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that is cool
Comment from : HelloIamC

I'm a winning player. At the lowest table of Zynga. It's true. I'm consistent, but I stay there lol
Comment from : HelloIamC

Aaron Utai
Great vid Alec. Much appreciated man.
Comment from : Aaron Utai

For further analysis watch an episode of The Sopranos “chasing it”.
Sure it isn’t poker but it is still gambling if anyone wants to torch their bankroll check it out 😎

Comment from : Alltilt

Steve Ulanski
Brilliant 👍 best thing i ever heard... I appreciate the raw and true honesty
Comment from : Steve Ulanski

We all think we play better than we actually do. This video is a good eye-opener and might save a bunch of normal people a lot of money. Thank you for your honesty.
Comment from : AVV

This is the best video on the subject. One note-- it's not that it's an "esoteric" profession-- it's that you're turning something most people do for fun into a job. Any job with that property is going to be extremely fucking hard.
Comment from : hymnofashes

Francois Giannini
wow dude how much COFFEE did you drink ?///
Comment from : Francois Giannini

Senna Rain
I know how to play I just don't know how to win. I forget discipline when facing an all-in bet, making crazy calls and crazy bets. I can do great for hours on small wins and losses and then make one big bad mistake. This is why I've busted out on the last 8 times I played. In fact, I wasn't ever ahead on those tables. Is it possible to get worse at poker? I was doing fine for months, and the last two months have made me into a DONKEY. People used to say: "I fear you" People used to fold full houses when I time my bluffs properly. Now I have idiots calling with middle pair. I have lost with pocket aces five times in a row!!!
Comment from : Senna Rain

Fash out
This entire video, Poker is hard and so is tennis...
Comment from : Fash out

hvnly qi
There are MANY so called poker pros and teachers etc etc that have not addressed this topic as eloquently and honestly. I don't feel hustled, I feel a sincerity in what you were sharing. Takes humility to do that and admit when things went bad and really delve into the reasons why that occurred. I too, have a similarly story about amassing a significant amount, then I thought nothing or no one could touch me, until of course, the inevitable happened. Funny thing, it happened in late 2008. I had to take a deep look within myself without blaming others or bad luck to see where I could prevent this from happening again. ( I took too many risks because I thought I was invincible and had a big cushion to fall back on). You hit on many issues that some people might not consider. I subbed because of your apparent sincerity.
Comment from : hvnly qi

Jon Gennari
acting is a great example of it! I trained in college and am very skilled but have only made my living at it about 1/3 of my adult life. Mostly doing theatre so...
Comment from : Jon Gennari

Guys also watch Andrew neemes video on winrates
Comment from : hymnofashes

Richard Harvey
@Alec. Can you do a video on “how to play against Maniacs”. I do get playing fewer hands, I’m doing that as much as possible given my style. I usually know where I’m at in the hand, But something mes I’m folding to manic over-bets, or getting caught in marginal situations when I decide to call? Any Advice?
Comment from : Richard Harvey

Gary John Heather
Very good content.
Comment from : Gary John Heather

Bryan Naylor
Great content as always Alec. I’d love to think I could make a living at poker someday. It’s my side hustle for now, I cash 65% of tournaments (usually mid cash). I’m better than average but, no pro.
Comment from : Bryan Naylor

Straight up - If you have to ask, then Nope, you ain’t good enough to make it in pro poker. At least not yet. Once I made the move into pro poker some 10 years ago, it’s cuz I already knew beyond a doubt I would crush it.
Comment from : A M

Bring on the Pain
playing full time, i can say people routinely underestimate variance, it ties in with alecs point about the long term and people giving up after a few months of trying
Comment from : Bring on the Pain

Richard LoNigro
Readback for Feeders xD
Comment from : Richard LoNigro

king 900
it is possible to make a living but its nit that easy u need to have all the things required if u missing any of them don't even bother playing full time
1) The proper bankroll dnt take shots have a proper bankroll.
2) Solid dicipanne means no tilt no playing casino games
3) very imp you have to be very good skilled player can't be a nitt and hope t make money .

