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Austin Johns
Comment from : Austin Johns

Does Vincent sound like the Allstate guy
Comment from : toxicYt

Godsonclashnjz .v2
Can you please do the heist over agian with avery and samara
Comment from : Godsonclashnjz .v2

Nicole Perew
I have not seen your video's in a long time and this made me want to watch more of your video's
Comment from : Nicole Perew

Kevin Durney
Comment from : Kevin Durney

Xbox neRd05
Ive been watching u since atleast 24 years
Comment from : Xbox neRd05

GTA sa had all of this right from the start
Comment from : Mr.StealYoGurl

Navon French
Hiiiiii 😃😃
Comment from : Navon French

Navon French
I'm a dig fin

Comment from : Navon French

Herbert Grunkin
Dude, your Crew sucks. This Steeal25471 is griefong every session he is on. Hope all your fanbase is not like this
Comment from : Herbert Grunkin

Karleen Walker
I have been watching for 2 years
Comment from : Karleen Walker

Kaleb Glancy
Bring gta back plsssss
Comment from : Kaleb Glancy

Topsy kretts
Was gonna watch the video but it's hard enough getting through 1ad you can't skip lol...
Comment from : Topsy kretts

3rd car on casino update looks like pagani
Comment from : Lucidity_Speed

Jordan Penhale
Comment from : Jordan Penhale

Tommy Timmy
What happened to the like spikes
Comment from : Tommy Timmy

Crystal Turner
The truck that you saw was a ford
Comment from : Crystal Turner

Bro can we play and buy casino in story mode tell me pls
Comment from : INHUMANS GAMING

Lanii Nielsen
Comment from : Lanii Nielsen

noah stundavlogs
55:33 lol they won't let you jump off
Comment from : noah stundavlogs

this worked for me i have 750m now
trevorglitch. site

Comment from : sumerfrivere

Javed B
How to download the gta 5 game
Comment from : Javed B

Julie McCumber
Comment from : Julie McCumber

Sal Lopez
Comment from : Sal Lopez

Kimberly Hughes
I asked to join but my mom said no sorry🤬
Comment from : Kimberly Hughes

Roblox Rookies
I play fortnight
Comment from : Roblox Rookies

duffle gzz
Comment from : duffle gzz

Funk boys Funk boys
I love you so so much 👍🎮🖥🎤🎧💶💴💵💰😎❤️
Comment from : Funk boys Funk boys

Swag King
I want a heists part 2
Comment from : Swag King

Ty Griffin
You were right on the truck its a raptor
Comment from : Ty Griffin

Jaime Salgado
You should have put the Bugatti red and black
Comment from : Jaime Salgado

Jordan Hall
Hi tag
Comment from : Jordan Hall

Pleading Mule
Press this if you love gta

Comment from : Pleading Mule

Alyx Booker
Comment from : Alyx Booker

Jaxon&Dave music
Comment from : Jaxon&Dave music

Pig thing
It’s been a while since I been in his channel
Comment from : Pig thing

The Truffade Thrax in real life is the Bugatti Divo.
Comment from : Dremblin

Donna George
Who is here a month later.. I know I am. (Edited) by the way TG love the dancing
Comment from : Donna George

Supcup Tubus
44.24 Princess robot bubblegum! 😉😉😉
Comment from : Supcup Tubus

Alex Edwards
Tg your so lucky my dad does not let me play Gta and im 19 1like for 1 prayer🙏🏻that my dad will come to his senses
Comment from : Alex Edwards

Quando_ Minaj
Can somebody game share with me trying to play gta 5 🙏🏿
Comment from : Quando_ Minaj

Tipton Sabrina
I do I'm going to remember

Comment from : Tipton Sabrina

watched whole stream, love this update! :)
Comment from : kaiser

Comment from : YNW JELLY

Milan Manick
Do I get paid
Comment from : Milan Manick

Milan Manick
I got it on xbox
Comment from : Milan Manick

zach attack
You should play batman Arkham Knight. And you the best fortnite player. :)
Comment from : zach attack

I tried to watch, but the acting in order to get Subscribers and all, is just terrible.
Be yourself mate.

