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Thanks, that explained it perfectly
Comment from : strIctlyUndergr0und

Neil Zutshi
Homosexuals are gay.
Comment from : Neil Zutshi

doodle crayon
What does absolute and relative position mean? Why use the fancy words? Why not just say Late Position or Early Position? Your video is confusing.
Comment from : doodle crayon

Powder Beast
I subscribe, because I want to pass the quiz !...😂
Thanks , really like the 'graph'.👍.

Comment from : Powder Beast

Matthias Ward
Great video. Thank you! Other videos are so long and fluffy that i end up missing the message.
Comment from : Matthias Ward

Mylef Nepple
All due respect this was not basic. This was confusing as my nipple.
Comment from : Mylef Nepple

Dave Catleugh
Can't see the screen at the end, because of all the ads
Comment from : Dave Catleugh

Nice, I can't even see the result at the end cause of triple advertising. Why don't you just advertise the whole screen? Honestly that shit makes me want to unsub, doesn't matter how good the content is.
Comment from : Raziel

The mouth nosies you make are so irritating!
Comment from : KSP

hi I am a beginning poker player building up my bankroll. I love watching your videos but I was wondering if you would make a video lets play with a single table instead of the usual 2000 tables lol.
Comment from : theeman4224

Arron Branton
Took me about 20 mins to understand the pop quiz tasks but I got there in the end.
Comment from : Arron Branton

Molecular Poker
Your POP QUIZ is flawed since the dealer button is not clear and the blinds are not shown. Sure I can figure it out but it is not an ideal example.
Comment from : Molecular Poker

Colm Rooney
#gripsed  should the Big Blind not have position preflop? Noone seems to teach this just wondering why, as yes u might have position with the button for postflop but what about pre?
Comment from : Colm Rooney

So, Wouldn't it be better to be big blind? I mean... just say you have a great hand as dealer.. you make a bet, the big blind still has a chance to see what you are about to do.. if I was big blind and seen the dealer just call(or raise).. as big blind can't I just bet(or re-raise) and see how many hands I can make fold due to my raise?

Can someone explain this to me so I'm aware of what I am missing?
New poker player

Comment from : markymarkkkk

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Comment from : m4then1

I still don't really understand position all I know is closer to the bouton or even on the button is good position,
Comment from : Reyazul

Ohaiyo Weii
@nmrfcwd i really like to play tournaments, playing with real money actually makes you play properly. this poker site will give you a real 8 dollars to start here => bit.ly/1a3twan?=rxzuox
Comment from : Ohaiyo Weii

Izaak McCullough
Great vid
Comment from : Izaak McCullough

Awesome video you really helped me alot with this info. 5 stars ~~
Comment from : pLOn

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