Comment from : king 900

greg feldman
Totally agree. I live in Vegas and see grinders struggle daily. I played poker ft for a year, won, did goid, but not so fun
Comment from : greg feldman

So realistically how much can one expect to lose and win (money) just starting out from scratch about poker. Because I’m starting to get into it and would like to know how much I should save up to go out and ball, where I should do it. The different types of games, etc. Starting out is it possible to get a full time income say over 100k I can take home? I’m also pretty young and no marriage or kids, own my car. Thank you for the video! Gonna check out your other ones.
Comment from : GreyC5

Nathan Leniski
I feel like I need to play online to get my hands in and learn quicker but I live in the US. What are my options?
Comment from : Nathan Leniski

Steve Patterson
Playing poker for 15 years now. 11 of those years I have lost money and 4 of those years I made good money (as high as 18bb/100 playing live 2/5) but overall still down. I study I read all the books and take all the course buy all the solvers etc.. I have a good size bankroll from being a full-time trader which in turn has given me great bankroll and risk management skills. I also have a 127 IQ and sick work ethic. There is no money in poker for 99.5%. The only way to make any real money is if you play high stakes and if you think you can grind your way up you still have to make it through the good regs at the next level. p.s I am grinding 50nl as we speak but just because I am having fun and enjoy the challenge. Maybe one day when I make 100 million from trading I would consider retiring from my job and playing full time but you have to be insane to try it in today's environment.
Comment from : Steve Patterson

Andrew neeme and poker priest aren't really good
Comment from : Beanmachine91

Alex torelli is smarter than those other noobs
Comment from : Beanmachine91

Eerik Korhonen
I have been playing poker for 9 years and I can tell you in that time you will learn something no matter what kind of player you are, it is the balls that is needed to play poker as a pro
Comment from : Eerik Korhonen

Mechanic Guy
Another thing about professionals and poker tournaments is they always play percentages and odds. What I mean by that is they don’t try to be number one in every single tournament necessarily they just want to place high enough to take money. If they so happen to win so be it. But the higher you place and the more tournaments you play means you’ll win more money more frequently and you’ll have more in your pocket at the end of the day.When you try to win every single tournament as the number one player you end up taking too many chances and you don’t place very high sometimes. Even some professionals I’ve seen do the same thing.
Comment from : Mechanic Guy

Mechanic Guy
I believe it. Most people play off of their feelings and ego but a true hustler will always have something to defend with and always tilts the odds in their favor no matter what. A true hustler plays from logic only. The human egos concept of risk and reward results in “I have a chance to hit something in the flop” but the hustler says, “I have a hand now and my opponent hasn’t made his yet, time to bet”.
Comment from : Mechanic Guy

Brandon Dorsey
Just found this video so you may not come back to the comments, but I had a question. When you state that only one percent can make it as a professional poker player, do you mean that only 1% can make it as a high stakes player? Would you estimate that more than 1% can make a living playing 5/10 live?
Comment from : Brandon Dorsey

Speaking truth is always more powerful than selling people false hopes and dreams! Thanks Alex for the honest advice.
Comment from : 123lexlex123

Marsha Adams
Love this video! People need to hear the truth and hopefully be able to take an honest look at their game.
Comment from : Marsha Adams

Detroit Poker
Alec: This is a great video and you made such excellent points throughout!

I really liked how you compared poker to tennis or basketball, where people overestimate their skill. Such a good way to word that!

Comment from : Detroit Poker

John Hancock
I just make the agreement with myself, that i will not stop playing the game type, until eventually i am profitable... And im such a nitty person, that as soon as i make that commitment, i find a way to win fairly soon after, because i set a number of games/hands to play for a decent sample to judge my edge, and then play that many games (always with study breaks regularly between sessions, at least 2 per day is my rule, noting down any spots that trouble me and taking them into the lab in between sessions).

You have to leave your ego at the door when "taking a shot" at poker, people are not going to support you (in most cases), you are going to need to work longer hours than everyone else at least at first when you include studying, for probably less money than someone who can be a professional poker player can earn in an equally difficult line of work, whilst being aware of all that, not lose motivation, over month long break-even periods and even losing for a month or even a year depending on game type (live mtts i can easily imagine a very skilled player having a losing year, although i could be wrong).

