millions....
Comment from : Best Music

Jorge Serna
Step by Step and now my Turkey is burned.
Comment from : Jorge Serna

Red Chevy
This pro slot player is right. That said, it's way too much work to tabulate when the odds will favor the payout vs money spent probability. Furthermore, you have to have a huge bankroll because the odds of winning are still low. So it could easily take you a year or two to win a jackpot...if at all. Just like the lottery when it hits $500 million. The odds may be less than 1-500 million to win, but still...just because the odds favor you doesn't mean YOU'LL be the one who gets the winning ticket. Same thing with progressive slots. Better to stay away from ALL SLOTS.
Comment from : Red Chevy

I Can't say he's tellin the truth nor can I say he's feeding ya poison, what I can say is that it's certainly not for me, I was lucky enough to score the Grand Jackpot on a Dragon Cash Buddah machine, got the 15 sun/orb, I'd chucked in ten lousy bucks, 1 cent denom, 1 credit x 50 lines. chewed the lot, threw in twenty bucks, 1 cent denom, 2 credits x 50 lines had exactly 3 presses got that feature and it filled the whole screen, last box was bang smack bullseye now I received roughly $5,400 thats including the figures on the orbs, thing is where I am $5,000 is the reset minimum for the GRAND JACKPOT so someone not really long before me had also got it.
Comment from : G S

Crazy but true in anything if you know.
Comment from : restfulsole7

Ed Stevens
Fkng shill...
Comment from : Ed Stevens

Elaine Farley
Peter. You need to come to southwest Oklahoma, USA. Here in the southern area, we have slots machines. Casinos galore! No joke! The ones here have a bingo card inside and it's suppose to be a slot machine! The slots in Vegas, the screen doesn't have a mini bingo card.
You need to be my teacher!
Thank you for speaking. Elaine

Comment from : Elaine Farley

Dan Stafford
Playing a slot machines is just like playing against a stacked deck!
Comment from : Dan Stafford

Dan Stafford
Anybody that wins a $10,000 jackpot will have it played back into the casino 6 months later!
Comment from : Dan Stafford

Wheres a video of him hitting jackpots like crazy???
Comment from : Mex1canPapi1

This guy is correct. Some games have "pools". In some cases as the pools build up, the RTP goes above 100%. If the game is a small banked game (2-3 games together) and not wide area - or the game is stand alone, you can definitely win on these machines. You have to play the machine until you win - or in the case of a bank of machines, you have to play them ALL until one of them wins - meaning you have to have a team or players. One company I worked for recalled a game like this. The game still pays the correct RTP, but when the pools are just starting (reset to "zero"), the RTP is much lower. The RTP slides up as the pools get higher. The casinos did not like the "vultures" waiting for the pools to go above a certain point so they could play. So they just removed the title.
Comment from : n00b

my kids 6 years old can do that shit game ..just click ...click..click
Comment from : MARIO MUSKETER

Javier Bustamante
It's all about luck
One time l won 3500 with 20 dollars on a quick hit slot .
Last time l went to the casino l pend 400 dollars l didn't win anything.
What can you say about that professionals gamblers?

Comment from : Javier Bustamante

Will Martell
I've been going to Las Vegas for going on 15 years now, not only have I never won a significant jackpot, I've never seen one hit and I spend quite a bit of time on the casino floor. I've won here and there but it requires time and investment. Just because a slot says it pays off 94% of the time doesn't mean it jackpots 94% of the time. Now the major casinos have slots so tight you're lucky to get 40 spins on a 1 dollar machine. Lose your money on dice it more fun and social.
Comment from : Will Martell

Sadik Meah
I'm sure in one of your other videos you warned us about people who write books and boasts about making money on slot machines because as you rightly pointed out if there was a winning formula why would you share it.....

...yet here you are interviewing such a person...


