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mawra mubarik
Jelly why didn't you get the party hub in GTA 5 you don't have to
Clean up so why didn't buy it
why ha why get it

Comment from : mawra mubarik

Prince Pogi
I miss jordi with josh and jelly....
Jordi has been replaced by crainer😭

Comment from : Prince Pogi

Sonny Alexander
Jelly,s cisionow💎💸💵💴💶💷💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎
Comment from : Sonny Alexander

Landyn Chandler
Comment from : Landyn Chandler

William Sanjurjo
its gonna look Good
Comment from : William Sanjurjo

safe522 Bowie-mahouachi
Comment from : safe522 Bowie-mahouachi

Geoff Bennett | Rubi
Do a fortnight with some people who are not an noob only pro’s
Comment from : Geoff Bennett | Rubi

Rosalyn Dacca
I buy that house..
Comment from : Rosalyn Dacca

nhene navarosa
that's a realy expensive pent house
Comment from : nhene navarosa

"No one asked for ur personal life"
Comment from : 卄卂乙卂尺ᗪㄖㄩ丂

Casimira Ramirez
Is your girlfrirnd Leah or sanna
Comment from : Casimira Ramirez

PS4 king
It's not 50$ it's 1$
Comment from : PS4 king

Melissa Dalton
l'll be your friend jelly 😊😊😊😊
Comment from : Melissa Dalton

Pepijn 12Dijck
He says i dont want ro clean it up but he is poor and cant pay for it
Comment from : Pepijn 12Dijck

Andrea Miller
Kwablkop s a good youtuber like jelly
Comment from : Andrea Miller

Connor Caricchio
Also Jordis is also better than yours
Comment from : Connor Caricchio

Connor Caricchio
Omg I think Solgomans is better than yours
Comment from : Connor Caricchio

muzapeloshummuselos hallasoshummusos
Comment from : muzapeloshummuselos hallasoshummusos

Sizen place
early in the morning?
Comment from : Sizen place

Lil Space KidVEVO
Next video: 1 Billion DOLLAR MOTORCYCLE😂
Comment from : Lil Space KidVEVO

Yoyo De jesus
JD you just said you don't have any friends when you said hey I don't know that looks cool the party room and the bar benicia I have too much friends invited and then I got to clean vinyl excellent up you just so you got no friends
Comment from : Yoyo De jesus

Michele Davis Davis
jellys 50 million penthouse is the best
Comment from : Michele Davis Davis

UltimateGaming 124
More gta
Comment from : UltimateGaming 124

Ace Craggsy
All the penthouses were good
Comment from : Ace Craggsy

Rafi Rodriguez
Comment from : Rafi Rodriguez

Lucas Panebianco
I Think Jelly Is Gonna Be The Best!
Comment from : Lucas Panebianco

Nicholas Omondi
It needs a spa
Comment from : Nicholas Omondi

Ashley Mundy
I’m joking about the thaing
Comment from : Ashley Mundy

James Owens
Love this video
Comment from : James Owens

Sarah Flynn
Bro what’s up im watching you
Comment from : Sarah Flynn

Joshua Lees smith
Ever wonder where he gets all this money from in Gta
Comment from : Joshua Lees smith

Dustin Petty
Buy a penthouse for thousand billion fuckin money
Comment from : Dustin Petty

Dustin Petty
I thinks jelly made the best it's fucking great go jelly
Comment from : Dustin Petty

hatimo lkima
Ar drone
Comment from : hatimo lkima

I eat paper
Comment from : MikeJacksonFan1Gaming

Fabian Molina
Jelly do you play on Xbox
Comment from : Fabian Molina

Nichola Harrison
I didn't know you had frinds
Comment from : Nichola Harrison

Cody Layne
Comment from : Cody Layne

depressedgirl 666
With my only two friends* - jelly

Me. : I only have four friends


Comment from : depressedgirl 666

Edgar Hernandez
You are suke stuped
Comment from : Edgar Hernandez

The chaos Family
1:28 look at right screen chat jelly commanding
Comment from : The chaos Family

Genrev Ordonio
Is that an Xbox or a PS4?
Comment from : Genrev Ordonio

Innocent Rose
I love u jelly
Comment from : Innocent Rose

Ka'marnie Allotey
totally was the exact price innit jelly
Comment from : Ka'marnie Allotey

ramiro mendoza
did anybody look at the chat and see little brother jakey tryna roast me
Comment from : ramiro mendoza