Needless to say, poker is hard, i feel like it was hard before the internet, and then the internet meant all the bad players came in at once, that meant the game were really easy because of a surge of new players, which wasn't around before, so i'd say pre boom, poker was a hard way to make a living, we're just going back into that time again. Internet means you can put in a lot more volume if you are very good at the game... And live games are generally EASY to beat. Just allow some cushion for losing stacks to good regs who pretend well to be fish so you don't notice them immediately.... Once you know who the regs to be non-exploitable against in a live game are, the rest is just value betting efficiently and cbetting, 3betting and bluffing at the right frequencies depending on which bad player you're up against. But with live, i find, if you get it in the rough ballpark, ie, "my bets will need to be much bigger here"... And you just keep improving your lines, in live games you can completely clean up. I think the real skill is in finding games with mainly whales though. I can imagine sustaining 25-30bbs/100 in a game like that wouldn't be too hard. more than making up for the fact you're getting live volume. Have to be patient though, and be okay with not getting your money all the time. There will be losing times for every poker player. Just make sure you lose the minimum you possibly could and don't slack on that..
I make ends meet playing, and my bankroll has been growing (very slowly due to bills, but i have actually been keeping up with them for about a year and 2 months now, which isn't long i know, but it hasn't been too bad, other than in the summer where i had a -£3200 month, which was a big strain on the bankroll and buying things such as food xD But i managed to outrun the bad variance and made it all back + a lot more since then. made just over £19k in my first year as a full time player, playing online lowstakes games (mtts cash and sngs, depending on how i feel, i have a sizeable edge in all three at these small stakes, at least for now, although i always worry the games are going to dry up) and some live cash at a local club for some nice bonus money most of the time, and had 2 losing months live out of 14, but they weren't too hefty as i'm very careful with my bankroll.

I've found that poker is more than possible, it's very easily do-able, but you have to be willing to sacrifice a lot of other things. Hopefully i wont have to quit, but the lack of support from other, fixed members of my life, may end up forcing me. I play almost around the clock, adamant that one day i will be on much more than job money and won't have to play so much, but i get looked at like a problem gambler even though my graph is essentially straight with a few bumps of variance... This could be over-confidence, but i really do feel like, so long as new variants are being churned out fairly regularly (a good one maybe every 5-10 years), poker is fun, so people will play. I think volume is still the key, also being able to play any kind of poker.... remember poker is a mindset and if you're good in one type, you can probably get good in all of them, this will just mean more fishy games in your spectrum of choice and your game selection will be easier and easier the more of this you do.... Play as much poker for the stakes you beat as you possibly can, and try to move up and learn more variants in a reasonable (not too quick or slow) manner.

Your video outlines most of the problems i've either had or recognised in other players. Well done on forming it, it was very well put together. Bookmarked for referral when on tilt xD Hopefully i have added a little bit in my comment. Main message of which being (and also seems to be the general consensus) : YES it's possible, but SERIOUSLY consider the sacrifices you will need to make, and weigh up whether that's worth it for you... It will not be the good life at least at first, unless you are starting on a massive bankroll (like 50-100k starting.... in which case there are probably better things you could invest in, but if you are passionate about poker, why not?).

Also, i've been playing on stars, which actually seems to be doing what Dnegs said it would, The best regs hold a couple spots in the lobby of a sit and go for example, the rest of the regs don't join after that point unless they're bad, so the rest are always fish... You must bring MANY buy ins to battle the top regs, to get the time slot, but if you put them through hell in the time slot eventually, if you are better, the other reg will stop regging the games at the time slot. leaving just you, and one other (the better of the two usually) reg. I remember before the supernova changes, you were battling with way more regs than that on average in a 6max hyper for example, in say 2015.

If you are serious about making it, and it's all you want and you're willing to put in the hours of STUDYING and GRINDING. JUST KEEP GOING. YOU WILL MAKE IT AT LEAST TO JOB MONEY. This is because the people who actually stay involved who are good, are few and far between. Just be more serious about the game than your opponents, keep going. Avoid burnout more efficiently than your opponents too. It's all a balancing act... But just keep going (while bankroll managing well) and you will learn to spin all those plates at the same time. Just stick at it.

