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Huck Seed got staked for VP. He found a machine in hi limit that had a over 100 percent payout
Comment from : PatrickB

Bro I ain’t going to lie. Didn’t watch. Come on bro let’s get this Colossus wrapped up. I feel like Joey is mushing the final cut. Let’s go bro . Fuck deuces wild or whatever this shit is!
Comment from : ZEP ZEP

Hey, I'm offended, I have a dead cat in my fridge too. The struggle is real #medeadcattoo
Comment from : yimyammer

That machine was so mush Joey would have canceled it out and that machine would have been defeated by you I truly believe that.

Ice cold ❄️

Comment from : MrTruth1253

Judy Kaplan
I play video poker double double all the time and all you’re doing is playing against the machine
Comment from : Judy Kaplan

Craig Mason's Reasonable Conversation Channel
We love the mush, but he is a mush.
Comment from : Craig Mason's Reasonable Conversation Channel

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
Quit cussing
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

Can’t watch this! Dude recording talks too fkn much!
Comment from : dcjonesful

Patrick Negro
You folded the gut shot straight Ryan!
Comment from : Patrick Negro

Terry Steffen
Ryan. Thanks. BTW. Don't hold Ace ten royal draw. Better chance to hit 4 aces. So only Ace!!
Look that you play video poker. Fun to watch.

Comment from : Terry Steffen

Bruno Desousa
Come to foxwoods
Comment from : Bruno Desousa

Summer Sylvers
I watch your videos before I head to Reno for good luck.
Comment from : Summer Sylvers

Michael Knight
On a highly volatile game as with double double bonus, You either win big or get destroyed.
Comment from : Michael Knight

Tu Papi 69
i like how you put real videos of how slots are not like some channels that always win in their videos.
Comment from : Tu Papi 69

So you are the one who breaks all the buttons cuz you hit them so hard. Good to know.
Comment from : Tiara

Dumb and dumber
Comment from : misterincredibo

Jarred Johnson
Great content as always
Comment from : Jarred Johnson

Rich Welch
Bob Dancer ...Video poker for winners. Best training tool you can buy. Has correction and all the games. You are giving up some EV not playing 100%. Good luck kid
Comment from : Rich Welch

Shenanigan King
Comment from : Shenanigan King

yoyo yoda
ryan....RYAN....hey who the victim...damn a hundo down in 10min...yes yes...for real.. you probably should do more research captain degenerate😎 yep...
Comment from : yoyo yoda

Christi Bell
Ryan, your language. Your Grandma would put soap in your mouth. Just win!!
Comment from : Christi Bell

Ralph Bruni
Tone down the language. I mean i don't give a fuck. Its your shit. You do you. But your better than those other mushers that swear when they lose a bit. Just makes a garbo vid to watch. Just a viewer and subscriber.
Comment from : Ralph Bruni

Christin Lakota
Ryan, #degennation Sunday NFL Fanduel contest, 10 ppl, $10 each, winner take all in true degen fashion


Comment from : Christin Lakota

Wayne Cook
Ryan Love your videos I live in georgia we dont have Casinos wish we did lol heres sending you much luck hit the big one brother
Comment from : Wayne Cook

JD Williams
Just keep one of the face cards unless they are suited.... Such a better play
Comment from : JD Williams

Brom Eliad
we demand more mush in the vlogs! #mushpower
Comment from : Brom Eliad

Belinda West
Casinos will never host you till you clean your mouth up. Just saying
Comment from : Belinda West

Gino Sierra
Somebody's got the royal chasing fever...lol Welcome to the dark side my friend...
Comment from : Gino Sierra

Joe Ewald
$100 in 10:12, not too shabby my friend lol
Comment from : Joe Ewald

Chris Lotito
Do you have an email address? I would be happy to email you a proper strategy for any video poker game you play. Strategy can vary in the same game depending on pay table. I find your videos entertaining. I agree you should always chase losses until your back to even or out of bankroll.
Comment from : Chris Lotito

T Ross
@5:41 you should put this on a beat #jams
Comment from : T Ross

Patrick Negro
Parcore.Ryannnnn! Why those guys try to hurt me at the Belagio?
Comment from : Patrick Negro

Patrick Negro
Ryan you’re the Jean Claude Van Dam of video poker!
Comment from : Patrick Negro

Gym S
What kind of comps does borgata give you
Comment from : Gym S

Badbad Manly
I think you’re better off holding the ace instead of Q-10 suited if there’s a jackpot for 4 aces.
Comment from : Badbad Manly

Brad Camillo
10 minutes to lose a hondo. best degenerate videos on the internet
Comment from : Brad Camillo

Tom K
Dude ace only for the hundredth time uhg
Comment from : Tom K

It's all dumb luck mostly. Most of my big video poker wins have been from flopping 4 Aces or a Royal.
Comment from : AttnJack

Rick Miller
We all love the mush, don't bash him.
Comment from : Rick Miller

Evil Spock
Flyin' Ryan, Triumphant Tom and PLO Joey (aka the Mush) The Super Degen Friends.
Comment from : Evil Spock

TeamSmellYourSeatSlots !!
Parkour!!!! With my finger up my ass!!! Parkour motherfuckers!!!!
Comment from : TeamSmellYourSeatSlots !!

I will be a Borgata all weekend so exited!
Comment from : dman1737

Andrew Yang's Greatest Memes
Good news... if anyone lives in Canada. I have an Amazon.ca storefront with some good deals.

Check out the link to my Amazon.ca storefront below.


**Special offer on RAZER THRESHER Tournament Edition!**

Comment from : Andrew Yang's Greatest Memes

Degen nation!
Comment from : Golkhl

Derek D
Up and down straight mush draw lol
Comment from : Derek D

Comment from : Stanley

steve serra
looks like the curse joey put on you is- working
Comment from : steve serra

Andrew Allison
Comment from : Andrew Allison

Wynn Wynn
You played better you never said "SPIN" once, you did however make a number of MAJOR errors. Those would not have changed the outcome. You were playing a 9/5 should be a 9/6 how much time do you look around the casino for machines with a better pay table? There is a web site that will tell you not only the best pay tables in a casino but where they are located there. ONCE again you said it yourself you should be a better player, and once again its called "Video Poker For Winners" not whinners. OK "BRO" have a Wynn Wynn day.
Comment from : Wynn Wynn

Ryan babe i wanna see more poker
Comment from : RagingAcid

The joke about the cat in the fridge had me rolling. Keep up the good work!!
Comment from : Recklessrick9

Mike D
Should of kept up the mush talk...
You stopped the mush talk and got mushed 🤣

Comment from : Mike D

David Ludlum
Teach that machine who’s boss. Hit it with another Hundred$$$$$ That’ll do it!
Comment from : David Ludlum

Kevin Karron
Degenerate content
Comment from : Kevin Karron

Man InBlack
We miss Joey the mush. If he reads this. We need u back Joey #mushpower #parkour
Comment from : Man InBlack

Joshua Gage
Comment from : Joshua Gage

Just confirmed my next Vegas trip in November. PARCORE!!!!
Comment from : Recklessrick9

CJ Speno
The first DEGEN here !
Comment from : CJ Speno

Chad Williams
First comment yes!! Lol
Comment from : Chad Williams

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