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cari saya
he didnt have six. 2,3,4,5,7?
Comment from : cari saya

Das Wunder
Even the second place wins 5.8 million... I mean hey thats pretty much too 😎😊
Comment from : Das Wunder

tait perch
Let's be honest about the title, this wasn't High class Poker was it
Comment from : tait perch

Comment from : ŘÔ ŘÔ

Henry Hoodrich
Am loving it
Comment from : Henry Hoodrich

What would you use that money for?
Comment from : SnowPulse

Dimidov won 5 mil and react like he won 10 dollars ...😂😂
Comment from : Supra_Geco

robi domazet
Can someone please explain to me why did eastgate win, this other dude had to pairs
Comment from : robi domazet

How the hell Ace and 5 goes for strit if u need 5 cards for strit and there is 2 3 and 4 on the table, please tell me i am nab
Comment from : RemoxVideo

Dang that's their own money too?
Comment from : jumpinioannis

I would retire after that
Comment from : Thrash

That feeling when u lose money in poker
Comment from : KAKKA

trip kamu
Get the river www.daerahpoker.com/ref.php?ref=OTNASUS
Comment from : trip kamu

Zach Stewart
Did anyone else get this looking up Dan bilzerian wtf
Comment from : Zach Stewart

Poker is bad for poor
Comment from : XBOX HUKED

Pablo_Dani Dz007
Bohh ich will auch mit spieln ich gewinne die mio
Comment from : Pablo_Dani Dz007

Wait a sec,I see demidov got two pair and Eastgate has the high card.i didn't even see the number 6 so it's impossible for Eastgate to win with straight score.

Edit:I messed up,Eastgate was get the straight score.(A,2,3,4,5)

Comment from : Frederick

how much does the second get?
Comment from : radiomk

Venar 5912
Dude he still hab over 5 million dollars ... why is he look mad? ... Fuck that :D
Comment from : Venar 5912

Mike Jr
did eastgate got a flush?
Comment from : Mike Jr

Marko Jankovic
3:18 song? Please
Comment from : Marko Jankovic

Mason H
Yo wtf is this song???
Comment from : Mason H

Jakub. M
Pokers all about luck there’s no skill involved
Comment from : Jakub. M

Karan Gupta
Comment from : Karan Gupta

Jack Fernandez
Can't sleep
Comment from : Jack Fernandez

PolaroidFreak 600
Comment from : PolaroidFreak 600

Life Reaction
So unlucky Demidov. He had so good hand
Comment from : Life Reaction

Don Corleone
2K19 👍
Comment from : Don Corleone

The OG
There's just so much wrong it was hard to enjoy this. '21 year old' (was 22) wins 8.5 mil (9.1) like it's a 5 minute video doing nothing but playing it and writing a title how can you screw it that bad 😂
Comment from : The OG

All I see in these comments are islamics damning gamblers and ignorant people who think that Texas hold ‘em is purely luck based. Where the fuck am I?
Comment from : aidanscovers

Ryan White
I can’t find the name of the song that starts at 3:15 and it’s ticking me off!!!!!!
Comment from : Ryan White

Cap G
Holy fuck
Comment from : Cap G

stupid all in
Comment from : 「michael」チャンネルミカエル

In Search Of Trance
They’re all still poor
Comment from : In Search Of Trance

In Search Of Trance
Comment from : In Search Of Trance

Levi Rohring
So a King, A’s, 2, 3 and 4 is a straight too?
Comment from : Levi Rohring

Mason H
What country song is playing in the background?
Comment from : Mason H

ĐaShIng Baxha
Comment from : ĐaShIng Baxha

he had to pay 70% in taxes for all that money when he came back to Denmark
Comment from : Elmakz

hamza elouaaraby
Comment from : hamza elouaaraby

hamza elouaaraby
Comment from : hamza elouaaraby

TheNotSoRelavant_ Effect
damn gamblers
Comment from : TheNotSoRelavant_ Effect

SoLo0SaWeH FReeFIre
مخابيل والله 👽
Comment from : SoLo0SaWeH FReeFIre

Fendy Halim
Where ia the money come from
Comment from : Fendy Halim

Lexie Davies
I started watching ‘Kardashian’s the musical’ at 9 and now its 11 and I’m watching this
Comment from : Lexie Davies

Joseph Lane
fuck whoever wrote the title for this video didnt pay attnetion obviously.. 22 and 9.1 million
Comment from : Joseph Lane

Mostafa Soltani
How would the loser feel😐
Comment from : Mostafa Soltani

ზედა ეწერი
no grade, dm gold
Comment from : ზედა ეწერი

In the video they said 22 years, and 9.1 million. How could you possibly get this wrong?
Comment from : Linus

never seen someone so upset to win 5.8 million dollars
Comment from : yakikadafi

Actually like 10000 years old but hey I do not follow rules fuck the police
Comment from : TRANSFORMER JH98

I will beat him I am 20
Comment from : TRANSFORMER JH98

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Comment from : xKyriakoZ

gellygirl201011 girl201011
Comment from : gellygirl201011 girl201011

Nathan Joll
I’m 21, haven’t got 9.1p fuck my life!
Comment from : Nathan Joll

KerimCan_ZBZ 98
You won a super big cash after playing poker, now what do you do?