Comment from : John Hancock

Gigi Bubblegum
I've been wondering for ages now, so I'm just going to ask. Do you play on any of the poker apps like wsop or pokerist? I'm always thinking I may run into you on a table... I would LOVE IT SO MUCH.. Like LOVE LOVE.. lol...
Comment from : Gigi Bubblegum

At 30, Lost my small saving after 3 months started learning by playing low stake live poker. Still I know I got what it takes to be the best 1% or whatever it takes. I quit my job, being broke. Now I’m 35, and happy to say I don’t regret my decision. Alec is right, it takes real dedication to make a decent living with poker. I was a math teacher, so imagine how hard to be math teacher, I think poker is harder. But with much more freedom!
Comment from : MugenTJ

Azary Tamarov
Ur always putting out awesome content alec
Comment from : Azary Tamarov

all the people disagreeing in the comments have no clue what it takes,, thus the reason why poker is alive and while. 😀
Comment from : cbosmooth

Brian Space
Alec, I wrote an article reflecting similar sentiments. I think you would appreciate it. 

Comment from : Brian Space

David Johnson
I was doing great grinding away at microstakes and then I played one session drunk and there goes my bankroll. This game is so unforgiving when it comes to even temporary lapses of judgement. Go from up and coming shark to fish bait in less time than it takes a plane to fly to Vegas from New York.
Comment from : David Johnson

Eric Holmquist
Great message, and I appreciate the transparency. I think people have to start with a fundamental decision, do I want to play poker for fun (and maybe some side income) or for money. These aren't mutually exclusive at all, but one has to be the priority. Once you settle on that, the rest is a pretty straightforward series of decisions around prioritization, life balance, training, practice, review, session, etc. I love playing for fun as a profitable low stakes player ($1-3, $2/3, & a little $2/5) and I KNOW I don't have the discipline to make it my primary source of income. So your comments that you just can't "sort of" commit to this are right on. To quote Yoda, "Do, or do not. There is no try." :)
Comment from : Eric Holmquist

Joseph Marcklinger
Great advice, I think I have an advantage. Play once or twice a week, and have outside income, therefore no pressure.
Comment from : Joseph Marcklinger

Stephen Roselius
I always enjoy watching your vids Alec! Keep 'em coming!
Comment from : Stephen Roselius

the Merc
I was 18/19 and I blew a million... Let's be real for a moment Alec. How much did your parents gift you to start with? Did you start when you were 13?
Comment from : the Merc

Ashfaq Sheikh
You just crushed the dreams of many aspirants like me. But thanks for telling the naked truth. Now I know that it will take a holistic approach including eating right, exercising and developing mental discipline and toughness in addition to having an adequate bankroll for becoming a profitable poker player.

Comment from : Ashfaq Sheikh

I've been losing for a week and just feeling NUMB of it within 150 mtts or satellites, the most games I played one day is 35 games. I can imagine how hard is it to make a living if the poker site didn't compensate well enough for the grinders. A good one has been at natural8 the run the top mtt leader board where the 1st place get free $10k as bankroll
Comment from : Moan

Cr4zy 0ldGuy
Really good video.
The other question to ask yourself is 'What is a living?'
A 21 year old, used to making 10 - 12 bucks an hour at a restaurant job can make a living playing poker much more easily than a 45 year old software developer with a wife and 2 kids who pulls in $130K a year.
Do you want a new car every year?
Do you want health insurance?
Do you want to own a house or rent an apartment?
Live alone or have roommates?
Do you want paid vacation?
How much do your hobbies cost you?
Are you saving for retirement?

