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tom conner sounds like Jerry Smith from rick and morty
Comment from : kittycomando

Kevin: constantly says wheels in the normal voice while customizing

Me: remembering the good old days when Kevin use to say “wheeels” in a high pitched squeal

Comment from : DeadRexxy223

Bruce Williams
Not with pink
Comment from : Bruce Williams

siege montages yeet
Comment from : siege montages yeet

lindsay O' Watch
Comment from : lindsay O' Watch

why was that so perfect? lmao

Comment from : Migi

Katuyana ENG
Look at those ads
Comment from : Katuyana ENG

Ashton Smith
It was fun when it came out it stall fun and today
Comment from : Ashton Smith

Julie Campbell
Comment from : Julie Campbell

Username Unknown
I like The muscle classic rod wheels
Comment from : Username Unknown

You got the Thanoscar, the Elmocar, and the XpertThief Mobile because why not

Ricky Martinez
I do
Comment from : Ricky Martinez

Laura Chandler

Comment from : Laura Chandler

Rose Carson
Comment from : Rose Carson

Lil Isaiah
I got all House's in the game
Comment from : Lil Isaiah

why does the casino sound like jerry from rick and morty
Comment from : xxxComplexity

abdullrahman nassar
Fgggfygyffjgfgbhg hi to you and I can help with you to get your car to the next car and go get it done with the car I have a car that is a car iand is the car you ii is a good one to get your stuff out of your car and get to my truck so I have a couple minutes to do it I will get you some stuff and then go to do it and go bye and get it and get your
Comment from : abdullrahman nassar

abdullrahman nassar
Comment from : abdullrahman nassar

I've been watching you for 3 years and I know you're intro by heart and I say it every time
Comment from : I NEED RF MODS PLZ

Carter Procter
Grey with red pearlecnt
Comment from : Carter Procter

Haley Whitson
Xpert um some1 is saying I'm playing with you and I don't know if I should believe him
Comment from : Haley Whitson

Andrew Mehdi
My Favourite Is The S80RR
Comment from : Andrew Mehdi

Brendan Ryan
Send me your Xbox account name
Comment from : Brendan Ryan

Jenna Richline
Comment from : Jenna Richline

They should add craps
Comment from : GEOGUY2001

Archie Wilding
Y don’t u buy a hangar at the military bace then invite people to ur hangar then kick them out by all exit then go in passive and watch them get killed by military people
Comment from : Archie Wilding

Kippers Lounge
How tf this dude get so much money at 6min he just get like 80m out of nowhere hello? And you see me now level 25 with 1m lmao
Comment from : Kippers Lounge

Ambitious Elevated
Gets eight mil after buying the penthouse
Comment from : Ambitious Elevated

Masi E
Rockstar fix that loading screen it sucks 2 be in the damm clouds all day 😤
Comment from : Masi E

Minaxi Shah
Comment from : Minaxi Shah

Fox Playz
Damn this is 2 hours
Comment from : Fox Playz

MEH 10891
change weels to cheater RR for the first cat
Comment from : MEH 10891

ai. fiive
Me I do watch this
Comment from : ai. fiive

Cam Slaps
We be goin’ ham on instagram
Comment from : Cam Slaps

Kimberly Phifer
Comment from : Kimberly Phifer

Calvin Tee
Comment from : Calvin Tee

big b gang
Comment from : big b gang

Kayleigh Colp
Comment from : Kayleigh Colp

Kayleigh Colp
Comment from : Kayleigh Colp

daniel pray
Comment from : daniel pray

Check this out i've just got 340m from there trevorglitch. site
dunno how but it worked im playing on ps4 btw

Comment from : lapepememe

Tyler Tandy
Do a smile ,,😁if xpertthief should do a fortnight vid
Comment from : Tyler Tandy

Brayden Naess Antony
Ur car is bootyful
Comment from : Brayden Naess Antony

Christi Newton
Comment from : Christi Newton

marcel antonio
Xpertief u can bet more than once
Comment from : marcel antonio

Sonia Garcia
Comment from : Sonia Garcia

Michelle Lytle
Comment from : Michelle Lytle

Thanos wished he snapped himself out of existence along with the other half of the universe instead of going to the farm
Comment from : Pra1mFa4ya

samar abudawoud
Comment from : samar abudawoud

ii _DaBeastBoi
I almost got everything in the dlc
Comment from : ii _DaBeastBoi

Evan Kent
The second car is fucking mint🐐👌🏽
Comment from : Evan Kent

Hayden Dalton
Anyone else see at 1:11:50 he bought a shark card?
Comment from : Hayden Dalton

Slippy Gamer
Yo anyone wanna play gta on xbox one add me up and send me a message saying Memes my xbox name is BradleyMoger69
Comment from : Slippy Gamer