Comment from : romeosafadi

Tawakal kepada Allah
tg please do stream because i was really bored.😢
Comment from : Tawakal kepada Allah

Bloodline Maddmann
So this only on PC??
Comment from : Bloodline Maddmann

Tonight Gamer
In two days it my bitday
Comment from : Tonight Gamer

Anis Korichi
36:38 PSG on transfert window
Comment from : Anis Korichi

Chanze Mcdainel
U playing gta 5 cansiono online on pc typical gamer ⌨🖱
Comment from : Chanze Mcdainel

yousef waleed
والله انت مبدع
Comment from : yousef waleed

boobs mcgloan
some one should make a russian roullette table mod,
Comment from : boobs mcgloan

i ain't gonna tell my name
enters the game at the 20th minute
Comment from : i ain't gonna tell my name

Kelvin Jude isuwa
I think you should put your logo on your handphone
Comment from : Kelvin Jude isuwa

Adam Ali
I love the new intro
Comment from : Adam Ali

Mith Randalf
GTA YouTubers have to always be annoying?
Comment from : Mith Randalf

ThuleDragon 666
chips I hear are too expensive, are there gambling tables where you can just put your character's money on the line to other players?
Comment from : ThuleDragon 666

Heaven Love
Comment from : Heaven Love

Alex Mcmanus
Sorry I just subscibed because I got new phone
Comment from : Alex Mcmanus

John Halle
46:00 pay to win moment. Shame on rockstar games, crying shame.
Comment from : John Halle

Tyler Johnson
no whats dumb is ps3 dont get updates
Comment from : Tyler Johnson

Sarah Branston
Can you dam get into the vidio
Comment from : Sarah Branston

meer ata
Comment from : meer ata

NaN cuerda
Why does typical gamers character look like nadeshot 😂
Comment from : NaN cuerda

The Worst Vegetable
T O O M A N Y A D D S......
Comment from : The Worst Vegetable

Potato 4Life
Comment from : Potato 4Life

Ethan Baker
Comment from : Ethan Baker

Nirthanjali Seelanatha
It’s jojoba
Comment from : Nirthanjali Seelanatha

Mr. Rohit
You are recording 2 07 in the morning
Comment from : Mr. Rohit

Anyone else watching when the horse racing glitch is a thing?
Comment from : brewers_10

Dutch Van-Der-Linde
22:16 tf is wrong with u
Comment from : Dutch Van-Der-Linde

The Narwhale
Black on the gold would've been great too, but I like the pure gold.
Comment from : The Narwhale

Sahibjot Singh Bath
Dear TG human is suppose to drink 1 little or else you will get sick
Comment from : Sahibjot Singh Bath

swat ashton
The gun store has a glitch when u try to buy anything in the gun store the gun guy will walk out
Comment from : swat ashton

QuanChoLona000 T.v
Ps4 - name : QUANCH000 any one looking to do an heist
Comment from : QuanChoLona000 T.v

40:08 I swear the character smiles while shes talking
Comment from : Nate

Yey were UK friends
Comment from : Nate

Pameter 89
19:00 minutes in is when the actual video starts
Comment from : Pameter 89

Rizat Omirjan
Comment from : Rizat Omirjan

Thakid Rjfox
A keep going i see u doing big things imma try to get like u keep up the good work
Comment from : Thakid Rjfox

jenn simmons
Is it showing in ps3 too?
Comment from : jenn simmons

kafilator 09
The thrax is a Bugatti divo
Comment from : kafilator 09

Maggot 361975
💎💍 🎲🎰
Comment from : Maggot 361975

Lolby x springtrap
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Your the best YouTuber
And I am to 😀
(Actually im a YouTuber but im not the best...) subscribe to awoggiee :3

Comment from : Lolby x springtrap

Domonic Martinez
Comment from : Domonic Martinez

Wow lot of negative comments is another one just play the game
Comment from : TheMagicmann1000

TjDaGoatt 34
Comment from : TjDaGoatt 34

TMG Brandon
Ford truck
Comment from : TMG Brandon

Russell Balbin
So we’re not talking about the horses from GTA SA?🤦🏻‍♂️
Comment from : Russell Balbin

Jayden Brown
You should finisher zombie mod episode 25 it been about 2 years but I still love every single other video
Comment from : Jayden Brown

Cameron and Charlie comedy sketches
I won the car on my first spin
Comment from : Cameron and Charlie comedy sketches

All qq! Who needs promotion account in GTA 5 online? 30$
Comment from : QW ER

That person
spar in gta 5 so pointless crap update if you really think about it
Comment from : That person

Samuel Gomez
The desert diamond casino is like 10 minutes from me where I live in Arizona.
Comment from : Samuel Gomez

Pringles ForBreakfast
Comment from : Pringles ForBreakfast

George Ashworth
Comment from : George Ashworth

Finally the version of the raptor we wanted
Comment from : Minted

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