I've known a number of guys who 'went to Vegas to be a pro' and 6 months later, they are back in the local casino, grinding 1/2 after work, because they never defined to themselves what 'being a pro' even means. Anyone can say they're a pro, however, if we look at it realistically, all the 'big pros' have some side hustle to have additional income streams (i.e making You Tube videos and coaching, see above)

Comment from : Cr4zy 0ldGuy

Eric A
This was painful to watch due to your meandering presentation. I respect your knowledge, but if you had taken 10 minutes to organize your thoughts, this video would be 10 minutes less without losing any of the wisdom.
Comment from : Eric A

Ziggy Young
Nobody wins at poker except the house/casino.. fullstop!
Comment from : Ziggy Young

_____ prairie
Thanks for keeping it real Alec... I feel like the recent rise of the Poker Vlogger has given old grinders unrealistic ambitions again. I particularly like your point about variance. I have a talent for running up rolls, taking shots and coming out on the short end of a high variance situation. After losing a 3 or 4k pot and busting the rest of my buy in I always go back to those moments... If only.... Back to months of grinding at shitty low stakes tables with the dirty degens.... I'll also add the poker 'industry' unlike the other long shot careers you mentioned feels predatory because its based on profiting of off quite often already losing players hard earned money.... Much like a Ponzi or multi-level marketing scheme. But those vloggers make it look o so glamorous and easy tho... Don't be results orientated they say as you pull more money out of your wallet....
Comment from : _____ prairie

Don Goodman
I guess I'm part of your 5%. I've been profitable for the 2018 after not playing for 4 years. Yes, I tracked it in XL; yes, it's small stakes but I make money at poker in the toughest universe: online!. My one ambition is increasing my profits. To that end, I joined your pro thing (not sure it has that much value. you have some good ideas but I get the feeling from this vid that you probably think buying your service is a waste), I've been through the coursework with school of cards and beyond tells; I'm reading 4 different poker books at the same time (time slicing) and I've taken Negrenuas (sp?) master class. Anyone can succeed if they work hard enough at it. I don't buy deterministic-like arguments that 99% of all poker players are doomed to fail. I hope you will decide that players can improve and achieve their goals and that you want to support them.
Comment from : Don Goodman

Ray Macdonald
Perfect comment that poker like driving and sex..everyone thinls they're great 😂😂😂
Comment from : Ray Macdonald

I used to count cards in NJ back in the 1980's. I quickly learned that it's more fun and productive to be a "semi-pro" than a pro. If you must play poker to pay the bills, it becomes just another job - a financially dangerous one. I play less than 30 hours a month in the casino. I spend time studying the game at home on my off weeks. I have a real job and my poker bankroll is untouched by my life expenses. I feel this gives me an edge when I'm facing a table of burned out full-time poker grinders who assume I'm just another recreational schlep who doesn't understand the modern game.
Comment from : CribNotes

low stakes pro (1-3/3-5) for about 7 years and just recently started veering toward what you talked about at the end of the video. keeping it as a side hustle. definitely a lot less stressful
Comment from : jmaessoan1

Agustin Jaimes
One of your best videos, I completely agree with what you said, I'm a full timer. Playing ,1_2_5 Hi-low PLO,and 1-3 nlh.butt yeah this is gold great video 👍
Comment from : Agustin Jaimes

ct offcel
I watched video saying you angled amature ive never heard that term before i thought they always ask how many chips do you have?
Comment from : ct offcel

Brendan Murphy
I've played as a pro for 10+ years and completely agree. I am soul searching for a primary source of income. The problem is finding that after having the freedom and lifestyle i've grown accustomed to for the past decade. Very difficult time finding something else
Comment from : Brendan Murphy

Keith M
Great video, thanks for being so honest about being a professional. Poker is definitely a side hustle for me. Trying to learn everyday and get better every time I play.
Comment from : Keith M

Imperial Seal
That's a great video Alec, very informative and makes a lot of sense, my favorite one from you for a while ! I am 38 years old, and I believe I can make it professionally if I wanted to, I play in Macau too, about once a month, usually 100/200, sometimes 300/600, and I win about 80% of time there. However I understand age is not on my side, and obviously having a commitment to a family will not allow to go out there full time. What you said about being young and can much easily come back from losing your bankroll is very true. I can't imagine losing everything to poker and having to come back from nothing at my age... take 10 years off, then I definitely would given it a shot for sure !
Comment from : Imperial Seal

