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Daniel Cortez
I've been leading marginal hands and lost a lot of money like this... thank you for opening my eyes.
Comment from : Daniel Cortez

Gazorpa Zorp
Very inspiring!
Comment from : Gazorpa Zorp


can you explain how a more than half-pot bet isn't pricing out flush and straight draws? That doesn't sound right..

Comment from : DoctorChained

Harsh Naagar
Thanks bro
Useful for recreational players
Good luck to u on the tables
Hit a set

Comment from : Harsh Naagar

Tyler Joyner
Triceps looking good big dawg. A true work horse
Comment from : Tyler Joyner

Mandy Russum
I’ve won a few years ago the 8k ignition. Made final 5 two other times. Cashed many but I always seem to donk it off at higher stakes
Comment from : Mandy Russum

dale parker
Shame others don't know they're behind with weak Aces and call your 3bet/4bets with them when you have QQ/KK/AK and hit either the Ace or low AX card.
Comment from : dale parker

Jeffrey Yamada
The questions from the audience make this video borderline unwatchable
Comment from : Jeffrey Yamada

old silas
I cannot understand the pot sized raise preflop. Why not just raise 3 X BB? It seem like over commiting chips and making post flop action too expensive. Is it more of a scared raise with 800, hoping nobody calls you?
Comment from : old silas

Dimitris Politis
Hey Jonathan in that photo holding the trophy, you were Little....
Comment from : Dimitris Politis

Hung Nguyen Nguyen
I love Jonathan Little :) he is what i want to be in 5 years
Comment from : Hung Nguyen Nguyen

Paul Roos
If villian has 78 clubs id sure like him to fold but of course he wont
Comment from : Paul Roos

Pak rrt
2/3 of your video was about promoting ur stuff man.
Comment from : Pak rrt

Danny Seaton
The things people were saying in the chat were as painful as some of that guys plays...
Comment from : Danny Seaton

Jeffrey Tackett
This video should be renamed, "I taught someone how to play poker better, and now I want to tell you about that person."
Comment from : Jeffrey Tackett

Ed Forbes
18:35 best question ever. Got to be trolling!
Comment from : Ed Forbes

I guess the flip side is that if he DOES have some sort of 10, betting on the flop could look like you have the 9 and are afraid of a club draw coming. This can cause the other person to fold a K 10 if you have the balls to bet every street and represent a 9. Just saying...
Comment from : guibox3

Hmm.. Never thought about #2. Giving the draw hands the right price to call. The flip side is that you do give them a free card by checking, but if they DO make their hand, you WOULD save some money. I usually almost always bet my marginal made hand. I guess I'm used to playing bad $20 tourney Legion players. lol. I ALWAYS get drawn out.
Comment from : guibox3

DB Cooper
To frickin irritating to listen to you talk about to much shit you dont need to be saying .
Comment from : DB Cooper

Sia Safai
You are an asshole
Comment from : Sia Safai

this is hard work, im going the negreanu method of seeing through your opponents cards !
Comment from : mcpartridgeboy

G Sam
You're such a good guy and great to follow and def someone who could help someone get better. But 5$ hundred an hour?? For a game/sport/job where the person is in no way guaranteed to win even a dollar let alone lose lots of money due to variance alone?? Come on man- that was kind of shocking. I know it's not nice to hear this response, but come on man! Please tell me one- ONE other thing in the world (within reason) that costs five HUNDRED an hour from a "pro" or "expert". Come on man. 4 hunj/hour ain't worth it for ya?
Comment from : G Sam

Hui Wang
q10 hand. i'm kinda think its ok to lead there since preflop raiser call the flop he can totally have over pair like you say and over pair will fold there depend how preflop raiser play. so its totally fine to lead all in w. 80%pot and turn q10 to a bluff. in their shoes they cant really call w. any overpair w. no club in their hands, whats you range when you make that lead? you try to rep the 9 or flush it make sense you have it basic on how the hand play. so i think lead on turn does makes better hands fold
Comment from : Hui Wang

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Comment from : 1968Pilot

Poker Savage
Back on sale right now for the $99 with the code "SALE"
Comment from : Poker Savage

Zac Longworth
Good tips at the start but most of the video is advertising for his site
Comment from : Zac Longworth

Helpful Ideas
Gee whiz! All the wannabe idiots are on YouTube tonight. We need to POLICE YouTube and filter these dopes out. Really, jonnieboy.

P.S. no offense to the society of legitimate idiots.

Comment from : Helpful Ideas

Anthony Swanson
500 an hour for private coaching? Good lord....
Comment from : Anthony Swanson

Senna Rain
@ :32 What are you talking about "The best flop in the world" holding A5 and flop comes 962? Best flop would be AA5. You're giving great advice in all kinds of ways but I have issue with this statement. You go on to call this "the nuts" ??? ???
Comment from : Senna Rain

Ellis K
What a boring story. Go to 6:00 and thank me later.
Comment from : Ellis K

Nathan Stewart
It's apparently still on this awesome sale price. I just ordered, thanks Jonathan! I hope to be you just without the Jo
Comment from : Nathan Stewart

Randy andy
It's funny how different things work in various cultures.
Your opening monologue and introduction who you are, probably only works in the US.
There people get assumingly impressed by naming all your trophies and money won.
However in Europe most people would immediately exit this video because listing all your awards and money is considered low class, bragging and will cost you your reputation.

