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Whats the song? 6:44
Comment from : 이용수

Kenn's Instagram At: i000
Comment from : Kenn's Instagram At: i000

Cherries the Tiger
Does anyone know the EDM Song towards the end of the video?
Comment from : Cherries the Tiger

What happened and dde wasn't allowed to enter the rally
Comment from : kouts

Tallica 4Life
Change the name to Faggots driving cars.
Comment from : Tallica 4Life

Bikelife Thetford
Could bikes like sports bikes go on rallys
Comment from : Bikelife Thetford

Kris Chupp
Check out this upcoming free Road Rally! www.WhiskeyRunRally.com
Comment from : Kris Chupp

Abe Hermes
@goldRushRally What’s the into rock song?
Comment from : Abe Hermes

Should I take my r1 next year lol
Comment from : PsDenver10

Anything Mike
I thought he was gonna say aznee when he picked up the phone🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Anything Mike

Wow, these videos deserve so much more attention.
Comment from : SimplySteven

Allen Saunders
The add made me nauseous. but this is a great event the cars were special
Comment from : Allen Saunders

This looks amazing, I need to be a part of this
Comment from : JakestrCars

Alex s
Yeah they should really consider letting the DDE and Damon in the next rally
Comment from : Alex s

Tom Beattie
When that ringtone went I was half expecting it to do the Deadpool ringtone thing 😂
Comment from : Tom Beattie

1:40 that guy was in Fastest Car on Netflix!
Comment from : Oxzowachi

jordan robertson
Those are nice supercars
Comment from : jordan robertson

drifty Boiii_458
Is tanner foust
Comment from : drifty Boiii_458

No more Format67?? :(:(
Comment from : matt965vtec

Holy shit Cliff Avril did day 1?!?!?
Comment from : SEA CAWK

Dylan Fenn
1:25 he puts the earbuds in the wrong ears
Comment from : Dylan Fenn

Carspotter Jeroen
Great moment @4:40!
Comment from : Carspotter Jeroen

Reed Kramer
1:29 you put in the headphones backwards lmao
Comment from : Reed Kramer

Quanteus Johnson
Definitely would like to go one day!
Comment from : Quanteus Johnson

Isaac Jewell
"I never thought I'd be doing 110 and get passed by six cars in a row" that had me weak😂😂😂💀💀
Comment from : Isaac Jewell

1:55 thats salomondrin carrera gt
Comment from : Falcão

Sam Waweru
whats the song? 1:35
Comment from : Sam Waweru

Hood Rich
I lowkey thought my phone was ringing 😂
Comment from : Hood Rich

Comment from : SAMOSTWANTED

Dario NzRv
Comment from : Dario NzRv

SQD GGRacing
I really want to see the episode that pass my city in Bend, Oregon
Comment from : SQD GGRacing

Comment from : jaygdav

Royal Lethal
Where are the rest of the episodes?
Comment from : Royal Lethal

iCandy Reviews
I can’t wait to be apart of one of these
Comment from : iCandy Reviews

Aaron Guilford
Can't wait till next year GRX!
Comment from : Aaron Guilford

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