J Crush
I have the same thought process, because poker is not easy to make a living. I love to play poker and make it as a hobby. I put in alot of time to study and making a little bit money on the side. Don't think want be a pro. Love you Alec
Comment from : J Crush

Hooman Farahbakhsh
Alec is a boss
Comment from : Hooman Farahbakhsh

Mike Dunn
Comment from : Mike Dunn

Remodeling Pro
Definitely a part time hustle for me. I'm self employed during the day and online 200nl at night.
Comment from : Remodeling Pro

As long as they stay away from the table I'm sitting at they may have a slim shot
Comment from : HardDie

Poker Grinder
I’ve been playing at the 1-2& 1-3 no limit once a week since January 1, 2018. To this point I’m up $1100 definitely won’t be quitting my day job😉
Comment from : Poker Grinder

Adriano Alves
Real stuff! Great video Alec. Thanks for sharing this.
Comment from : Adriano Alves

I have been working toward becoming a self-sustaining professional for the last 5 years. I have played 6000 hours at live 1-3 and 3-5, plus a similar chunk of time on studying, journaling, and other off-table work. I'm currently making about $20k/year part time ($20/hr @1000hrs/year) before taxes. It's a long, hard road. I have no other major responsibilities and a big savings cushion which are invaluable. I can't imagine doing this without those advantages. When you throw around phrases like "have to make it work in three months" or "run it up to $250k" it makes my brain explode.
Comment from : Thor

Ryan Lewis
yep i agree. To make it to the top of the tree in any field takes next level talent and dedication. If it was easy then everybody would be doing it right
Comment from : Ryan Lewis

Dominik L
Hi Alec, I would like to ask about 85% of people never read the book or watch the video. Is that number really accurate? I guess it will be much less
Comment from : Dominik L

George Ludwig
If Alec didn't know what he was teaching in many of his other videos and he just wanted to sell whatever he sells, he would never ever tell his audience that only 1% really have the ability to make a real living, and only 5% really win. So hats off to Alec for telling the truth. When this video started I have to say I was expected to hear "Anyone can be a winning player if they just work real hard and follow all my instructions, and get my stuff" but that is like telling someone that they can become a professional basketball player just by working hard. It ain't going to happen! So a lot of respect here for Alec! And I will even spend more time listening to his advice. (But with the expectation of just improving!)
Comment from : George Ludwig

i personally dont like what you have share on this video. but its my personal view. what you have share is true and reality to most player. how many people in the world can play sport for a living? how many people can sing for a living? there are things that is theory possible but need to put in hard work and commitment. you are not encouraging people to put in the hard work and commitment , but you are telling your audience the facts. the facts is most people cant play sport for a living , how many NBA star , how many tiger wood. to survive in poker industry you have to be top few or hang around with worst player . to be able to make it in Hollywood or in the sport you have to be the best of the best ,cream of the top. you do not need to be the top engineer or top accountant or top teacher to make a living, you just need to be a competent in your skill to make a living. while in Hollywood or in the sport world , competent is not enough, you have to almost be the top, in the poker world either you are one of the top , or there is one more way about it, keep searching worst player that willing to play with you and they are rich enough to pay for your home, your vacation , and all your expenses.
Comment from : ChinGuan31

Anya K
No, it’s impossible to lose your whole bankroll in 1 day if you’re a pro. I’ve been playing professionally for 2+ years, poker and blackjack. You can control your losses. If it doesn’t go your way, get up and leave. I used to be ok with losing up to 4 buy ins. Until I met this guy who taught me this thing. Just go and come back another day if you run bad. My win rate is 15 bb. Very very rarely I lose more than 1 buy in now. I’m very good at table selection. If the game is bad for me, I don’t stay. It can be too crazy or too passive or I just don’t feel it. I play mostly lag. I support my parents who don’t work and both have cancer, I would never lose my bankroll in 1 day. Happy to make the 1% ;)
Comment from : Anya K