Comment from : Sadik Meah

Jay Nguyen
do not listen to them. there r no system to beat the slot machine. the longer u play more u gonna lost. slot machine win is generated by RNG. there r no system. if u luck u stop the reel at the winning RNG u win. but ur chance of hitting it slim. more likely u will lost all ur bank if u think u gonna do this for a long time.if u r ahead by any chance quit. get the fuck out
Comment from : Jay Nguyen

M Stephens
What a scammer this joker is!
Comment from : M Stephens

Valerie Jones
I was totally lost with this video. I’m more confused than I was before???
Comment from : Valerie Jones

Lisa Wilson
I didn’t understand a word of why this guy said other than: play the machine with the highest jackpot? Am I right on this?
Comment from : Lisa Wilson

Joey Money Man
I followed this guy strategy and lost big lol
Comment from : Joey Money Man

Craig List
"professional gambler"....my favourite oxymoron,lol
Comment from : Craig List

Craig List
'In the long term you'll win"....Ha Ha...another totally laughable statement. What an absolute load of bull.
Comment from : Craig List

Craig List
Steve and Matt Bouri, You are kidding? I have worked in casinos for 40 + years and you guys are 100% con artists. if you have made any money from slots, it'll have been from the sale of your book.
Comment from : Craig List

Random and absurd
It's easier catching herpes than winning slot machine.
Comment from : Random and absurd

Excellent Comment
Omg. He says he won't teach people in his area and yet he has a book for sale on the exact subject that people anywhere can read including people in his area. Plus he says people have done his course and made nothing. He is making money from slots because he charges gullible people nearly 10k for him to teach them. Look, ask yourself this: If you knew of a way to make 1000's of dollars for nothing, would you tell anyone or keep it to yourself? Total charlatan. Load of bullsh*t
Comment from : Excellent Comment

Noel Reign
This guy is full off it.
He is the only winner ,if anyone falls for it.

Comment from : Noel Reign

Bill Mahnken
How to win at slots, DONT PLAY THEM.
Comment from : Bill Mahnken

sick of liberals
Best way to win is not to go, machines are rigged but casinos tell you they aren't while making billions a year, no that don't sound rigged to me at all Lol
Comment from : sick of liberals

Kevin Parshall
ROFLMAO, This guy from Australia is full of bull, listen to his lip smacking this is all a lie and he don't believe what he is saying. The other 2 men are fake and wrote a book. Wow anyone can write a book. The blue shirt having hard time reading the script.
Comment from : Kevin Parshall

Puppet Master
I've played slot machines for year's. The old Red White and Blue machines paid well. Wheel of fortune has paid me very well on a max bet jackpot. 5x 10x machine has paid me very well on a max bet jackpot. My rich uncle Ben machine paid well. Lots of the old machines have been removed and replaced with newer computerized motherboards and the reels are number generated individually. So a jackpot is straight luck nothing more. You can push a button or pull the one arm bandit your odds are the same only thing different is the timing, and timing is a virtue playing a slot machine. I've sit next to a woman that hit 28.000 on on a progressive wheel of fortune. She said she has played for many year's and never seen over 1400 on a jackpot. My opinion and experience never give back your profit. I've hit jackpots not expecting to hit sometimes I go just for fun with friends to get away. If I want to play a slot machine and don't feel like leaving home I play my own slot machine in my home. Good luck to anyone that plays the one arm bandits because Luck you will definitely be needed.
Comment from : Puppet Master

Every slot machine on Earth has a ratio of 70-30...
Comment from : SerchSource

Zheng Chang
don't believe
Comment from : Zheng Chang

Robert Mitchell
Most excellent ad for casinos dude!! 🤪
Comment from : Robert Mitchell

It's a typo, folks.
It's 'sluts'. Not 'slots'.
Sorry for the confusion.

Comment from : TheBatugan77

john jay
you dont gamble and you are winner.
Comment from : john jay

Robert Muncy
What do you know about exacta Slot machines?
Comment from : Robert Muncy

lester b
Hes selling a book enough said
Comment from : lester b

Professional slot player?
I'm sorry, but I don't believe a word of that.

Comment from : filmtajm35

Beach Pirate
Damn the people in these comments are stupid. If a progressive jackpot on a single player machine with a $500 max is sitting at $499.95, would you really walk away and leave it? Of course there is way more value in the jackpot than the loss you would make to trigger it. This is primary school mathermatics.
Comment from : Beach Pirate

Hi. Guys. I gave ya some likes and a sub. I just started my channel last week, check it out.
Comment from : Randyslots

Nicholas Moreno
U can win at any slots but you must have lots of bank roll and Luck. But, this guy is full of Crap!
Comment from : Nicholas Moreno

Nomad Nomad
Play wheel of fortune $1 machine while it's raining outside 😂😂😂
Comment from : Nomad Nomad

acer13 p
wow guys very low cant really hear you guys
Comment from : acer13 p

Lee Kh
He made money selling the book or playing the game. Calculation to win or is it random.
Comment from : Lee Kh

Victor Marinaccio
Absolutely ridiculous. The odds are the odds and in the case of slots they're set on the machines themselves.
Comment from : Victor Marinaccio

