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bryce Grozli
she is hot trash
Comment from : bryce Grozli

This was as painful to watch as the episode with the little kid talking
Comment from : Koala

very dumb player
Comment from : EmKayBe

why she keep says ok ok ? is it really ok with losing money?????
Comment from : tkwak0503

Lee Sui
If Holly came to my table, I would get up and leave lol
Comment from : Lee Sui

Nathan Nguyen
She sucks my nigga 😂😭😭😭
Comment from : Nathan Nguyen

jaypee jocson
Iwant to try 10 minutes blackjack
Comment from : jaypee jocson

Andrew Chai
ugh i can’t watch this
Comment from : Andrew Chai

gary lee
beautiful lady though
Comment from : gary lee

xin han
wat the äff is she doing lol
Comment from : xin han

I don't understand all of the "this hurts to watch" comments...? Someone is having fun playing a game (not even for real money) and you're all mad she's not playing how you want her to? Lmao get real, great vid CEG!
Comment from : SolarReLaPsE

yasmin sparrow
Funny but painful! Great attitude!!
Comment from : yasmin sparrow

Edward Barnhart
Where was her double downs??
Comment from : Edward Barnhart

Uh she’s actually worse than the Colin guy... couldn’t watch the full 12mins on this one.
Comment from : JNK

moose rage
Her betting strategy is just terrible
Comment from : moose rage

moose rage
This chick doesnt even know basic strategy
Comment from : moose rage

arod 0 ping
this hurts to watch
Comment from : arod 0 ping

john johnson
She has no idea how to play
Comment from : john johnson

Julian Hoyos
New game. Take a shot everytime Holley says OK.
Comment from : Julian Hoyos

Allen Lin
Holley! Holley! Holley!
Comment from : Allen Lin

Bueq Ray
Don't go to real table black jack. Nobody want to lose money to dealers.
Comment from : Bueq Ray

Big E
I'm such a David fan boy, I be cheering every time Timmy makes a hand
P.S. this was hard to watch sober

Comment from : Big E

Finally someone who follows perfect perfect basic strategy. 😁
Comment from : DougyFresh901

Judas Donez
I kinda got annoyed watching this one
Comment from : Judas Donez

Fahad Said
Timmy the sadist loves watching people lose.
Comment from : Fahad Said

martin davidson
Thanks for another great video.. good job Holly...
Comment from : martin davidson

Bryce Treese
Painful...the opposite of basic strategy. Lol
Comment from : Bryce Treese

CEG Dealer School
Thanks for watching! Shoutout to Holley for joining us in today's 10 minute challenge! -- Alex
Comment from : CEG Dealer School

Alan Toy
What happened Timmy, no more hit a soft 14 to go down to a soft 11 then to 18. Oh wait a soft 11 is a 21 :)
Comment from : Alan Toy

Alan Toy
we need Rocky to deal the blackjack challenge
Comment from : Alan Toy

Dean Gonzales
Holley has a cute giggle...way to have fun and not take it personal as TheCooler slices and dices your chips away. I would suggest playing again after some practice rounds and learn a couple of betting strategies to take advantage of those runs that pop up in the game 😆
Comment from : Dean Gonzales

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