Tayo Oladimeji
What’s your actual name
Comment from : Tayo Oladimeji

yeet boi
Love you sexy man (thosbeas a dare
Comment from : yeet boi

Sky Flames
5:23 what is going on in chat
Comment from : Sky Flames

Paul Stevens
Is it just me, or have you seen this video more than ounces.
Comment from : Paul Stevens

Matt Vlogs
My penthouse in gta cost 2.5 million dollars
Comment from : Matt Vlogs

it's always yours is the best jelly
Comment from : RJHAY PH

Rjay Penney
Comment from : Rjay Penney

Mg 30
Jelly how did you get money so fast
Comment from : Mg 30

Marquise Ryle
Waiting for von and maison buy the casino.
Comment from : Marquise Ryle

Where is Jordi? He doesn’t appear anymore but it seems like Crainer took over his place. I think Jordi’s content is worse now too
Comment from : EXXOTICBLADE

World Cairo
Comment from : World Cairo

P̶O̶R̶D̶Z̶ EarthShaker
Axzyte is watching the vidsss omg
Comment from : P̶O̶R̶D̶Z̶ EarthShaker

Hamza Dacic
Du yuo not hef 14,6 milion french
Comment from : Hamza Dacic

Ian Seaton
Jelly yours is the best
Comment from : Ian Seaton

Markus Endres
My friends and I
Comment from : Markus Endres

Shawn Munoz
5:37 gta chat just singing Logan Paul songs😭
Comment from : Shawn Munoz

Ken Sams
Your video sucked.
Comment from : Ken Sams

Lorenzo Goyon
uhhmm you know jelly in phillipines we have a billioner
Comment from : Lorenzo Goyon

Jelly is a rager
Comment from : CURSE kan

Fahad Tamanna
Wow 🤩
Comment from : Fahad Tamanna

Like down for free robux
Comment from : sunshinegohsg1

Next video is like : OMG $100000000000000000 spaceship
Comment from : sunshinegohsg1

Eric Ruacho
im your frend
Comment from : Eric Ruacho

Dylan Peddle
Im also triggered that he didn’t buy everything in the penthouse
Comment from : Dylan Peddle

Staylock Storage Hague
I like jelly
Comment from : Staylock Storage Hague

Nicola Magneron
Comment from : Nicola Magneron

Selim Taimour
I can not see you jordi
Comment from : Selim Taimour

Selim Taimour
Comment from : Selim Taimour

Selim Taimour
Comment from : Selim Taimour

Selim Taimour
Jordi ew
Comment from : Selim Taimour

No No Playz
Love your vids
Comment from : No No Playz

Aaron Drage
GTA 5 is DA best
Comment from : Aaron Drage

Rikken Sallao
Everything in the penthouse
Comment from : Rikken Sallao

Rikken Sallao
My friend gjc_j has
Comment from : Rikken Sallao

Adonal Williams
Comment from : Adonal Williams

Karl August Vahur
Jel , is this skripted??
Comment from : Karl August Vahur

Precious Reynelle Bantilan
omg so nice
Comment from : Precious Reynelle Bantilan

KingWill Dreams
Like jelly’s house was the best
Comment from : KingWill Dreams



Comment from : L N

andrew Swainsbury
Slogoman has win
Comment from : andrew Swainsbury

John Walters
Comment from : John Walters

Kian Hanson
I can't believe that jelly is still a billionaire
Comment from : Kian Hanson

HotDownWinder 2k
we will be your freinds
Comment from : HotDownWinder 2k

xd_ice rule
Can you guys buy a weed farm
Comment from : xd_ice rule

Nawfel Mahmud
very very nice😊
Comment from : Nawfel Mahmud

Freetime Vlogstar
Yours jelly
Comment from : Freetime Vlogstar

Freak Dre
I thought you were Preston playz
Comment from : Freak Dre

Dominator M
Comment from : Dominator M

Dan Baumann
(. • •. )
(. __. )

Comment from : Dan Baumann

jack parker
arrest slogoman
Comment from : jack parker

jack parker
play the misions
Comment from : jack parker

Kieran Jones
Comment from : Kieran Jones

anandarao voosa
Comment from : anandarao voosa

Tyler Peers
You are going to get atrofy one day
Comment from : Tyler Peers

Tyler Peers
They are the best GTA v vidieos
Comment from : Tyler Peers

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