Just say your name and mention that you are a professional poker player. That's it !
Nobody cares how much money you have won or how many throphies you collected.
That's takes away a lot of your credibility ...

Comment from : Randy andy

Billy Ryan
You spent a lot of time explaining why your content costs money. With what you give away for free my man, you don't have to justify it explain to anyone. No one is giving away this much except you and Alex
Comment from : Billy Ryan

Andrew Perez
Thankyou for the great content I am a former small stakes Semi Pro and current amateur poker coach in vegas. Recently got back in the game and was lucky enough to win 3551 on a quad flopper in a 4-8 hi lo game also won a high hand for 150$ and went plus +50(total winnings from play) after 40 hours of 4-8 holdem, and Omaha hi lo at the Orleans as well as 1-3 no limit they paid 300$ for 40 hours at the Orleans. I know the goal is not to win promotions but cant complain when it happens along the way grinding Keep it AP!!! I was watching your content, and others and journaling along the way. Yes i will make sure not to raise marginal made hands and crush those that do. Always room to improve.
Comment from : Andrew Perez

altoona inspired
Mistake 1. Betting way to much with strong hands. Pretty much have always read in other books that people slowplay way to much. Even with hands like middle set on uncorrnated flops. Like your videos but does seems to go against what is generally believed. Not that your wrong just pointing out what is said in other places.
Comment from : altoona inspired

mr face
in 24:27 you say you should always defend Q10o from bb pre flop, is this because the raiser has such an open range or do you mean in general?, because I was under the assumption that someone calling from that position is going to be calling with the likes of AA,AK,AQ,AJ or a pocket pair
Comment from : mr face

thinking ahead -- lack of, has cost me. example. mid-late 1st day in multi day tourney at Planet Hollywoord/Vegas. gotten a good image at the table, aggressive but tight-ish, showing down a lot of good hands. small stack goes all in. i have ppr 10's, CO I think, i just CALL, not looking at the next smaller stack at the table ( bigger than the all in, but less than half my stack), Dealer or SB, cant remember, who then shoves.. i failed to check stacks at the table, only flat-called the all in ( i was either biggest or near biggest stack, but not by a massive margin ) in stead of raising to isolate, then get shoved by the next small stack, and THEN, dont do the math, as to , how much was in the pot, vs how much more i have to call, vs what my odds are of winning even just the side pot all in, and maybe losing the main pot, and ONLY thinking.. :" if I call and lose, my stack is severely crippled this late in the day".. the math as i recall, was a clear CALL, after the mistake of not raising in the first place, which would show me as pot committed anyway.

end result, i fold, and would have won vs both players, having flopped a set over the 1st players flopped set of 77's, and other all in whiffed completely with his AKos.. i would have put myself in a great pos'n at the table, and had a nice stack for the next day.. instead, i was short stacked next day, and knocked myself out against a very weak player, by playing even weaker/crappier poker.
reminders like this make you go " stop, and play a little chess.. whats HIS move, to my next move, or vice versa.".. not think about only next bet, but, turn, rvr, showdown... etc..

Comment from : DPTAZZZ

Jorge Delgado
I want this offer..... too late?
Comment from : Jorge Delgado

David Murphy
The time to bet is when you can't wait to raise. If you've just thrown in many winners of dubious opening qualities then raise every damn chance you get. O don't even go to a casino without my holdem random generator results . Its holdem solitaire 8 players all cards up eliminate the drag and see every hand on random go. Then I call my astrologer and then i take my bio feedback readings check for sun spots and most of all I love itchy wrists...sounds crazy but..it works for me and if the bank and logistics are correct and my entourage not to large well then I flip a coin and if I guess it...we go to the casino. Number one I'm supposed to be there. Most people in the casino need to be home playing solitaire. Now I'm at the casino I get deuce seven 5 players all raises on the limit and I cream them....why ? because I am certain that my wave is in. Surfs up
Comment from : David Murphy

John Torengi
Jonathan, you talk way too fast.It is very difficult to understand what you are saying because you run all your words together. Professional speakers and commentators always speak to a level of a SEVENTH GRADER. That way everyone will understand exactly what you are saying.
Comment from : John Torengi

$4.76 buyin, $32.50 cashout (indian rupees to us dollars)
Comment from : ketchup143

Nick Lebow
Just finished listening to excelling at nlh on audible for the 2nd time. Thank you for getting your books on audible. I'll have to buy a physical copy just to really soak everything up but really enjoyed it.
Comment from : Nick Lebow

Steven Sanchez
Tried to order the bundle apparently the coupon code expired 🙄 waiting for another deal like that..
Comment from : Steven Sanchez

dang watched the video today and missed that nice sale, wudve been an instant buy for this awesome price. hope ill catch it next time :)
Comment from : rushjo