Jon skelin
I go to the casino to pretend to play the slots and look at the beautiful waitresses. If I find one that interests me, I would ask them to come to my room and tug on my one arm bandit for cash. At least I leave happy with no regrets.
Comment from : Jon skelin

Jon skelin
He is Joe Beiden twin from another country.
Comment from : Jon skelin

otis driftwood
There is no skill to a slot machine it's a complete game of chance this guy's a snake oil salesman
Comment from : otis driftwood

Juaking A1
It’s funny cause I gone “20 times”and I never win The slot machine always takes 88% of my money I win %12 and if your keep playing you lost all your money does this sound familiar 🤔🤔🤔
Comment from : Juaking A1

mike ck
The background was fake, this is à staged interview
Comment from : mike ck

James Brown
Audio book hahahahahaha
Comment from : James Brown

Mike Usselman
What about taxes,, 30 percent of the winnings?
Comment from : Mike Usselman

Dr Ben Kirk
makes millions and still has VHS Video tapes in the background...
Comment from : Dr Ben Kirk

Thomas Blue
Nice song and dance, sorry not buying your B S or your book.
Comment from : Thomas Blue

Heath Barker
FACT: There's is no such thing as professional slot player.
Comment from : Heath Barker

Gregory Carnes
" results not typical, individual results might vary " I have been playing with casino monthly promotional money for many years and I celebrate if I win $20! Sorry but this is a little on the "shady" side. I liked watching
Other videos. This is way over the "top". Sorry guys I had to share this disclaimer.

Comment from : Gregory Carnes

Bruce Mackay
There is ways but this guy will never tell you anything
Comment from : Bruce Mackay

Only waybto win at slots, is to own the machine and treat it like a bank...🎰
Fill it with a few hundred dollars, try to gamble it out.
If you don't get anything back, it's still YOUR money 😄

Comment from : 49jubilee

Roadrunner slots
Comment from : Roadrunner slots

He is full of poop
Comment from : waxogen

Nature and percussion
Great video, it's better to play this way than the dumb way, he makes perfect sense to me, very smart.
I thought of the same idea but then forgot about it.
But, how do we know what is the jackpot limit when it's supposed to hit?

Comment from : Nature and percussion

memnok magee
pure bs just just go down to your local launderette and play the coin changer, money pumping into a machine just like slots and you'll always break even much better odds than a slot machine
Comment from : memnok magee

Edwin Jewell
Are you F#%%% kidding me its the ATM machine thats winning.
Comment from : Edwin Jewell

Tom Case
and when do u tell me how to win . slimy bloke
Comment from : Tom Case

Elliot J
What a liar, nobody can win playing slots unless you quit.
Comment from : Elliot J

John Lupo
WHAT THE HELL IS HE SAYING??????????????????????????
Comment from : John Lupo

Sounds like from part 2 that his success is in the past. What is his track record in Las Vegas?
Comment from : Astrosjer

PMT Slot Hits n' Stuff
I cant even watch this, Steve😭i know you’re exposing this person and making people like this look ridiculous...but this is painful to watch.
Comment from : PMT Slot Hits n' Stuff

This guy is a fool
Comment from : kNviCt

Norwegian viking
knowing when that point is would be nice, all other are just guessing....
Comment from : Norwegian viking

Are you Kidding !!!
Comment from : zorolobo

Andy Stone
come on, I was laughing at you two as your bull-shit meters were going off over and over again.......this video was a dis-service to all of your viewers.........SHAME
Comment from : Andy Stone

Dope Trades
Advantage Play is well known in table games and lesser known in slots (but casinos are well aware of advantage slots players). Essentially, you must be able to see that as the player, that some form of equity is available on the machine. Most known, this happens with progressive jackpots (but not just any progressive will do). Also, seasoned advantage players will take advantage of casino promotions (loss based and freeplay) etc, to improve the equity. I could go into great detail on how this works, but for obvious reasons, I'd rather keep the masses in the dark if they aren't willing to do their own homework.
Comment from : Dope Trades

Zixzero Slots
IF its Was that easy all Will win
Comment from : Zixzero Slots

SO, this AUSSIE is beating the random generator. There is NO advantage (unless you’re talking about the house-LOSER-BUY MY BOOK)

Comment from : keeferdog

Karen Brierley
Buy my book how to make money in three easy steps. 1get a job, 2 set up a savings account & save 20% of weekly wage 3 stay off the pokies & drugs. Please note this comes with 100% guaranteed tested method.
Comment from : Karen Brierley

It's like that Australia consortium who bought $5m worth of tickets for a Virginia state lottery back in 1992. They won $7m, which mean they actually LOST money.I'll stick to my puny dollar plays.
Comment from : Brisdad53

Josh Kelly
This guy is a hack, and you guys are as well for not correcting him. I suffered through one of your videos a while ago, and you yourself stated that the probability remains the same of hitting a jackpot, despite the amount of the jackpot and the amount of times the machine has been played.
Why then do you let this guy completely contradict your information from a previous video? You all are clowns.