A: Stop gambling as an intellectual, and live your (awesome) life, invest the money
B: Be a fool and keep gambling

Comment from : KerimCan_ZBZ 98

قناة خاصه للقران الكريم والاذكار
هذي اللعبه حرام لا تجوز ربا
Comment from : قناة خاصه للقران الكريم والاذكار

CombatMega36 new youtuber
how is that even possible
Comment from : CombatMega36 new youtuber

Senan Noone
How did I end up here?
Comment from : Senan Noone

Free stuff at

100% original

Comment from : WHO LOVE'S YOU

Jose R Suarez
Easy come easy goes!
Comment from : Jose R Suarez

The beginners world
How much for one girl in texas for massage
Comment from : The beginners world

Comment from : Loserishone

Comment from : Monkeygamer

me What
Game of Hell
Don't gamble guys it's HARAM

Comment from : me What

Hachem Weirdo
motherfucker won 5 million dollars and he is about to cry...FUCK OFF KID
Comment from : Hachem Weirdo

Sam Rai
Gambling is like hole and money is like sand and we have hole in pocket how much u win it will flow down and down
Comment from : Sam Rai

dragon gamer
his parent parent proud that gamble bro
Comment from : dragon gamer

กิจจา โพธิ์หอมศิริ
แจ๊วดีจังไม่เคยเห็น แต่ถูกกฏหมาย สุดยอด นะจ๊ะ
Comment from : กิจจา โพธิ์หอมศิริ

Hater 's Gonna Hate
Why r u watching this because you want to see how the 21 year old poker millionaire champion looks like ...... 😜😜😜😂😂😂
Comment from : Hater 's Gonna Hate

kokLiang chung
朋友! 赌钱是一个骗局!是老千的
Comment from : kokLiang chung

Dan Akire
how "LUCKY"
Comment from : Dan Akire

omer faruk
X was here
Comment from : omer faruk

Saja wyn
i am happy for the bad ass boy but i dont understand anything.
Comment from : Saja wyn

Henrich Cruz
i have 3billion in my 8ball pool 😂
Comment from : Henrich Cruz

Tini Berat
Comment from : Tini Berat

Luqman Al Hakeem
2018 squad?


Comment from : Luqman Al Hakeem

fanis blue-black
2:58 try not ti cringe
Comment from : fanis blue-black

Салах ад-Дин GA
kto eto vidumal ibal ia evo mamu papu i vso shto univo iest
Comment from : Салах ад-Дин GA

1KinG TV
Its Already set Up the cards why you people dont understand that
Comment from : 1KinG TV

Honda Vtec
Fake fake fake fake
Comment from : Honda Vtec

Pray To The Only God
God permitted trade in Quran, in which, people take risk on capital money to benefit the society by selling useful products and get profit.

God told us to keep away of gambling, in which, people take risk for nothing just for greed without added value to the society to get profit.

God strictly forbids eating usuary (interest) and promised eternal hellfire for frequent doers, in which, rich greedy people get profit without risk from the needy borrowers who face the real life risks alone.

O humans, worship yr only Guardian, fear the judgement day, and return to yr lord in repentance before you face him at death and say: O lord please let me go back to spend on charity &become righteous. But God will not delay a soul beyond its time.

Comment from : Pray To The Only God

คาสิโน ออนไลน์
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ติดต่อไลน์ @poipetrich

Comment from : คาสิโน ออนไลน์

Honasan Marlen
bisa buat belanja ni.
Comment from : Honasan Marlen

Boby haryadi
Very lucky
Comment from : Boby haryadi

Is this even real?
Comment from : BRU -WINS21

Riki Hermawan
I am here because i don't have money
Comment from : Riki Hermawan

My dude got over 5 mil and still looked hella pissed wtf😂

manuell Felix
Comment from : manuell Felix

Tristan Appelgren
Soooo? Is he 21 or 22
Comment from : Tristan Appelgren

rayane gamer
Comment from : rayane gamer

Matei Ogroniciuc
Comment from : Matei Ogroniciuc

Tungra Lama
Fuck you all gamblers
Comment from : Tungra Lama

kev p
Comment from : kev p

Am Pm
fools watched this fcuk and read my comment . U r another one.
Comment from : Am Pm

2nd place still wins 5.9 million not a bad place for that kind of money
Comment from : TheKillzone1511

Ste 166
just lucky
Comment from : Ste 166

Emox CM
Damn hoes and coke all week long
Comment from : Emox CM

Sunny Jsl
Ginti se jeet gaya
Comment from : Sunny Jsl

Water Man
That’s quite a stack of money
Comment from : Water Man

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