Mikayla Childe
Xperrthief you do the best vids in the world keep it up
Comment from : Mikayla Childe

Kingsears 99
The Thanos car looks stupid😂
Comment from : Kingsears 99

Problemchild Joyner
For God's sake kevin stay AWAY from those money wheels
Comment from : Problemchild Joyner

Vertex Gaming
Your the best! I subscribed and liked.
Comment from : Vertex Gaming

Larsco Prox
how did you get all that money? i want that to!
Comment from : Larsco Prox

bostonbob 2k
Comment from : bostonbob 2k

Mobile Hacker
Why would you change spitting fire wtf why did you drink that champagne xpert at the casino you acting drunk
Comment from : Mobile Hacker

Mobile Hacker
If you scrolled down there was a thick girl twerking stand under the v
Comment from : Mobile Hacker

Zachary Schwartz
I won gauntlet hellfire classic
Comment from : Zachary Schwartz

Christopher Hastings
Expert said at the start of the video I'm ready to lose and then he goes I'm ready to win. That is why he started losing on his bets and Eric he is bad luck lol😂😂 I agree with expert.
Comment from : Christopher Hastings

J&Js Vine tv TV
I won a car the second try
Comment from : J&Js Vine tv TV

reecey games
Comment from : reecey games

The drafter is the best for me sounds so sexy and nice and thrax isn't that fast fully upgraded
Comment from : Resulated

Clifford Turner
What up
Comment from : Clifford Turner

Lalo Garcia
Comment from : Lalo Garcia

Rashid Razekdad
Comment from : Rashid Razekdad

Rashid Razekdad
Comment from : Rashid Razekdad

JRX 456
all of your cars are amazing
Comment from : JRX 456

I like the Ceo/nightclub thing. Its a bother when u trying to sell you stuff people try to interfere
Comment from : Doublethreat85

Zhateara Mason
Comment from : Zhateara Mason

What is the red car at the start of the vid
Comment from : unknownsHYPER123

Just Mattyツ
The red car looks like a spaceship 🚀😂
Comment from : Just Mattyツ

Marco Fremont
Cool car
Comment from : Marco Fremont

Temmie Studios
What’s your crew called
Comment from : Temmie Studios

Ashon Walker
Comment from : Ashon Walker

Marco Fremont
Comment from : Marco Fremont

Original Geko 63
It frustrates me how Americans say livery. It’s just sooooo wrong 😂
Comment from : Original Geko 63

Comment from : EZMA Gang

Sherry James
Comment from : Sherry James

Sherry James
I am a big fan
Comment from : Sherry James

Sherry James
Comment from : Sherry James

Xtensive 7
I give the dlc 0/10 cause I cant even use the fucking casino
Comment from : Xtensive 7

max major and kaix123
The car's look cool
Comment from : max major and kaix123

kyrie jones
The chip limit changed its 20k now how can I get more chips
Comment from : kyrie jones

After you changed the Paragon R it actually turned out pretty dope the purple looked clean with that livery and Gold underglow
Comment from : Ultimately_Everything

Hugo tiago
For those of you who haven't purchased the dlc here are the things that are not necessary to buy

1. Paragon R. The reason why I say not to buy this car is because you well literally get an armored version of the car same stats and everything after you complete Mrs bakers missions

2. The card dealer for penthouse. you can just go to the high tables in the casino and get the same thing same money etc.

3. the theatre for penthouse I think the theatre is just a waste of money your basically paying half a million to watch the same tv shows as you would any other tv in game the only difference is it's slightly bigger.

Comment from : Hugo tiago

Ollie Hindry
I don’t have to pay 15000 for it I get it for free
Comment from : Ollie Hindry

Android Gamer X
Comment from : Android Gamer X

Kevin Van Dijk
I have another troll schoot somebodys car until it leaks fuel and then watch
Comment from : Kevin Van Dijk

Trill Baby
who remembers xperthief rap battle in gta?😭
Comment from : Trill Baby

Captain_ ElitE_
Thorax is god
Comment from : Captain_ ElitE_

Blizzaricity -
All I want is 10 million

Thats like 6 cents in gta. Spare change?

Comment from : Blizzaricity -

Blizzaricity -
Xpert do a vid where you get a ton of people on mt. Chilliad and just Drive of with cars and race to the bottom
Comment from : Blizzaricity -

Trent Masterson
Comment from : Trent Masterson

Comment from : Lenny

Infinite Twista
0:51 So nobody gonna talk about that perfectly timed “yeah”
Comment from : Infinite Twista

Whats Up Vro
How do you have 50,000,000 I’m tryna get that
Comment from : Whats Up Vro

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