Comment from : Josh Kelly

Wayne Hood
I have learned there are 2 types of casino. One kind sets their machines at an average payback rate and leave them alone most of the time then the other is the kind that changes their payback % on a regular basis usually monthly. One of the ways you make money from slots is through high amounts of free slot play. Say you get $300 in slot play a week then you make $300 from it, then you take half and try again and keep the other half. About half of the time you can double or more that half you play back especially if you know when to go. The casinos are usually better around the 1st week of the month due to disability and social security checks coming out and most of it going right to the slots from those old geezers with nothing else to do. Now if you live somewhere with 10 casinos like i do and you get free play like i just mentioned from only 3 of them and do the math that would be an average of $1200 a month from each casino times 3, that comes out to $3600 from FREE PLAY. Thats how you win at the casino.
Comment from : Wayne Hood

People like and exaggerate them a book deal then casinos laugh at us because it's all not true
Comment from : JOSEPH THISTLE

charlie pearson
trust me chasing progressives is a great way to loose your $$$
Comment from : charlie pearson

Christine Smith
Yeah don't play slots
Comment from : Christine Smith

Theunicronsociety2006 2
I would love to meet this person and have him teach me
Comment from : Theunicronsociety2006 2

Joy Luck
but at the conference of securities attending, what did you did speak to them about Peter?
Comment from : Joy Luck

Dads Do
And I’m Dave I have fuck all to do with the American casino guide
Comment from : Dads Do

Cjbae Rastafa
How to win at slots... dont play.... fuk those one arm bandits... stick to black jack or craps
Comment from : Cjbae Rastafa

They always have guys that have either British accents or some sort of accents. They think they sound more authentic it would not be fucking Liars but this guy is definitely selling snake oil

He has a special secret technique when he pushes the button to make the reals spin 😂😂😂😂😂

Okay, been watching a lot of slot machine videos. Every single one I've seen they say it's a game of luck end of story. So this guy is a professional lucky man?😂😂😂😂

Jeff Sawicki
He probably owns the casino and the greedy bastard wants to suck your money out of you on a garbage book.
Comment from : Jeff Sawicki

The best way to win is rub the screen push the button pull the handle spin around in the chair
don't drink the free drinks give the cameras dirty looks bump into people spill drinks tell off
the security while leaving the casino and complain about losing and in time it will pay off .

Comment from : Bubbles

Jeff Sawicki
Bullshit casinos suck you dry.
Comment from : Jeff Sawicki

john smith
I'll just keep my day job.
Comment from : john smith

Ron Globe
I wrote a better book, here's just a sample: 'Step #1: Put money in machine....Step #2: Spin....Step #3: Repeat Step #2 100,000 X's...Step #4: After you lose, you can burn my book!
Comment from : Ron Globe

Mike Kerr
Hahaha. This guy is hilarious. How to win at slots. Priceless. Why not follow him around for a week and the proof will be in the pudding. To have no proof and just cause you say so its absurdity. Garbage!!
Comment from : Mike Kerr

what a load of bull, each pull on the slot has the same odds as the previous no matter what
Comment from : mrfusion70

spank jones
You can win at slots and you can lose at slots. The odds are never in your favor. But all casinos have some that " attract players " with a higher percentage of payback than others. The trick is to find those machines and try to get an advantage. But we all know even on a 95% payback machine... You're in the hole on every bet and the payoff is smaller. Just more often. Slots are for the fun of it. You absolutely have no control over win or lose because they are based on "random number generators... " and very payline is equal to a number which determines what you get. You can count cards, you can't count random numbers!!
Comment from : spank jones

Jack Adams
Found this episode very interesting. Got a question. About player cards. Does the casinos in Vegas (The Strip or Downtown) base your comps on the money you put in the slots or cash-out? Thanks!
Comment from : Jack Adams

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