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Michael Lewis
I must say that this strategy worked for me this weekend. A +$140 on the day. And when i when against the formula, I lost. Able to enjoy the games a little bit more doing this!
Comment from : Michael Lewis

Maribel Garcia
Hello ! I have to say that I tried this strategy two days ago at San Manuel Casino and, thank you ! I played about $200 and went home with $200 . It was a great feeling going home with money 💰😎
Comment from : Maribel Garcia

Kevin Samuel Haber
I also am 40 down most nights.
Comment from : Kevin Samuel Haber

Derek Morris
The second machine gave me anxiety.
Comment from : Derek Morris

I’ve used your strategy over the last month and I have $900 in change that would have been normally lost. THANKS for sharing.
Comment from : 100 MILER

haima Macabago
How to cash out?
Comment from : haima Macabago

Jan Jan
I tried this and its works! Thank you.
Comment from : Jan Jan

Comment from : richardvdl22

Joette Kanter
Way to go! 🎰🎰🎰
Comment from : Joette Kanter

Het-heru Khepra
Comment from : Het-heru Khepra

Rondul Defg
My name is Rondul thank u tubers an keep winning money.
Comment from : Rondul Defg

Vegasboii 702
Hi Neil! I found your channel recently. I’m from Vegas and just looking for tips and strats. I used your strategy with the 20’s and cash out anything over $25. I left the casino with almost $100 exc. the original money I brought with me. Thank you and keep the good work!
Comment from : Vegasboii 702

Crochet & Tea with Marie
I tried the Cash Me Out strategy yesterday! I had $40. Broke them into 5's though. I totaled $68. Put my $40 in the bank. And on the last $5 from my $25 I hit for $100. And actually left the casino up $100 😱. My $40 in still in my bank lol
Comment from : Crochet & Tea with Marie

farid bachd
is it okey to use this strategy in online casino apps?
Comment from : farid bachd

Josh B
You’re voice sped up sounds like an older woman
Comment from : Josh B

James Huseby
Comment from : James Huseby

Mary Linda  Ramos
My question is how do you know how much to bet on a machine? Do you raise or lower your bet at anytime?
Comment from : Mary Linda Ramos

Do you have the use the player card?
Comment from : tonytouch22

I am so glad you posted this. Most people only post themselves winning and it's so unrealistic that you will win every time. Thank you also for sharing your strategy. 👍🏽
Comment from : ddlhall

Ci Chris
Can you explain to me what the bet is? On here it says 30. Are you betting 30 lines or $.5 per game? I am super confused. What is credit? Is that how much money you have put into the machine and are using?
Comment from : Ci Chris

Savageッ - COD Mobile
This is fun to watch!:)
Comment from : Savageッ - COD Mobile

Angela C
thanks for sharing your losses too :) even though I know can't win all the time
Comment from : Angela C

Ula Hei
Just found your channel. Subbed, I saw your strategy video and I play very similar to pocket my winnings. How do you video your play in the casino? I'd love to record some of my play but am always afraid security will tell me to stop.
Comment from : Ula Hei

Jeanette Cao
Hey Niel!! I plan on going to vegas for the first time and would hope if you could answer my questions!!

Which are your favorite casinos and slot machines? I've been eyeing buffalo and willy wonka, but who knows!!

Comment from : Jeanette Cao

Krysta Bonner
I love this strategy for playing slots, need to try this next time at casino.. keep the videos coming... love your channel!
Comment from : Krysta Bonner

Aussie Alba
Just catching up on your channel mate. Great strategy. 👍💚🇦🇺
Comment from : Aussie Alba

Loren Staab
I love Jamiroquai Virtual Insanity in the background
Comment from : Loren Staab

Great video! I couldn't agree more with the cash out method. Anytime I double up, I'll cash out. It really does make a difference in what you take home. Keep putting the videos out, we're enjoying them!
Comment from : KJ SLOTS

Susie Smith
I never know why casinos turn music up so loud with all the loud machines. Lol.
Comment from : Susie Smith

Alberto Gonzalez
Great video btw
Comment from : Alberto Gonzalez

Alberto Gonzalez
Looking good amigo
Comment from : Alberto Gonzalez

Denise Brooks
Hey-a Neil. Love the strategy. It's one of the thing that help me play longer and go home with a little something in my WinnerBank.
Comment from : Denise Brooks

Jesus S
Comment from : Jesus S

i also have the winners bank as well it really helps
Comment from : SuperSonicGoldens

i think i already use this stradegy except i try it with 100$ instead of 20$ and i always max bet but overall its a good stradegy i havnt low betted like that since my first time going to the casino
Comment from : SuperSonicGoldens

Wayne's A Slot
Oh man...I was hoping you'd hit it big to load up your Winner's bank!! I remember seeing your videos around and never really watching them until THAT video and I was hooked and subbed...THANK YOU!
Comment from : Wayne's A Slot

ElvisCorvette Slots
Okay, I think I got it...I will try it out tomorrow at MGM National Harbor. Thanks for sharing.
Comment from : ElvisCorvette Slots

Thanks, that was fun!
Comment from : KJ M

May Kouri
I enjoyed watching this video, I've tried your cash out strategy, but my problem is, when I see that the machine hit, and gave me more than my 20$, I say maybe it's a paying machine, and then end up playing more and most often loosing my 20$. 😔
Comment from : May Kouri

Thanks for sharing a strategy. It’s always a good night leaving with some money in your pocket
Comment from : Serby

Debby S
Going to Laughlin (4 days) in March & definitely going to try your strategy.  I'm famous for giving it all back after hitting. I'm subscribing so I don't miss anymore of your video's. Thanks for sharing some good advise.
Comment from : Debby S

Brian Christopher Slots
Omg, first I love your sassy sped up voice! Second, I love playing that way too. Adds structure to the madness!
Comment from : Brian Christopher Slots

Hey nice vid! What do you think of the Slots at Morongo? Tight, loose, average, meh? Planning on heading there this weekend.
Comment from : AttnJack

I think I'll start trying this.
Comment from : Coldsummer91

Matthew Johnson
Can't wait to try out your method. Do you find that playing the non trademark or royalty paying machines i.e. WOF, Pawn Stars, etc. playing the more generic machines pay out better?
Comment from : Matthew Johnson

I like the concept neilly very fun!!! I've never seen that samurai game ever goodluck on your quest😃❤️
Comment from : Imarriedvictornewman

Connie Frausto
I still play with your stragedy.. thank you for sharing
Comment from : Connie Frausto

Linda S
That was fun thanks
Comment from : Linda S

brian maloney
Damn wish i knew you were in highland, I'm 20 minutes from there. Nice video I like the strategy 👍😁
Comment from : brian maloney

Shahar M
great video Neil, i remember the method 20$ and play different slot machine. i did it on a vacation in slovenia i a casino and that methos help me win to. send you all the best. have afantasric day mate
Comment from : Shahar M

Colin Alford
Great games Neil thanks. Always good to see different slots. Have got any plans for live slots? Keep the luck with you guapo x
Comment from : Colin Alford

Joseph Moreno
Nice video! enjoyed the first 1 one you made about this it's now my lil way to play at the casino!
Comment from : Joseph Moreno

Terry Funburg
Thanks for the redo.
My system is similar to this.

Comment from : Terry Funburg

Ann B. Slot Videos
Nice video. Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Ann B. Slot Videos

NorCal Slot Guy
Comment from : NorCal Slot Guy

Angel Carmona
I’m going to do this strategy on my bday Feb 1st. Hopefully I see you do this strategy more so I can boost my confidence with it.
Comment from : Angel Carmona

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