Darrell Hart
I ran a game for 7 years. I can't tell you how many players were "any ace is good" types of players. A ton of them, that's for sure.
Comment from : Darrell Hart

Victor Schwandt
wonder if using glasses that could flash your cards is a big mistake hahaha
Comment from : Victor Schwandt

Tommy Jensen
Jaime Staples, not Jamie. When in doubt, just use "Jimmy". Also: nice facial hair.
Comment from : Tommy Jensen

Succession Of Sesmets
When people call with ace high and king high and any draw including gutshots then doesn't leading with a marginal hand become a value bet? And when they C bet with draws and king high and ace high then aren't you constantly folding the best hand?

Can't you just fold if you get raised?

When people C bet like maniacs, call like calling stations and raise like super nits then doesn't bet/folding make perfect sense with marginal made hands?

You get called by trash so your marginal hands become value bets.

You get raised by the nuts so you just bet/fold.

And if you check they just C bet with overcards or draws and you throw away the best hand.

Seems like bet/folding against those sort of opponents makes the most sense. right?

Comment from : Succession Of Sesmets

Ryan Turner
3 big mistakes and it takes almost 90 minutes? No thanks.
Comment from : Ryan Turner

Mark Garin
Wouldn't buy a book from someone with 14 titles....unless science fiction. Why isn't this an 'ad'?
Comment from : Mark Garin

Dilip L.
Wish I saw this in time, it would have been an instant buy at $99
Comment from : Dilip L.

David Santosuosso
A lot of people make this mistake in spelling so I am going to throw it out there as I am a spelling person. The words 'chose', as used in past tense, and 'choose', as used in present tense. You have it written down wrong buddy! Lol Under the Day 2 slide.
Comment from : David Santosuosso

William Stickroe
I do a number 1 and a number 2 all the time. Usually at least once a day.....
Comment from : William Stickroe

Anthony Rivers
Went to purchase, code has expired. Disappointed
Comment from : Anthony Rivers

James E. C
Code did not work on March 16th
Comment from : James E. C

Sean Hoade
Damn, this is good stuff. It makes me want coaching with JL.
Comment from : Sean Hoade

Theodore Kim
Great stuff. Definitely make a lot of these mistakes...and many more lol. Does this coupon code still work?
Comment from : Theodore Kim

Troll Mctrollerson
The key to poker is when you raise with KK try not to get an ace on the flop
Comment from : Troll Mctrollerson

Todd Zickel
You are so good at poker with vast insight that you'd be surprised at the horrendous play at live small stakes. Talking Hollywood Casino and Ameristar in St. Charles, Mo near St. Louis.
Comment from : Todd Zickel

Todd Zickel
In small stakes, i like this marginal hand. I won't lead it. Just ✔ then 📞. I would hit the 10 on the river for the full 🏠 and destroy the flushes. 🙏
Comment from : Todd Zickel

I play nice and tight poker during the first half of the tournament, then after the break I get spewy with inferior hands...essentially I play backwards of optimal, how do I work on correcting this while off the table?
Comment from : THRIFT the WILD

Daniel Cortez
If I buy this content... is there any place where I can ask questions? Or just in the couching?
Comment from : Daniel Cortez

All these courses from various coaches that I can't afford right now. Cest la vie . Really appreciate the free knowledge sir,
Comment from : GeoAuziePoetry

Duncan Banks
Thanks for reposting Jonathan! Much appreciated.
Comment from : Duncan Banks

The Emperor
nikhil and dimed
Comment from : The Emperor

Plaza Player
Didn’t you say he had free lessons from you and yet he still makes massive mistakes like this. These plays are from literally beginners who have been playing a month at best. It makes my game look like Phil Ivey’s. it’s actually annoying to see this. Playing over 40% of hands to, wow just wow.
I really do need Mr Little to look at my game but unfortunately I can not afford to, so I really need a freebie or someone to take a punt on me and look at my game. I’ll agree to record every single MTT if it means I can get coaching to go over my game.

Comment from : Plaza Player

Tao Jones
Comment from : Tao Jones

scott ingenito
Missed the live version last night. So glad you post it here! Thanks!
Comment from : scott ingenito

Only trying to make money
Comment from : Jeffa

James Fondren
You know I kind of feel like I am wrong for saying what I said in my previous post. If you were not being trolled, kudos to them and their humility.
Comment from : James Fondren

James Fondren
I think you were being trolled by the people asking questions during the Q10 from Bb hand. EDIT: I think you were being trolled.
Comment from : James Fondren

Heinrich H.
thank you
Comment from : Heinrich H.

youtu.be/GdFwngZ0HKc?t=2486 I just saw this doco about Devil Fish, worth a watch folks, sorry to hi-jack your comments JL but those that knew him will like it.I am at 3 mins in of your vid....You are a good man JL. Your kids be PROUD of their dad, unless you play them HU for their Allowance once they are old enough.
Comment from : CRAIG5835

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