While I think it is good to share the difficulties of trying to play full time and all the obstacles there are I have to admit I was a little disappointed at the end there wasn't a more positive closing message about it not being impossible and if you truly put everything you have into it that a person with the proper discipline could be successful playing full time. I do, however, always appreciate your perspective since you have years of experience playing for a living. Thanks!
Comment from : Platopoker

Michael Covello
Can you survive on ~$10/hour? Cause that's what I've been averaging over the years according to my poker ledger app. The answer is no, so keep your day job, rid yourself of the pressure of producing, and just enjoy poker as an enjoyable hobby that you make a few bucks at rather than pay for. Not many folks can say that about their hobby.
Comment from : Michael Covello

Darryn F
BRILLIANT VIDEO! As a recreational player trying to become a long term winning player (not that easy!), this video resonates with me. Appreciate your raw and honest thoughts, it really sums up the life of a professional poker player. Have been studying weekly and tracking all my results for the past months, certainly seeing some good improvement in my game play and win rate. Nothing in life comes easy, but if you are prepared to dedicate time and effort to something you are passionate about, then you can achieve your goals.
Comment from : Darryn F

This is the best vlog I've seen on this subject and I really needed to see it.
Comment from : hymnofashes

David Huang
thanks for crushing my hopes and dreams!
Comment from : David Huang

The reason Poker is so hard to make a living at is because it's a negative-sum game. You pay the rake for access to less-skilled players, who are trying to destroy you. 95% of players must lose, because the average player, say at $1/$2, has to pay $20 an hour in rake. Now take driving a cab. You have a minimum amount you'd drive for and they have a maximum amount they'd pay for a ride. These are your 'reserve prices;' and the actual cost of the cab ride will be somewhere in between those two numbers. But the difference between them is the "gains from trade" or the value that's created when you do that economic activity. That means it's a positive sum game.

Poker doesn't create any value. Think of it this way. In a normal job, you and your employer or the owner of capital fight over who gets a bigger slice of the pie-- that is to say, the value you create-- but at least there is a pie. In poker, you're just paying a casino for the chance to eat each other.

Comment from : hymnofashes

Zeke Bones
I live too far from my casino to ever consider full time, (moving isn’t an option). I enjoy my part time mostly 1/3, occasional 2/5 20 hour grind a month. I started logging every session at the end of 2017, how many hours do you think are needed to get an idea of what you are. I’m at 325 hours, is that enough?
Comment from : Zeke Bones

nonoi pinoi
It's good i ran into this video before deciding to quit my job as an RN and play 2/5 NL poker professionally full time here in vegas. Thanks for the enlightenment Alec!!
Comment from : nonoi pinoi

Mr P
Excellent video sir 👍 Thank you
Comment from : Mr P

steve higton
...just shared this with a couple of ex-pro cuesports players ive known since the 80's. Wow Alex, you covered an expansive subject so eloquently. A very old head on such young shoulders, respect. Add to this the difficulty too when considering the dopamine release when winning against the dopamine release when you lose either in sports, poker or anything you wish to use as an example where winning and losing is a factor just for an added mind-f#*k.

Top athletes, sports stars and professional poker players are indeed in the top 1% of their field at the very least. Thee best vlog ive ever seen Alex, on a subject you obviously know a lot about, thank you.....

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Duane Hampton
Thanks for keeping it real, love your content! keep it going
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Jimmi Jams
The longer I listen to this video the more I am blown away!
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Jimmi Jams
It takes a total package to be a succcessful pro poker player even at the lowest stakes!
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Julian Ruvalcaba
Great video. All this is very true. I took about 4 months off poker to focus on other things in life and I recently started playing again and I was surprised how bad I was after not playing for just 4 months. I didn't feel like I was rusty or anything, but I noticed that players I had an edge on 4 months ago had an edge on me now. Poker is evolving so rapidly that if you just take a few months off, you won't have an edge on certain players like you did before. I don't know if it's just me, but have you felt like this before? It's definitely a 24 hour job to be a poker pro
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Jimmi Jams
Alec, your channel is making excellent players out of terrible players...I so love your teaching style!...thanks infinity!
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Ferran E
Thanks for all your videos boss. ✌️
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Great topic! Very informative.
Comment from : ADHD

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